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    There isn't a discussion thread for this AMAZING show so I figured I'd make one because, oh lordy, it deserves one! I just recently got into the show (last night... ) and have so far seen the first half of 1.01 and just finished watching 1.02 so I think it would be best if we spoiler tag really spoilery tidbits about the show because there has to be other people who aren't completely caught up with the show and whatnot.

    So I'll start off by saying how amazing the cast is. Just by 1.02, you can see the amazing chemistry and dynamics between them all (actors/actresses and characters, alike). Sally Field is completely convincing as a concerned mother, Rachel Griffiths also makes me feel so much for her role, Dave Annable is also amazing (and sexxxy and the reason I got into the show... ), and...I could go on for hours about how blown away I am by these guys.

    I think, so far, the only characters/actors I've yet to see really...steal a scene have been Balthazar Getty, Patricia Wettig, and Ron Rifkin (ironically all Alias veterans). Everyone else just...makes me go gahgah and slap myself for not getting into the show sooner.

    I think B&S has a very strong Grey's Anatomy season 2 feel. It's dramatic yet still very funny and fun with fantastic characters and get chemistry between everybody. But that comparison only goes so far since this show is extremely original - at least, I know I've never seen anything like it.

    So...discussion topic(s) for this thread: what do you think of the show? Who's your favorite Walker family member (or perhaps non-Walker family member)?

    Right now, for me, it's kinda too soon to pick one favorite. I love Sarah and Nora and Kevin and Justin. They all stick out to me as phenomenal characters. Hell, even Kitty stands out (which is weird since I don't really like Calista Flockhart).
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    I too have only recently gotten in to Brothers and Sisters but seeing as it has only started here where I live... I can hardly be blamed. I am currently as far episode 1.03 and am waiting for epiosde 1.04 to air tomorrow night. I have to agree that it is an amazing show and I love it... I don't think that I have really gotten far enough to spoiler tag things but if I do o.o someone give me a little kick and I'll change it.

    As you said Heather the cast is simply amazing and already I find myself caring about the characters. My favorite two characters have to be Sally Field as Nora and Calista Flockhart as Kitty. I love the whole mother daughter relationship that they have got going. And the fact that we get to watch as the pair struggle to heal the rift that exists between the two of them.

    I loved the scene at the end of 1.03 where the fight between Justin and one of his older brothers (I am still struggling with the names) finally ends. It was a beautiful scene and really sad. You could see how hurt Justin was and I just think overall it is an amazing show..

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