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"Deja Vu All Over Again" -- Annual Episodes

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  • "Deja Vu All Over Again" -- Annual Episodes

    So, what do you think of this? Annual SN episodes? Like, what is that supposed to mean?

    This is what it means.

    In the first two seasons, we've found episodes that do something for the audience. Funny/weird episode, religious episode, etc., etc. Here we can talk about those similarities and how they are different and realize which episodes are "annuals" and which are just stand alone.

    Here we go!

    Big Verse Changing Premieres - "Pilot" & "In My Time Of Dying"
    Religious Episodes - "Faith" & "House Of Holy"
    Sam-Centric-Changing Episodes - "Nightmares" & "Born Under A Bad Sun"
    Comedic Relief Episodes - "Hell House" & "Tall Tales"
    Bring In New Viewers Episode - "Provenance" & "Roadkill"
    Kick-Ass Two-Part Season Finales - "Salvation"/"Devil's Trap" & "All Hell Breaks Loose" Parts 1 and 2

    And, to an extent --

    Vampire Episodes - "Dead Man's Blood" & "Bloodlust"

    I chose ones that are close in episode number, too, hence the "too an extent" for DMB and Bloodlust, because DMB is Episode 20 and Bloodlust is episode 3.

    I'll post more later.

    But, what are your thoughts on these comparisons and do you have anymore?

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    Heh. Each season so far has had an episode where the brothers split up, both times because Sam wanted to go his own way - Scarecrow and Hunted. Each season has also had a 'Sam disappears and Dean must find him episode' - The Benders and Born Under a Bad Sign. Actually, All Hell Breaks Loose Part I could also fall into that category.

    They really need to have Dean disappear, just to even things up a little...

    It can be tremendous fun, categorising the episodes


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      LOL, I've always found it quite funny how easily the two seasons line up with each other and kinda freaky when you realize these episodes air in almost the same point each season.

      Okay since have thought about this before, here's a couple more off the top of my head. I'll come back with more discussion later.

      Midseason cliffhanger - Asylum/Scarecrow (1.10-1.11) and Croatoan/Hunted (2.9-2.10) (also separation and reunited in each second ep)

      FBI/Dean's wanted for something the MOTW did - Skin (1.6) and The Usual Suspects(2.7)

      Super Famous legend of killer (ghost) - Hookman (1.7) and No Exit (1.6)

      Episodes with first time parents play real roles - Dead Mans Blood (1.20) and What Is and what Should Never Be(2.20)

      Innocence Lost episodes with kickass 80's metal artist/band song (which was actually released in the 90's) played in final scene - Something Wicked (1.18) and Heart (2.17)

      I could probably connect Home (1.9) and Crossroad Blues (2.8) together, but what's coming to mind is theories (and therefore possibly spoilery)

      Lydia made the punch!


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        Good ones!

        I totally forgot that obvious one, "Scarecrow" and "Hunted"! Stupid me

        I'm just getting a blank cause I haven't watched it in so long. What was the cliffhanger in Asylum? Was it John calling?

        Action/Mostly One Set Episode - "Asylum" and "Nightshifter".

        "Asylum" spends most of the episode in the asylum and "Nightshifter" spends most of the time in the bank.

        You could put the Home and Crossroads Blues comparison in a spoiler tag


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          Originally posted by BlasterBoy View Post
          Bring In New Viewers Episode - "Provenance" & "Roadkill"
          Your right about Road kill roping people in. it was the first episode I watched and I have been hooked ever since.

          Also "Phantom traveler" and "Every body loves a clown" I think are sort of linked because we find out about Sam and Deans fears and they both have to face them. But also on this hunt they sort of go in blind and put them self's in some danger in order to save other people, also these episodes do both have a bit of comedy in them.