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Jason Dohring as 400-yr-old Vampire Playboy

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  • Jason Dohring as 400-yr-old Vampire Playboy

    Okay, I just posted about this in one of the 'Other Shows' threads in reply to a couple of comments that had been posted there about Moonlight, but figured I'd do it here since this post is more based on Jason. Heh.

    Not sure if you have heard about this series or not, I first read about it when David Greenwalt joined the show in May, but he's left again. But during his time working for Moonlight he got Jason Dohring cast, woo! It is the new CBS show, and has been re-worked a little and a few cast members have been replaced, which is good news for JD fans.

    This was taken from Zap2 it:
    'Veronica Mars' Star Basks in CBS' 'Moonlight'
    Vampire drama woos Jason Dohring
    June 28, 2007

    Jason DohringIn one of the oddest pieces of recasting you're ever likely to see, Jason Dohring is joining CBS' "Moonlight."

    Dohring is the latest piece of recasting on the vampire private investigator drama, which has undergone some reimagining since "Angel" veteran David Greenwalt came on as showrunner.

    Alex O'Loughlin still remains on board as the show's central blood-sucking gumshoe. That hasn't changed. His human love interest has gone from Shannon Lucio's intrepid TV reporter to Sophia Myles' dogged Internet reporter.

    Dohring will step in for Rade Serbedzija as the ancient vampire Josef, the main character's mentor. Serbedzija is a 60-year-old Croatia-born actor most recently seen in "Shooter" and on this past season of "24." Dohring, of course, is a 25-year-old Ohio-born actor most recently seen breaking hearts as Logan Echolls on The CW's "Veronica Mars."

    That's what folks in the industry call "going a different direction." According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Josef character has been "reconceptualized as a young, mischievous hedge-fund trader."

    Other credits for Dohring include episodes of "Boston Public," "Cold Case," "Judging Amy" and "The Division."
    And sci-fi wire has an interview with Jason Dohring about joining Moonlight. It starts as...
    Jason Dohring, who plays a 400-year-old vampire playboy in CBS' upcoming series Moonlight, told SCI FI Wire that producer Joel Silver-who worked with him previously on The CW's Veronica Mars-was instrumental in getting him into the show.
    I was hooked when I heard we'd have JD playing a kick ass vamp, yay!
    The whole interview is here

    I was really ambivalent about watching this show, as it just seemed like an Angel knock-off, but with Jason as a vampire on board, I'm so excited. I am dying to see some Promo images with Jason now. One of the female characters that was replaced has a new promo out already so I'm hopeful.

    Okay, clearly I am very psyched right now about this, and getting a little fangirly. But damnit I was a JD fan and VM S3 almost ruined him for me, so seeing him as a vamp is awesome!

    Okay, done now.

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    Oh I don't know. I had no plans to tune in and now that Greenwalt has left....
    but I will have to wait and see what people say about it. Perhaps it will be good. I'm just not big on vampires, as is. Buffy and Angel were exceptions for me; I was surprised to have fallen in love with them.
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      I was gonna watch it before all of the changes and I am still gonna watch it with the changes.
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        I hadn't heard about it until hearing that Jason was brought on board. I watched the original trailer and was put off a little by the whole love-story thing they seemed to have playing out in it, it jsut felt so monotonous and unimaginative to me, so when I heard they had dropped it I was kind of glad.

        Although David Greenwalt has left, apparantly a bunch of his ideas, and the influence he had on the show will be continued, and I heard they are waiting to announce a new show-runner.

        I'm just quite intruiged to see Jason taking on this role. I loved how he portrayed Logan, and can't wait to see him take on the role as an ancient vampire in love with immortality and being a 'playboy' - I think I'm going to tune in just for this, hee!

        I loved this particular part from the interview:
        'What would that really be like, to have billions of dollars, and you do whatever you want?' You have women all around. You start to just grow certain ideas or whatever and kind of just assume the guy, what it's like, or whatever. And you just have fun. ... This guy has a lot of fun killing people. So I think that's what I connect to. It's just about the fun and general debauchery."
        It sounds like Jason's character is going to be quite awesome. I am getting seriously giddy now. Must stop myself! :P

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