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Planet of the Dead: The discussion thread.

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  • Planet of the Dead: The discussion thread.

    So what did we think?

    Personally I really, really enjoyed this. In fact I think it's up there with as the best of the standalone specials. Alright there was no real depth, no outstanding timeywimeyness but it was something that Who does do well; a good old fashioned romp.

    I always think it's a good sign that an episode that runs 15 minutes longer than the norm doesn't seem like it and this certainly did the trick. i thought the pacing was spot on in fact with not too much left to the end (which I think RTD tends to do sometimes.)

    The characters were pretty good too. Loved Lady Christina. She has a lot of spark to her and I think she combines a lot of Donna's snark and no nonsense attitude with the fun loving adventurism of Rose. She challenged the Doctor in new ways, showing a great tendency to take the lead and be more self reliant than previous companions. Plus she's not all londonised which makes a nice change. I like the poshness. It's refreshing.

    The other major character was obviously Malcolm. Lee Evans nailed this, absolutely nailed it. The character had me in creases with his innocent fanboyishness and his absent minded genius. The "I love you" scene made me laught so much it hurt. I definitely want to see both these characters again. pleease! The other character I liked was the U.N.I.T captain from Turn Left. I think that she would be quite welcome as the new Brigadier type person.

    The storyline itself was sort of interesting although I did get the feeling we've been here before. Shades of Midnight with the bus setting and the isolation for instance meant that it felt familiar (not necessarily a bad thing) as well as teh "we may have to sacrifice the Doctor to save the earth" spiel. I wasn't to keen on the Tritovore (Hath, anyone?) but I did like the Swarm. There's been a lot of aliens in Who that could be bargained with, threatened, pleaded with or talked to in some way but the nature of the swarm as animilistic,single minded, natural predators following the cycle of their life was nicely realised and gave them an implacability. I think more could have been made of their approach though to give the ep a bit more tension. The other thing I wasn't all that keen on was the flying bus. It's a a small quibble but It didn't feel right to me for some reason.

    I did like the ending though. The Doctor refusing to take Lady Christina but letting her escape the clutches of the rozzers felt about right. I'm glad that he didn't change his mind at this point (even though I wouldn't mind 11 swinging by her stately home) and the hints towards the big Ten finale were nice and cryptic "He Will knock four times." I think I might have an idea who "he" is but the knocking four times is interesting.

    Waters of Mars looks very interesting too. Later this year? When? When?

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    I quite enjoyed it. It was a very fun 'romp' and I very much liked Lady Christina too.

    Evans was jolly and his unusual hyper active 'mad' self but without being too aggravating, which was what I was fearing he'd be the minute his appearance was announced. I liked his hero worshiping of the Doctor and I liked that UNIT once again showed their hard side the moment things started to look uncertain. Good old UNIT. Shoot first, ask questions later.

    The other thing I wasn't all that keen on was the flying bus. It's a a small quibble but It didn't feel right to me for some reason.
    Yep, it was too 'Harry Potter' If you get my meaning. Didn't sit right with the rest of the story somehow.

    I would have dearly loved something a tad more complex on the writing front, as afterwards when you think about it not a lot actually happened really, but I realise that Who is more a family thing these days and so I can't expect too much.
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      I enjoyed the rompiness, and the lady. She was a little like Bela from Supernatural (who I also like), and I enjoyed her with the Doctor.

      When it was over, I was shocked - it seemed really short. Which on the one hand shows it was anything but boring, but I did feel a little bit..."and"? after it. I thought they could do something more conceptual perhaps, with those creatures actually being souls of the dead or summat.

      The one real "oh come off it" moment was when the Doctor* told LC she couldn't come with him because he's lost all the other people. DUDE. We have heard that speech so many times. Get a new theme. Please? And can we stop seeing people be in love with the Doctor/thinking he's immediately awesome? It's tiresome. I miss Donna on that front, bringing him down to earth a bit.

      Loved seeing UNIT again. I'd like to see more of them next series, maybe with a regular point of contact like the brigadier, maybe this new woman? I'd like to see her in conflict with the Doctor over methods, but working together.

      *(starting to want to call him Thedoctor, like Suralan for sir alan sugar....I'm clearly watching too much apprentice. Though it would be really cool if they did a charity/comic relief type "Doctor's Apprentice" where various celebrities (or characters) have to compete to be the Doctor's companion by doing companiony task...)

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        The special was okay, nothing exciting but it was entertaining. I guess that this is the last time we saw Ten in a light adventure

        I was no big fan of Christina, she was a bit too 'sassy' and after a while she started to annoy me. Although Michelle Ryan was better than the last time I saw her on my screen. I guess that I'm just tired of all those twenty something girls who are falling for Ten. I was happy that she didn't join him, I guess that Donna is Ten's last companion and it should stay that way. Ten 'killed' her twice (first his timelordness being the reason that she would die and after that he removed her memories) so it would feel weird if he was okay with having another companion, especially so soon.

        I loved to see UNIT again, always love those soldiers. Pity that Martha left them, well maybe she doesn't really fit in but I would've loved to see her in the special. The new leader is a great character, I loved how quick she used her gun and how she respects the Doctor but refuses to risk the world and it's wellbeing. I enjoyed Malcolm as well, a bit over the top but very likable and funny. I loved how he didn't gave in, even with a gun against his head.

        The story was light and okay, I liked the people in the bus and I'm happy that they survived.

        Well the ending was a bit chilling, Ten is really going to die and he knows it now. I wonder what the deal is with the knocking.