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  • List your favourite TV shows and WHY?

    I would love to start a thread where everyone gives there favorite television shows and tell us why they have been so important/influential in your life. And also there best qualities
    "So I'm wondering, do the other cookie animals feel sort of ripped? Like, is the hippo going, "Hey, man, where are my pants? I have my hippo dignity." And you know, the monkey's just, "I mock you with my monkey pants!" And then there's a big coup in the zoo." -- Oz!

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    That's such a great idea! Shows from outside the Jossverse...I've recently gotten into "Grey's Anatomy." It's a great show, fantastic writing, memorable characters, believeable storylines.
    I'm also a big fan of "How I Met Your Mother." The whole cast is brilliant. Although I started watching it for Alyson, Neil Patrick Harris has quickly become my favorite. Then of course there's "Bones." I went on a kick of only watching former Buffy/Angel cast members' shows... I've grown since then, but my loyalty will always remain with the Jossverse!
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      Doctor Who

      Unbelievably brilliant plot lines and acting. Brilliant guest stars (Still waiting on Dawn French though) and it's possibly the only Sci-Fi programme in existance that has made me cry.


      Again, brilliant cast and guest stars. Can't wait till the next series. I like their representation of my generation... Even if it is a relatively negative one. lol. It's also quite over-the-top, and that's always fun.


      It's got a plot that's really hard to not ponder on for hours and hours during the episodes. And Sylar, it's impossible to stop watching to you know he's dead. lol. He's such a <Insert rude word here>. Final episode on Monday! ^.^

      Of course, I'll take X-Men over the Heroes or The 4400 any day. X-Men own them both, hands down.

      Stargate SG1

      Okay, I fibbed in my Dr. Who entry. SG1 has made me cry. Several times. Daniel biting the dust. Sam breaking down when O'Neill goes missing. Vala getting fried. I've probably cried like a girl at least once in every season. lol. Brilliant acting in Stargate. Tis so believable. And the other thing I like is that its set in present time, not centuries into the future.

      The 4400

      I like the abilities of the 4400 a lot more than the Heroes crew. The plots aren't as good but the abilities and how they affect people are a lot more believable.

      Drawn Together

      Best. Parody. Ever! 'Nuff said.

      Dead Like Me

      Never seen death portrayed like that before and probably never will again. Such brilliant acting from the entire cast. I mean, I cried when Betty jumped and she was only in 5 episodes. Now that's acting!

      Star Trek: Voyager

      The only Star Trek programme I like. Mainly because of 7 of 9. Her storyline is, by a wide margin, the greatest story to ever appear in TV, Film, book or any other form of storytelling. Janeway, The Doctors and Torres' storylines are pretty damn good to.
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        Thanks for contributing guys and feel free to also mention the jossverse shows.

        'How i Met your Mother' has become my fav comedy show. Alyson Hannigan and Neil Patrick Harris are hilarious. All the cast is great.
        "So I'm wondering, do the other cookie animals feel sort of ripped? Like, is the hippo going, "Hey, man, where are my pants? I have my hippo dignity." And you know, the monkey's just, "I mock you with my monkey pants!" And then there's a big coup in the zoo." -- Oz!


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          I have so many favourite shows..I don't even know which ones to pick! Lol

          Lost: a truly innovative show, with a groundbreaking format.... an intriguing storyline, complicated like a puzzle, but very intelligent. Great writing, and great actors. I love this show!

          Prison Break: another innovative series, tense and exciting, that keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time. Great characters, that gain depth episode after episode, even though most of the time is devoted to action.

          Nip/Tuck: this is another totally original show, that you either love or hate. It's provocative and often shocking, it seems superficial, but it isn't. But most of all, it's entertaining!

          Rome: a fantastic portrait of Ancient Rome, where historical events (more or less faithful to historic truth) and characters are interwined to the story of two simple Roman soldiers, their life and their friendship, which is truly the heart of the show.

          Friends: I'm not much into comedies, and this is the only one that really captured my heart, to never let it go. I haven't watched it for some time, but I feel good just thinking about it!

          Six Feet Under: a cynical and dark-humoured drama about a family running a funeral agency. It's hilarious, all the characters are so weird and interesting, a great show!

          Desperate Housewives: an extremely hilarious show, with great interactions among the cast members. Something to watch when you want to be put in good mood!

          Sex & The City: at the beginning I was shocked (not in a good way) by how focus on sex this show had (well, given the title...) and how they talked about it so openly in a way that no other show had done...then I gave it a chance, and I loved it! Funny and entertaining, but it also makes you think, often!

          Ally McBeal: it went tragically downhill in the last seasons, but I am still fond of this show. It's my feel-good show: all the characters are so screwed up and weird, but still accepting of each other and caring, that watching them makes me feel good. It was just a weird show overall, especially when it came to Ally's silly allucinations

          These are just a few..there are many others I watch and love, and other show I'll watch that certainly will become favourite of mine!
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            Before the Summer Hiatus hit the States my weekly lineup was

            Sunday - Dresden Files and Bloodties - I'm a fan of vampire genre so actually both of these shows fit that category - Blood Ties more. Dresden Files had great characters and the effects for a TV show were very good. I enjoy Harry Dresden as an unassuming wizard who doesn't quite have it all together but manages to put it together neatly in the end.

            Monday - Heroes and How I Met Your Mother - Im also a big superhero fan and fan of the Marvel comic superheroes and Justice Leaque, so Heroes just feeds my need for superheros in the world! I like the characters and the special effects.

            Tuesday - during the spring it's Deadliest Catch on Discovery!! I am amazed how these guys go willingly into hell to fish for crab! I love all the captains - love getting to know them and their crews. They are REAL people doing a REAL job that needs no special effects!! Capt. Sig Hansen and the Northwestern is my favorite boat and crew.

            Currently I'm back to watching House on Tuesday nights. I love medical shows. I love the character House and his approach to diagnosing patients. I also like that he is greatly flawed - flawed characters are the best to me. I like the possibility of redemption, or just for once the bad guy gets to have a good day! (not that House is necessarily bad)

            Wednesday - LOST!!!! The world stops revolving for me on Wednesday nights!! I was hooked on LOST the first scene of the first episode! I love the characters - too much - their storylines are interesting and how they tie into one another and the Island. The mystery and intrigue, the danger and fear! I like the clues and shout outs to the fans!! I've read more literature by watching this show!! And I love the character Sawyer!!

            Thursday - Grey's Anatomy and Men In Trees - I work in the medical field so I love all medical shows and read medical genre books (Robin Cook). You would think I would get enough of it by the end of the day! I really enjoyed the first season of Grey's. Second was good and third has been okay. I like this show for the characters. I like the patient storylines - they usually treat the odd and obscure cases.

            Oh - and I can't wait for the new show Private Practice!! It looked really good in the promo episode!! With Marti Noxon joining the show - maybe she'll coax James Marsters into the show for a story arc.

            Trees I like because I was a big Northern Exposure fan in the past and also because I have a love for Alaska since watching Deadliest Catch. It has those ecentric Northern Exposure-like characters.

            And now I am becoming a Dr. WHO fan!! I've been watching the first two seasons and LOVING it!

            The long and short of it?? I WATCH TOO MUCH TV!!!
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              Favorite shows - past and present...

              La Femme Nikita
              Best spy drama ever. Totally original and ahead of its time. In fact, I think it came out the same year as Btvs - in 97. Great sci-fi espionage drama. Seriously, go buy the DVD's, you won't be sorry.

              Yes, a copy-cat of La femme Nikita, but it was still good. Good writing, especially in the 1st season, and it kept you intrigued.

              Obviously, BTVS & ATS...

              Grey's Anatomy
              Really loving this show. Great writing and with the humor! I love the cast chemistry and the overall feel of the show.

              Great take on the Superman saga...really is the best Superman tV show made (though Lois & Clark was pretty good, too).

              Awesome sci-fi/horror/suspense drama...Great characters and storylines. A definite MUST SEE TV!

              I still watch this show, but to be honest it's getting kind of old for me. JJ Abrahms has a way of creating excellent shows and then getting bored and killing them (coughAlias&Felicitycough). Not too keen on the upcoming season...but we'll see what we see.

              Another great spy-show. This one is so much more with the originality in the real time concept. Very intriguing with great action and story lines.

              Best sit-com ever made. Enough said

              2nd best sit-com ever made.

              And I'm sure there's probably more...I at one time was hooked on Dawson's Creek, Felicity, and many other sit-coms, but can't really think of them at them at the moment...I've always been a TV show-whore....


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                ummm...right now
                Veronica Mars- I admit that I almost gave up during season 3, but I didn't because I love this show so much. And even during that season, which I pretty much hated, there were still some spectacular episodes, some of the best...that's saying something, because I think the show was pretty damn fantastic while it lasted. Great characters, great writing, and one of my favorite relationships ever (even during their constant bickering )

                Psych- someone would probably love it or hate it It's silly bordering on ridiculous mostly, but still really funny. The characters make me all giggly and fuzzy. (Not to mention that Shawn Spencer + me totally equals love )I go crazy for it, but without the agonizing...unlike other shows I'm crazy about It puts me in a good mood everytime I watch it.

                Burn Notice- It's a fun show. you get a little bit of cool action, a fun story, and some good humor The main character might take a little while to warm up to, but I love the way he delivers the best lines. It's new, so I'm still judging it, but it's really fun and interesting. I LIKE it

                Smallville- It's one of the most consistently inconsistent shows It pains me to watch some episodes, usually due to a certain character with raven hair and the initials "L.L." But yes, corny and contrived a lot of episodes may be, you could still find plenty of good ones. This show gave me one of my favorite TV characters ever (Chloe!). And as much as Smallville pains me sometimes, I still love it lots.

                Heroes- Why not? Great huge cast playing some really awesome characters. I love the whole "they're regular people who happen to have powers...not superheroes" thing. It's relatable, fun, and always leaves me in some kind of awe

                Real World/Road Rules/challenges- Horrible...horrible stuff. But I've been addicted to it for so many years...even before that Vegas season that people say ruined the show and made it just a huge orgy (as opposed to a little orgy with other stuff actually going on sometimes. ) Road Rules was one of my favorite shows before they started that "voting people off" crap. I wish they'd go back to what these shows were really about, especially since they're claiming to do so for season 20, but for now, I enjoy it for what it is. Watching it makes me realize that I'm not such a horrible person after all

                I used to be really into Grey's Anatomy, but with all the annoying controversy...I've just gotten over it. Season 3 was pretty much hit or miss for me. The beginning hit, and the rest of it...horribly missed But there was a period (around s2, early s3) where I really felt it was one of the best shows on television, so I thought that I should give it a mention.
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                  Lost is my favorite show right now. I don't care that lots of people don't like it or gave up on's my baby. I just adore it so. Francy is my Lost pal!

                  Seinfeld is hilarious. I still watch it all the time. It cracks me up to no end. Most everyone I know in RL can recite tons of ounchlines on a whim and everyone will get the Seinfeld reference.

                  Burn Notice just aired its third ep and I am really liking it. It's an action comedy and flows so well and the protagonist is well cast. Full of fun and laughs.

                  Law & Order never gets old. I love the characters and even though it isn't a character-oriented show, it still manages to make me care about them. Just the other day I watched two eps in a row where McCoy did things that surprised me and made me laugh and made me like even more. It's a classic show. There's too many crime and law procedurals but this is the first and the best!

                  Roswell is my first fandom love and so it holds a special place in my heart. Without this show I wouldn't have given others a try.

                  Some people mentioned How I Met Your Mother earlier. I bought the first season and watched/capped it and was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Funny bits of dialogue and situations; Barney is a riot. As far as sitcoms go...not a bad one at all.

                  Other mentions, besides the Jossverse, of course.
                  Battlestar Galactica
                  Sex and the City
                  That 70s Show

                  And of course, I watch many others....just looks at my tv dvd list. But I aint gonna talk about them all here!!!
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                    OMG...theres so many...i really dont know where to

                    Ok Buffy and Angel obviously, and this is because they rock! lol And well...i grew up with them, so the shows hold a lot of memoires of my childhood etc. Plus David B ...what more could you want! lol

                    Firefly I just got into this. I was very mindful of it at first, but a mate lent it to me..and well its its bound to be good...and it was. I just loved the writing, the cast...all of it.

                    Charmed Cole.... lol need i say more??? lol

                    Supernatural yum yum those Winchester boys really do make Scary sexy....and plus with Buffy and Angel gone i need something to satisfy my TV itch.

                    Greys Anatomy I love hospital shows (i like ER too) and this one is no exception. Fab cast, interesting characters and stories...and comic at times too. Its a fab watch.

                    The O.C Ok mainly i watched this for but it was a cool tv show to get lost in for a hour a week and foreget about our own dull and dreery lives. lol

                    LOST i got 2 words for you.....MATTHEW FOX!!!! lol

                    Nip Tuck: love it, its got everything you could ever want in a show.

                    Tru Calling i really enjoyed this, i thought it was a good concept and had a lot of potential, its such a shame it was dropped.

                    Bones interesting show, not like anything ive seen beofre as im not a CSI fan and i thought it would be a bit like that, but it David B...always makes a good show. lol

                    Others i like:
                    Desperate Housewives
                    Sex in the City
                    Brothers and Sisters
                    Verinica Mars

                    Ok i could go on
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                      Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Amazing, lovable, funny, dark. Everything you could want in a TV show and more.

                      Angel - Just brilliant. The characters, the story arcs, setting and everything.

                      FRIENDS - Hilarious! Great cast and episodes! (how can you not love Pheobe -- and her songs)

                      Y&R - Please don't ask, but I'm honeslty hooked!

                      Last Comic Standing - Shall I say more??

                      There are so many more. Maybe I'll post it later!


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                        Well... where do I begin? It's a long list.

                        Dark Angel - Well duh. Anyone who knows me, knows this is a show I can watch a hundred times over and never get bored of it. I always take season one and two separately though as I had very different thoughts on each of them. During season one I was among the die-hard Logan/Max shippers, and I adored the storylines and thought that Lydecker was excellently cast and played by John Savage and the whole season rocked. I adored how more of the X5s appeared as the season went on and the final five episodes as it got toward the end, had me glued to the screen. Then again, season two - well it had my heart. Season two was completely different from season one, and I always thought of it as more of a spin off in this new world created out of what season one had left behind. I loved Joshua, he was the sweetest character ever, and as most of you know I adored Alec! Alec and Max were the team similar to what Zack and Max were in the first season, but Max now in the role as protector of those she set free, and Alec the unwilling side-kick. But the banter between the two had me converted from day one to a Max & Alec shipper. Heh. Man, this show had me hooked! I loved the comedy of season two, and the storyline of the public against the transgenics, more importantly the final episodes of season two were my favourite of both the seasons. The time they spent in terminal city, and how the transgenics banded together in the end - I wish the whole second season had been like this, and just wish there had been a third to see this continue. I was heart-broken to see it end!

                        Wonderfalls - How can you not love this show? The quirky characters were all so entertaining and the whole family had their dramas played out in such a comic style. I know it was even shorter-lived than Dark Angel was, but I loved every minute of this series, and can't believe that I had to let go of the amazingly colourful characters after such a short time! And I absolutely loved her brother's obsession with Jaye's problem, and the relationship between the two of them rocked.

                        Buffy & Angel - Yip, jumping on the band-wagon here. This was my first real sort of fandom that I was ever into, and I was hooked from the start, I couldn't miss an episode and was a spoiler-whore. I change my favourite seasons and episodes everytime I watch a different one, and yet I always go back to the same ones in the end, There were so many characters that I loved over the seasons, and so many couples that had me squee-ing with delight when they were together. And my ships and favourite characters changed daily too. It has to be one of my favourite series ever. (Although to be quite honest I think I prefer Angel to BtVS, :O!!)

                        Supernatural - And now, for the main event: my current favourite series, and my current fandom of choice, Supernatural. those Winchester boys had me before hello, just one look at them and I was hooked to the damn series! But there is so much this fandom has to offer: the impala, the impala's trunk and it's goodies, the comic-banter between the brothers, and supernatural-bad-guys that just keep on coming. :P Sam and Dean's relationship is one of a kind, and the way Jared and Jensen play off one another on screen is just truly awesome. I loved the Pilot and was destined to be hooked from there on out. I Supernatural.

                        I watch a multitude of shows and adore so many of them, but didn't want to clog this all up. Hee. So the others are, Heroes, Gilmore Girls, Greys Anatomy. I'm sure there's more, but my brain has gone all mushy, lol.

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                          TV Favorites

                          Here's the list:

                          The Riches -- Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver in a story about the forgotten White Gypsies of America. It's some of the best written television in the US right now. Beautiful!

                          Heros -- Oi Shee! (translation from Japanese: sweet!) Hiro is well my hero. This show is my comic books geekiness come into fruition.

                          Invisibleman -- Aw crap. It's not on the air anylonger but I adored this show. I want to BE Darien Fawkes. The dynamic among he and his agency: Eberts, Bobby, Claire, and the Official makes it all worth while.

                          Black Books -- Oh the joy of Bernard and his little book shop. I would be this man, sometimes I think I was born this man.

                          Wonderfalls -- Jaye's quirky sense of right and wrong. Is she crazy? Is God talking to her? Is it the devil? I wish it spanned beyond only one mere season. Stupid Joan of Archadia

                          Doctor Who & TorchWood -- Fantastic! I've immensely enjoyed 9th and 10th doctors in the series as well as the companions. And who couldn't love Captain Jack. Sparrow's got nothing on Hartness.

                          Firefly -- Genious Space cowboys rollercoaster of emotions. Nuff said.

                          Cowboy Beebop -- See also Firefly.

                          Adventures of Brisco County Junior -- Ah Bruce Campbell at his finest, also has the best version of Amazing Grace I've ever heard. Lord Bowler is king.

                          BtVS & Angel -- This needs no explaination and goes without saying, being most of the reasons most of us are posting here.

                          Huff -- Hank Azeria, Oliver Platt, and the whole cast are the most functional disfunctioning family a psychiatrist could have. The complexity and twists it takes is pure dramatic interest.

                          HEX -- This fullfilled my void of not having Buffy. The writers did their homework on the lore, it's racier, sometimes much cheesier than Buffy ever was, but it stands on it's own. All I have to say though is that Jemima Rooper as Themla alone is worth the watch.

                          Veronica Mars -- I don't know what to say other than angst ridden detective squee.

                          Tru Calling -- I know a lot of people didn't enjoy this show, but I really liked it. I wanted to see how it would pan out and they left us hanging! Zack Galifianakis, Eliza Dushku, and Shawn Reeves made that show brilliant.

                          Others I enjoy when I find them on:
                          The Dreseden Files
                          My Name is Earl
                          Kids in the Hall
                          Xmen Evolution
                          Family Guy
                          Robot Chicken
                          Burn Notice
                          The Closer
                          Absolutely Fabulous
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                            NCIS: This show just makes me laugh all the time. They threw a pretty boy, a goth, a geek, a marine, an English man, and a Israeli together and got one heck of a show. The plots are always enjoyable and every now then you actually learn something.
                            Stargate: Okay my love for this show started with my crush on Richard Dean Anderson. The man is just the best in my opinion. But after watching some episodes I have fallen in love with the show. I love it when a group of different people are thrown together and actually make the show work. The situations they get into are so funny and sometimes, even dramatic. I've only seen up to season 4 but I'm hooked. 6 more seasons to go.
                            Battlestar Galactica: My husband got me hooked on this show. We bought the mini series on dvd...the episodes that started it all, and after that I wanted more. I've always got this debate going on with my husband on whether or not the treatment of some of the cylons is right or not. The show gets me thinking and I love shows that do that.


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                              Being all old and english a lot of my faves are...errm, old and english, but here goes.

                              You know those cop shows where the main character is a flawed self destructive genius whose relationships are falling apart? Well this was the first of the ilk really. Robbie Coltrane is briliant as Fitz the alcoholic,chain smoking, Gambling addict who also happens to be a fantastic Psychologist with a genius for profiling killers and getting them to confess to their crimes. Some fantastic appearances from top notch actors such as John Simms and Robert Carlyle appear along the way and the tension that builds up during the series is amazing.

                              The story of a Shaolin monk who is on the run from the chinese authorities and ends up traveling through the old west. This is a great mixture of genres part western, part kung fu movie with a healthy dose of buddhist type philosophy thrown in for good measure. Anyone who has seen Kill Bill will spot the main star.

                              Doctor Who
                              What can i say that hasn't already been said? Best thing on U.K telly at the moment full stop. Definite nods to the buffage in the way some of the series is pulled off but also a wide ranging trawl through space and time that still manages to be more about the characters than anything else.

                              A fairly new discovery to me, partly inspired by this place. Hugh Laurie is immense and tottally different from anything else I've seen him in. It's actually a fairly unlikely premise for anyone whose grown up with Blackadder or Jeeves and Wooster that he could pull this part off but my gods does he pul it off. The supporting cast is also amazing (especially Jennifer Morrison )
                              but the true star of the series to me is the witty, sarky non stop nature of the writing. Genius.

                              Okay, a real slice of cheese here but still really good telly. A japanese program based on an ancient myth of the monkey gods travels from china to india with his companions; a water spirit, a pig spirit and the buddhist monk Tripitaka. Although the series is dubbed (with a few of the later eps subtitled) It remains really funny with the love hate relationships between the disciples producing some real lol moments. Special effect tend towards the cheesy (well we are talking seventies) but overall it's an enjoyable romp.


                              The forgotten seventies cop show. Around at the same time as Columbo etc but for some reason never quite as popular. The series stars George 'hannibal off the A-team' Peppard as Thomas Banacek a polish american freelance insurance investigator from Boston who, for his usual 10%, will solve 'impossible' thefts of multi million dollar objects. A good if somewhat cheesy impossible crime series.


                              A series that some dubbed the British 'Friends' although i would disagree slightly. It is a similar format though Three men and three women who all have various histories having various mix ups and adventures. It's written by Steve Moffat of DocWho fame so quality is pretty much guarenteed in that department and the characters are wonderfully quirky and wierd especially Jeff as portrayed by the brilliant Richard Coyle and Susan played by the lovely Sarah Alexander ( ) . Some of the comedy leans towards the cringe inducing as events spiral quickly from the bizarre to the ridicualous (steve's impassioned defence of porn and Jeff inadvertantly leading a woman to believe he only had one leg spring to mind). The series went downhill after Richard Coyle left but still remains a personal classic.
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                                I can be pretty darn picky when it comes to what I would consider a favorite although I do TV.

                                Besides all of the Jossverse, especially Firefly, which is possibly my number one show of all time:

                                Scrubs: because it's got great characters (and Dr. Cox came before - and is way better - than House ) and is probably the funniest show I've ever seen, even though it has gone downhill a little since season three. Plus, I like comedies without laugh tracks.

                                The Simpsons: Minus the last 10 or so years when it became more silly than anything. Another really funny show that's different from everything else.

                                Cowboy Bebop: Bounty hunters in space (sounds sort of familiar huh?) Great music and characters and it's just

                                Wonderfalls: I didn't like the first 4 episodes but the rest of them were very good. Interesting premise, good characters, and a Jossverse alumni. Maybe not an absolute favorite but it's up there.

                                As of now the only Tv shows I watch that are still on the air are:

                                Australian Idol
                                The Chaser's War on Everything

                                Except for Chaser's, which is hilarious, I don't know if I'd consider them favorites. And The X-Files was once my favorite show of all time but my interest in it wanes every now and then (plus the later seasons put a damper on it for me.)
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                                  Originally posted by tangent View Post
                                  but the true star of the series to me is the witty, sarky non stop nature of the writing. Genius.
                                  Oh yeah. Don't think I mentioned this one. And you're right, the writing is the true winner here, although Laurie has the best way of making those words really come to life. A great show. It's always nice to have a show where the protagonist is so hateful and yet you can grow to love them anyway.

                                  I just put a few season four promos on my site of the ducklings. Very pretty!

                                  Originally posted by ShinyFirefly View Post
                                  Scrubs: because it's got great characters (and Dr. Cox came before - and is way better - than House ) and is probably the funniest show I've ever seen, even though it has gone downhill a little since season three. Plus, I like comedies without laugh tracks.
                                  Right! Scrubs is freakin' hilarious! And I too love a sitcom without a laugh track. Thankfully, they are becoming much more popular these days. Dr. Cox is quite House-ian. Or shall I say Dr. House is quite Cox-ian. Kelso is jerk too and he's got some great lines. This show reminds me of a osrt of live action Family Guy...because like FG, it goes on weird wacky tangents.
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                                    Originally posted by little albatross View Post

                                    Smallville- It's one of the most consistently inconsistent shows It pains me to watch some episodes, usually due to a certain character with raven hair and the initials "L.L."
                                    I'm sorry, but I had to comment here...over half of the cast has the initials "L.L."

                                    Sorry for the off-topic, but it just struck me as super funny...

                                    One I forgot to mention was Charmed, though it tanked in the end it was pretty good in the first 4-5 seasons, and was the first show I ever fan-videoed...well, actually the only, fan-vids take WAAAY to much time and patience (if they're any good )


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                                      Charmed was the first show i was ever obsessed with so it will always hold a certain place in my heart. I was a huge Leo/Piper shipper and still am although the show has gone down hill i still love the quirkiness of these characters.
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                                        I don't watch alot of tv now these days (or haven't much in the past few years or so)...

                                        My favorite tv shows (that already ended) are Home Improvement, because it was hilarious; Friends as I got into the show, I got all the 10 seasons DVD box sets (I'm still behind lol); Futurama (on Hiatus), pretty funny but I liked the Simpsons more.

                                        My most favorite and still on air is The Simpsons. Do I need to state the reason there? lol