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  • If Prue had lived...

    Thread idea from The Charmed Cafe:

    If Prue had lived, and either Piper or Phoebe died, what would've happened? How would of the remaining sisters handled it?

    I'm happy the way it was (no, not because I love Piper and Phoebe, and not really like Prue), because we got to see alot of character development. Like Piper becming the oldest and Phoebe becoming the middle sister.

    I think it would have been really, really, hard on Prue and Piper if Phoebe, died...their lil' sis. I was shocked at this post:

    Without Piper suffering from her older sister dying (she was closer to Prue than Phoebe and thus took Prue's death harder than I think she would've taken Phoebe's, but that's not to say she would've taken Phoebe's lightly), I think that there would've been more room for Paige-Piper closeness.

    Anywho, what would have happened with the story if Prue had lived and someone else died?
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    I don't think the show would have lasted as long is Prue survived and someone else died. The show really developed after the death of Prue, and without Prue, the remaining two sisters would not have developed as much. Say, if Phoebe had died, Prue and Piper would still be oldest and middle. Nothing would have changed. They developed after the oldest died and that made the show more enjoyable. Plus I hated Prue with a vengeance.

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      either way the "would have" does not exist, that's all i have to say.