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    Heroes 3.21
    Into Asylum

    We kickstart this weeks proceedings in Mexico. Not Maya please! AH, no, it's Claire, after her week off, and how about this! She has a fringe! And a very nice fringe it is too. It's gone straight to the top of my fringe list which reads thus,

    Fringe List :

    1. Fringe (Hayden Panettiere)
    2. Fringe (J.J Abrams)

    Nathan (her biological father) takes her to a dingy room, and asks most strotypically if she wants a taco. Want a sombrero to go with that too? Claire wants to for a walk, and promises to be careful. That's just asking for trouble. 'I'll meet you at the cantina?' Where's that then, Mos Eisley?

    The Hunters men have been taken out by a teacher with an unknown ability. The Hunter is not happy. He is even less happy though, when he turns round and sees Sylar in the back of his car. But it makes me happy, because he wasn't in it last week (neither was Claire, or her fringe). He wants to team up with the Hunter, and then he stands on a rooftop looking all moody in the rain. Roll titles.

    Claire comes back with lots of money. I don't even want to know what she did to get it. When she said she went to a pawn shop, I hope that's what she meant. Maybe she charged people ?25 quid each to have their photo taken with them at London Film and Comic Con (worth every penny). Nathan is not happy with Claire. 'Would it kill you to show me a little bit of gratitude?'. If bullets don't kill her, then that certainly wouldn't.

    Peter and Angela go into a church. She said she always found peace there. So did everyone else until they started bloody talking. Peter says he doesnt hate her. I do.

    Sylar tells The Hunter how he tricked his way in, by using a West Baltimore accent. I wonder if Sylar has been watching The Wire. Nice twist with the killer being a shape shifter...a great idea that has so far been unused in the show. We see the man in action, in a Polyjuice potion style move, as he transforms into a fat bloke who can't run.

    Nathan is entering a drinking competition, while Claire looks on. She looks like former Special Guest Star Kristen Bell (RIP) with that fringe. Nathan gets pissed (who would have thought?) so Claire continues the game. This won't end well. 'He seems like a good guy' says the competitor about Nathan. Who knows anymore?

    Sylar is skulking around in the shadows, which, lets face it, is what he is best at. The Hunter knows that Sylar wants that shapeshifting ability, and maybe he does end up getting in, and ends up morphing into Leonard Nimoy fairly soon. Sylar says that the bit of the brain that the Hunter would need to hit to kill him is microscopic. Most of the characters brains in Heroes are microscopic. He also says that the shape shifter is fractured, and disjointed, and so is this show.

    The agents come after Peter and Angela, who are hiding in the church. I think Angela has to be the worst character in this show, she has always been so boring. Noah comes to their rescue. Angela then has a dream, and they are going to visit her sister. Huh? Who?

    The shapeshifter has changed once again, so now the hunted has become the Hunter. Ha. Then he becomes Sylar. And then Sylar steals the power. Uh oh. The Hunter then tricks Noah into thinking Sylar is dead.

    Claire is in a chaire. She is upset with Nathans weakness. 'You're supposed to be Superman'. Smallville is on Tuesdays nights at 10pm. Claire is looking hot while out in the street, waiting for a bus. She is flying solo, which means that Nathan will now be doing the same, but in his case literally.

    Decent ending with Sylar shape shifting, and now he and the Hunter will work together to take them all down, and nice use of the To Be Continued...