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    WOW is this new season nerve wrecking or WHAT?

    Yesterday they aired 1pm to 2pm and 2pm to 3pm.
    Double episode! So loads of tention!

    First of all, I need to say that I put the sound on mute a couple of times when they were torturing Morris!!!
    OMG! Poor Morris! That was absolutely terrible! the thing with the bore! :eek:
    But still, I don't understand that while he heard that ctu was there, he didn't stall more and made it 'not work'!!
    Even though he was tortured badly, I think Jack was very right to say: "You gave him something that worked?"

    Then Jacks sister in law! Her reaction to her husbands death was great. She didn't even care if it had been Jack. She wanted to leave him for a long time.
    Personally I don't really understand why she ever married him in the first place. Let alone have a kid with him!
    But that's beside the point.
    I can't believe she and Jack trusted his father to that extend!! to have him take Josh with him and thus have a way to blackmail her!
    So stupid that she let him blackmail her, and not tell Jack about it. I mean: he knows how to handle that kind of sh*t... but on the other hand, she hasn't seen Jack for a long time, so well... Josh is all that really matters then in her point of view, which is logic.
    It seemed she did wanna tell it all to Jack though, right before he went in. But oh well..

    hmm... 2 hours, it was a good way to keep me up with my jetlag, but I can't remember too much about it anymore now... so Cori and Lyn, why don't you two talk on, and I'll jump in later

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    OMG Cori & Lyn!!!!

    24 a week ago, ep 21!!

    I was totally unspoiled and TOTALLY shocked! hocked:

    MILOOOOO noooo Milo!!!!

    ah, now I remember me writing something about this on BW too... but with BW being down, I had to just say it here too... *sigh*

    Tonight a new one (well tomorrow for us)


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      I was also unspoiled and completely shocked, Rosely!

      I'm so sad about Milo! The way Nadia was holding his hand, after he was shot, so sad!

      And can you believe Jack's father? I was like, why would the Chinese want Josh? And then we saw Jack's father and it all made sense.

      Secretary Heller reminded me once again why I don't like him. I get that he is mad at Jack because Audrey went off to China to find Jack but the way Heller treated Jack was just so low. And since when would something forbidden ever stop Jack? I'm sure he will find a way to see Audrey before the season is over.

      So I can't wait to see what will happen with Josh and Jack's father and how Jack will try to get Josh back, because we all know he will.


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        I remember clearly posting about this on bw now.. lol
        But yeah, Jacks dad... when they said: Josh we will bring you to a safe place, I suspected his dad to be behind it.

        Maybe.... maybe they want to blow up CTU, but they need his dad for it for that and in return he wants Josh to be alive?

        Dunno... his dad isn't exactly loving and caring...

        I was SCREAMING when that happened!


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          I wasn't surprised to see Jack's dad again. It was just a matter of time. I think Josh may actually be his son and that's why he wants him so bad. And that line that his mom said to him about him not being like his dad just sealed the deal for me. Still, it doesn't explain why he would kill one of his sons and be willing to kill the other and yet want to keep Josh alive. *shrug*

          About Milo. I was unintentionally spoiled before the ep aired for it but I didn't expect it to happen in the last episode. I thought he had more time. Still a shock the way he went out though. Poor Eric Balfour. The guy can't seem to stay on any show for very long.

          But to be honest, this is the weakest of all the 24 seasons so far. And they know it. They trying to do something much different for next year. And I think they should. The whole CTU/White House thing as been done to death. It's time to have a bad day somewhere else!
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            hmm, I don't agree. Maybe it's the thrill of the moment, but I don't find this season the weakest at all. Sure some things have been done before a few times, but the acting and loads of stuff is good.

            I think season 4 is the weakest so far.


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              I have read some interviews with some folks with the show and they tend to agree that this season isn't the best.

              I remember loving season four! But I watched it on dvd, one ep right after another. And that's really the best way to watch the show, imo. I might feel differently about s6 if I would have waited...
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                I agree with Rosely, I don't think this season's the weakest. I also did not like season 4 that much so I like s6 better than that.

                However, s6 does not come close to the brilliance that was season 5. That was a truly great season IMO. And yeah the whole CTU/White House set-up is starting to get a bit old. I'm curious what they will come up with next season if they intend to change that.


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                  the thing with 24 is that it's all similar. All seasons the same stuff happens. I can not clearly seperate one episode from the other and in seasons only the highlights, main story point.
                  Like Jack on Drugs, Family kidnapped, Irritating Logan.... stuff like that.

                  I don't have a favourite season, but I do think season 4 was the weakest, or, I enjoyed it the least.

                  I enjoyed season 5, but I don't know if it was brilliant and if this season comes close to it or not. I just do know that I am enjoying it and that it's frustrating.

                  Although, in terms of frustration, yeah, season 5 was a lot more nail biting and frustratingly calling out to the screen that Logan was stupid and how they all didn't see it

                  But like with other series as Buffy, the season arc is different and the episodes are clearly easy to seperate and remember. So it's easier to say: I prefere that episode and that season. IMO


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                    Episode 6.22


                    So Phillip wants his grandson because he's his legacy....
                    He wants to brainwash him and turn him into a new Graem?

                    I must say the ending with Phillip having the device and CTU working against Jack again... to take Josh.. pfff blah.
                    I don't care much for Josh, we don't know too much of him and the whole 'uncle jack... uncle jack scene'... mwah

                    I did love the breaking out scene that Jack and Nadia set up! And how Nadia kicked ass!!!!! Go Nadia! That was a touch scene!

                    I find it stupid and hard to believe that Jack would work with CTU and the white house again after them betraying him time after time again. I just don't see why he would care anymore.

                    And nothing about Audrey anymore. She was gone? to the hospital right?

                    hmmm this episode was rather blah.


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                      Originally posted by Rosely View Post
                      Episode 6.22
                      hmmm this episode was rather blah.
                      Yeah. I half-watched it as I did other stuff. It didn't do much for me.
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                        And there it was, the last two hours of the day!

                        Come to think of it, how unrealistic is it actually if you think that Jack was released only 23 hours earlier then this moment. And from the bewildered man in the first hour that we see him, that barely speaks because of all torture, he becomes this strong person, without any sleep but with a lot of torturing, exidents and what not?

                        But oh well... he's our hero so maybe he has some super power.
                        The 'always being right and strong' super power for instance


                        The beauty of the episodes is that somehow the vice president doesn't seem that evil anymore. Sure he made mistakes, but he was man enough to admit them and as a sidenote to us viewers he remarked that you never know what you really have to do as president, untill you sit in that chair. And he had respect for Wayne, he might have made the right desisions after all.

                        Cloe is pregnant! hehe. When she was sitting on that bed, and the doctor hadn't been wanting to tell Morris what was wrong, I knew it! She's pregnant! I love Morris and Cloe together! They are fun and sweet. Loads of insults and loads of tention... But it's clear how they feel. I wonder though if Cloe would be like this at home... I wouldn't like her if she was.

                        But the most cool actions were Karen and Bill! Of course Jack was right and his father had no intention of giving up the component. They had to prove it to us first with blindening Mike Doyle, but hey, Jask was right.
                        (It might be a nice plot twist if for once he was wrong but where is the sacrifice and excitement in that?!)

                        But Karen and Bill going for the rescue! Getting Jack out of custidy and bringing him to the location, Bill being able to fly a helicopter! And them saving Josh.
                        Ooo! speaking about Josh! Finally he didn't just do what was told! I was chearing when he shot Phillip in the hand/chest!
                        Uncle Jack saved him from being a killer, and didn't even finish the job! So this means that Phillip might be still alive.
                        He could've dived into the ocean and maybe survived it all. Although I do hope he is dead!

                        Speaking about being dead or not. Wasn't Heller dead? Didn't he drive of a clif in season 4 or something? Appearantly he survived that, but I can't remember that, it was a shock for me a few eps ago that he was suddenly there.

                        The ending was slow... really slow. I was like: what are they going to fill these 20 minutes with?
                        So they chose a confrontation between Heller and Jack. Jack going almost psycho out of love for Audrey and Heller staying calm. Even though Jack is a killer, he usually doesn't kill if he doesn't have to

                        So he's giving traumatised and sleeping (coma?) Audrey up?
                        Walking outside, looking over the ocean, thinking of how to dissapear.

                        That is, of course, till next season, when they really need retired and dissapeared Jack again! When he has stayed in contact with only Cloe and they track down Cloe and baby to find Jack...

                        Till january 24!
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                          They really left it open at the end. I have no idea where they are going to go from here!


                          I really liked Lennox and was glad he got Karen and Bill off the hook. I was spoiled for the pregnancy, but it was still a nice moment and a much deserved one for Chloe. I still don't rank season six very high (2, 3, 5, 4, 6, 1) but the last two hours were tons better than that previous two wps.

                          Also, the ending scenes with Heller and Audrey...poor Jack! They guy can't win.
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                            I still like season 6 a lot better then season 4.

                            2, 5, 3, 6, 1, 4 I think.
                            But it's really hard to tell. It's always kinda the same.


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                              I guess we can agree that S2 rocked. I actually want to rewatch S3 the next time I watch a 24 season. That one is pretty good too. There are some super amazing moments in that one! Like
                              the death of Ryan Chappelle
                              . That kills me every time! TEARS! Falling from my face.
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                                Just watched the two last eps of season 6 and I thought this was an absolutely great finale, especially episode 24.

                                I agree with Rosely, Karen and Bill ruled in these two eps. It was great how Karen planned to help Jack, getting Bill involved and everything. I'm so glad that Tom Lennox convinced Daniels not to prosecute Karen and Bill, that was really kind of him. And to think that I hated Lennox at the beginning of the season. His character totally changed for me throughout the season and that's a good thing.

                                I was also spoiled about Chloe's pregnancy but the moment when she told Morris was still nice to watch. I wonder what that means for season 7 though, whether Chloe will still be at CTU or not. I hope she will but I really enjoy her character.

                                The things Jack said to Josh while Josh was pointing the gun at Philip Bauer were quite touching, Jack's childhood must have sucked so much with a father like that. I'm happy that Josh and his mum got a happy ending.

                                The last scene between Heller, Jack and Audrey at Heller's place was the highlight of the finale for me! All the stuff that Jack said to Heller was just so spot-on, I was going "you tell him, Jack" all the time. But Heller was right as well when he said to Jack that he couldn't lead a normal life and just care for Audrey, that sooner or later he was gonna get pulled back into the field ops/CTU life. The scene where Jack was sitting at Audrey's bedside and told her all those things made me cry (yeah I'm sappy like that). I loved the emotions of that scene and I thought that Kiefer gave a fantastic performance in that scene. I really liked the open ending with Jack just staring at the ocean a lot. The 24 creators can go anywhere from here and I think that's a good thing for season 7.

                                All in all, this season has not always gripped me as much as season 5 did but this season 6 finale was definitely a great one. I look forward to rewatching the entire season as soon as the DVDs come out!


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                                  Ok I suck!

                                  I wanted to start my Season 6 marathon tonight, but Mike was tired so we are gonna start tomorrow so I decided to catch up on some season 3.. watching from when
                                  Ryan gets shot
                                  I'm now when Michelle finds out she's not infected and at this point I am weak so came in here to read spoilers on season 6!!! Luckily half the people you are talking about I don't know yet...

                                  I really am excited about season 6, but can't help feeling a bit sad as I know there will be no more Tony

                                  And yes I know Ryan was the pain in the ass CTU guy but god that episode just killed me for the 3rd time.. and tears of joy with Michelle's good news


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                                    They are airing season 6 in Holland now, and they're only at the point where the first bomb just went of and the helicopter flew at the roof of a house...
                                    weird to see this old ep.
                                    I notice how I don't really enjoy rewatching it.
                                    While with season 5, I've seen all eps twice!

                                    How did you like it Nikki? I take it you've seen the whole season now?


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                                      Yeah I saw the whole season. It's definitely not my favourite but it had some really good bits in it and some very well written character twists. I need some time before re-watching, but I love that I get more into the characters when I know where the main plot is going.

                                      So amazing watching the season in a few days. It really makes the experience amazing!

                                      The first day we watched 12 episodes in one day because we couldn't stop, and then I dreamt I was being interrogated by Jack! Lol

                                      Ooh I loved how they got Aaron into season 6! Partner with crazy Martha, and I can't believe she attacked Logan like that!! I love that they brought that into the season, and the Russian President and his wife, that worked out nicely they used Martha to speak to them

                                      It was a weak season, for me it dropped pace hugely after Jack found the bombs, but it still had some very strong points. I loved the Jack and his family bit.

                                      I really want to finish season 3 and then watch 4 and 5 again. I re-watched S5 once, but had to stop after
                                      Tony was killed


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                                        Originally posted by Nikki View Post
                                        Ok I suck!

                                        And yes I know Ryan was the pain in the ass CTU guy but god that episode just killed me for the 3rd time.. and tears of joy with Michelle's good news
                                        Yeah. I hear that. It's the ONE scene that stands out most for me in the entire series. It kills me very time. You actually started to like the guy just because of the situation he was in.
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