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3.13 Postgame Mortem

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  • 3.13 Postgame Mortem

    I think that after last weeks dissapointment, everything else is quite good...

    We see poor Logan suffer a lot and more And how he 'deals' with his loss. This Heather girl was actually pretty cute and even though her 11-year-old-girl-solution might not have been the best one, at least she got a way to reach Veronica. (Who, of course, shut it all off... but I think that she will have to keep thinking about it. Especcially if they would take RT off the show... that sounds like a plan!)
    The fact that Veronica turns around to listen to the song and then turns it off, does show that she cares and that it hurts her. So, that's good, I think.

    This story about the coaches murder, it's probably the last arc, right? Since we find out who (probably) killed the Dean.

    The ep was okay. I give it a 7. Definately not the best, but enjoyable to watch.

    Very good quotes btw, only I can't remember them