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  • Dead Like Me!

    Does any on watches that show? I actually just got into to it the past few months. It's been on sci -fi channel which I like, sci -fi is such a great place. Any who does any one else watch it just wondering. I think it only made it to 2 seasons.

    I love it, do you?
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    It's very good. I bought the dvds a couple years back. And yes, it only went two seasons. It has a lot of great qualities and some really nifty Delores. The mom gets on my nerves a bit though. :/ I recommend it! And I noticed Sci-Fi was playing it's such a wonderful channel!!
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      LOOOOOVE it. It's one of my favorites. SciFi channel censors it though. But I still watch it on there when they show it even though I have the DVD's. They're making a movie to wrap things up. It starts filming in August. But I don't think Rube and Daisy will be in it which makes me sad. Especially since Rube is my favorite (along with Mason).


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        I hadn't heard that about a movie! Gee, I wouldn't even bother filming it if they couldn't everyone to participate.
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          In all honesty, I would rather they write Daisy out like Rube should Laura not be up to reprise the role. I loved Daisy, one of my faves and I would hate to have anyone but Laura as her.

          I was so so so excited about this movie. I even heard that if the movie does well enough they are talking about bringing the show back. That would be awesome. Though whenever this happens with a show those rumors are bound to pop up.

          Though this Laura business is bringing me down a bit
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            A Dead Like Me Movie!

            Good day.

            I too love DLM. It is the only non-Whedonverse TV series I have on DVD. It's lovely.


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              A 'Dead Like Me' movie?! That's funny, I love DLM to death (pun intended ) but I can't see the necessity for a movie as I think they managed to bring closure to the storylines and wrapped up the show nicely in the end.

              For me the show is a cool mixture of Life On Mars (main character finds herself in a strange new world that doesn't follow the laws of nature as known to her so far), Wonderfalls (female protagonist doesn't need to be nice, emotionally understanding and open to be incredibly likeable) and Six Feet Under (most bizarre cases of death, very morbid). Even the most bizarre characters on this show are somehow intriguing, like Dolores Herbig or Crystal, the receptionist .

              I love how they worked the themes of loss and grief and the notion to live your life to the fullest as long as you can and cherish every moment, as it could be your last. A cliché, sure, but they made it work here. The storyline around Joy and Reggie was kind of stretched thin at times, but never became really annoying to me. All in all a fabulous show!


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                I saw a few episodes on sci-fi last week and was instantly hooked. I really love the characters and even though I have no idea what is going on, I can't stop watching.

                I really like the interaction between the main character (can't remember her name) and Rube. It's very interesting.

                I plan on buying the dvds when I get the money saved up.


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                  I can't wait to see the film. ^.^ I absolutely loved Dead Like Me. So much so that people nearly died when I found out they ended it.

                  I hope they have the people from Happy Time there. There was a lot of people who said the reseptionest(sp) was a reaper and I'd love for them to do that.
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