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    Heroes 3.22
    Turn And Face The Strange

    Previously on Heroes, and everyone thinks Sylar is dead, except us. And everyone thinks Daphne is dead, cos she is. Probably. Sylars 'body' is taken back to Building Two Six, where HRG inspects it. We finally get an explanation of how Sylar escaped the fire in the Volume Three finale, the glass melted. Now if only we could get an explaination of how Elle Bishop (RIP) survived too, I would be most happy.

    Hiro and Ando are driving baby Matt Parkman to meet the not baby Matt Parkman, and their car breaks down. Thrilling. Matt (not the baby one) is still annoyed about Daphne's death. 'She died because she was different'. Actually, it is because she was only a guest star. Mohinder is doing a runner to India, so Matt says goodbye and thanks him for being a really good friend. Obviously apart from that time he went nuts and started sticking people to the wall.

    Sylar pretends to be The Hunter and says he is going to destroy Noah. Oh dear. Roll titles. Noah is very suspicious about the death of Sylar, probably cos of the amount of times he was meant to be dead before. Suresh dons a dodgy hat, and breaks into his own apartment, and we take a brief moment to celebrate the arrival of Hayden Panettiere in the credits, despite Claire not having featured thus far.

    Hiro and Ando get a ride with a Japanese Texan, but his truck breaks down. They realise the baby Matt makes things stop when he is upset. Thrilling. Matt (not the baby one), has hunted down The Hunter, and is going to track him by telling him the person closest to him is in danger. It's a good job The Hunter didn't take that literally, and just grab the person next to him in the street. Noah takes the metal out of 'Sylars' head, and the boss is not happy. 'I have a signed order to cremate the body'. I have a signed photo of Hayden Panettiere. Where is she? Now it's Noahs turn to sign something, divorce papers. 'This isn't a marriage, it's an arangement!' They already had one of those this year, the wedding that Hiro and Ando thrillingly stopped. It turns out that it wasn't Mrs Bennet at all, but Sylar doing some marvellous acting to try and ruin Noahs life. Ah, this is fun! Clever Noah works out that it is not her signature on the papers, followed by the marvellous revelation ' Sylars a shapeshifter!'. Love it.

    Hiro and Ando try to make baby Matt Parkman cheer up by making silly faces. Thrilling. While Matt (not the baby one) perves on the Hunter and his much younger foreign girlfriend. He can't seem to bring himself to shoot her, so he pretends he is from the Hunters work, and is going to show her the real 'Jacob' (not from Lost).

    Hiro and Ando are at the same place as Nathan and Claire, in another bizarre coincidence. Yes, 23 minutes and 8 seconds into the episodes, and our fringed herione appears.

    Noah attacks Sandra, thinking she is Sylar, but this one probably is really Sandra. Are we going to have to second guess every single character from now on? That could get kinda tiring. A piece of genuine drama follows with Noah and Sandras epic argument, followed by the excellent scene with Parkman about to act out his revenge. I had no idea if he was actually going to pull the trigger or not, but thinking about it, if he had shot her it would have taken him a little too over the edge, but of course, Hiro came in and saved the big Matt Parkman this time, by stopping time.

    Things get even more out of hand with this shape shiftyness, with Noah pretending to be Sylar pretending to be Noah. ARGGGHHH. Noah then becomes the latest fugitive, by killing an agent he thought was Sylar, but it actually wasn't. Then it actually was.

    A mini montage follows, and then we get to the famous Cyote Sands (well, famous in this episode). 'This is where the story really begins' says Angela. Bit late isn't it, waiting until episode 22 of the 3rd season? 'To prepare for the future, you have to understand the past', a mantra that seems to be working very well on Lost. 'You want the answers? Then you'll have to dig', taking us full circle back to the first season when Tracy....Jessica...Nikki...Ali was digging in the desert. Claire looks great with that fringe. They dig up skeletons. And then Noah appears. To be continued.