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    I just finished watcing the end of season 5 again and when Chris introduces himself he says Chris Perry. I was just wandering if anyone knew where the Perry came from. I can't remember if they mentioned that in the show or not.
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    I have absolutely no idea. But he made up the plan with his girl Bianca, so maybe it was her last name... He had to tell something, and usually people take something close, so it's easy to remember.


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      It probably was Bianca's last name, like Rosely said. Or it could have been his grandmother's maiden name. (Leo's mother that is.) Or something. It could be his middle name. If Chris had introduced himself as Chris Halliwell, the sisters would have been slightly suspisious. They probably would have worked out he was Pipers son sooner too. And since Chris didn't want the Sisters to find out he was Wyatt's baby brother, he had to say something

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