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Season 8 Wrapping Up (Speculation and SPOILERS!)

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  • Season 8 Wrapping Up (Speculation and SPOILERS!)

    I was going to post this in the season 9 thread, but as this really pertains to season 8, it's not really on topic I guess...I marked the thread with "spoilers." So I hope we could discuss freely in here. However, season 9 information/spoilers (i.e. not just our own speculation based on what we know of season 8) should probably be spoiler-tagged to be on the safe side.

    Since we've basically gotten confirmation that it is NOT Chloe who dies in the finale (and that the new Isis set will serve as Watchtower ) the speculation continues...

    All the regulars will be around. Along with Cosmic Boy from "Legion" and Bart Allan and Black Canary. Even though he's only been in a few episodes, I'd call Bart a vet. He's not a nobody. I mean, I don't know if there's any reason why he can't be the *ominously* other one...

    And as much as I wish Kara would come back (and have some amazing scenes with Chloe and Oliver where they could form their own team platinum ), the fact that she apparently will not be keeps her out of harm's way...

    ...On the topic of replacing the Isis set with the Watchtower set...sounds exciting. But with the events of "Beast" (Davis holding Jimmy and Ollie hostage, asking Chloe to run away with him) and "Injustice" (Chloe working with Tess's "Injustice League") - I do wonder how that will affect her dynamic with Oliver/Justice League by the end of the season.

    Also! I always wondered how long it would take until the writers ran out of one-word titles for the episodes! And now we have "Injustice." Two years after "Justice" I mean, there are probably other almost-repeats or synonyms that I just can't think of right now. But that just made me LOL. Feel free to bring up any other lookalike titles of interest


    And I still want Tess to not be ultimately bad. I still think she's, at the core, good. WHATEVER. She and Clark will end up with a common goal with Doomsday running around.
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    I am glad that Bart and Dinah are coming back for the finale. Those are my two favorite of the Justice League (damn they need to make a Black Canary action figure to go with the rest...) and with Bart's return, my money is on the fact that Bart will die. Maybe saving Chloe? Or maybe just a death in battle to show that this was a real fight and that there is causilties... Very much like Anya's death on Buffy.

    I agree about Kara. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE for her to make a return, but by her NOT returning she will be safe from death and that is all that matters!

    Now the Watch Tower... isn't it just like the Isis Foundation, but with the screens in a different file? Or are they for sure just getting rid of the foundation and just going to revamp it so we can get the Superheroes hanging out in it? I wanna know, cause at the moment... the set is the exact same isn't it?

    And all fairness to the writers, in the comics the bad Justice League is called the Injustice League, soo... I am glad they called it Injustice, cause it fits very well ^_^ As for other look alike titles... "Aqua"/"Hydro" hrmm! That is all I got right now -_-...

    Anyways, I can't wait for the final episodes of the season!!!! I hope they end on a cliffhanger... though not a cliffhanger where its like "IS CHLOE DEAD!?" Cause they've done that twice now... Bah... Maybe it will end with Clark and Lois kissing ^_^