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Justice League in Season 9 (spoiler...ish)

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  • Justice League in Season 9 (spoiler...ish)

    Well with The Watchtower officially UP and going I think the series needs to expand its super hero catalog. So far from the comics we've gotten Green Arrow, Impulse, Aquaman, Cyborg, Martian Manhuner (though he is powerless), Black Canary and most recently Zatanna. Not a bad line up if I do say so myself, but with Alana Huffman (Black Canary) currently signed on to star in Stargate: Universe (I think thats the title) I can't see her making more then a few guest spots (luckily both Smallville and Stargate film in Vancouver, so she WILL be in the same city ).

    Where was I going with this? Oh right, I am guessing the Justice League will be a large focus of season 9 and I couldn't be more excited! I love the Smallville characters, but I do think it is time to shift the focus on some of the amazing characters DC Comics have created. I would love too see an origin story for Black Canary, as well as Impulse (if he survives the season 8 finale).

    From the comic I would really like to see Huntress. They sort of did a Huntress-similar character with the Angel of Vengeance (I wonder if they will bring her into the Justice League, or did she give up on being a hero... I can't recall...) . Besides Huntress, I think Vixen would be a nice addition as would a Green Lantern. Though I doubt they have the budget for that...

    And since Wonder Woman is in such a legal limbo, I think it would be cool if they used Donna Troy or even Artemis. Kind of like a... amazon lost in man's world. I also think it would be cool if Clark some how made his was to the Amazon's Paradise Island and found Kara training (like she did recently in the comic books). It would be nice to know Kara has training to be a better hero to impress Clark (and Ollie, cause I imagine they met in "Bloodline" and she crushed on him majorly. I mean if she crushed on Jimmy...)

    I would also like more interaction with the Justice League, cause we have seen so much Oliver (not complaining), but it would be nice to see the others and let more of their personality and history be revealed.

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    I still say there's no chance they get Batman anywhere near this, and Green Lantern they might try to do, but I suspect with a TV budget he'd be extremely disappointing. Not even with "Heroes" budget could you really do the Green Lantern right. It'll be a challenge even on a feature film.
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