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  • 3.18 Exposed Discussion Thread

    Heroes 3.18

    Previously on Heroes. blah blah sylars dad blah blah hunt the heroes blah blah the heroes are dangerous blah blah daphne is alive blah blah noah moves out blah blah myserious texter texts claire blah blah bloke with claire can breath underwater.

    As Chapter Five kicks off, Claire is feeding the man in her closet. Not with fish food, but with proper food. She looks very attractive. The food does not. Claire says he can go downstairs soon, because her mum is going to the market, hopefully with Lyle. I think Lyle has a power too, to be able to dissapear at will. Claire has checked out that there is a train leaving for Alberqueque. I think I would rather stay in Claire's bedroom. 'You're just a high school girl who's in way over her head'. She's not just a high school girl, she's just a cheerleader, she said so back in Volume One. Claire tells him to do exactly what she tells him. I certainly would. Claires mum wants to speak to her, not to ask if she wants to come to the market, but to ask where the house money has gone. Claire says maybe Lyle took it. 'Already grilled him'. He wouldn't be the first character on Heroes to be grilled. RIP Elle. The boy is discovered in the closet by her mum, and Claire smiles sweetly. With a smile like that she could get away with anything, maybe even cheating on her boyfriend with Jesse McCarthy.

    Just as previously discussed the Bennet house is being watched over. By Bennet. From Building Two Six. He says that Claire is a big girl, but I have met her, and she is tiny. You know what they say, the best things come in small cheerleader outfits. Over at my second favourite building in TV land, they have a wall with pictures of all the Heroes on, with 'AT LARGE' written above, and with a picture of Parkman directly under it. That's just cruel. The Hunter seems to be taking charge of the situation and saying they should shoot to kill. 'Do you really want to push my hand?' asks Nathan. Yes, right into your face. Hard.

    Parkman is still painting. Peter wants to know if when he was in Noahs head, he saw any clues as to where Daphne was. 'I saw a hallway'. Well, that narrows it down. Peter and Parkman now get a mysterious message from the myseterious texter, known as Rebel. 'Who the hell is Rebel?' asks Peter, two weeks behind everyone else. He warns them to get out, so they do.

    Claire lies that she was having sex with Alex. Is that really better than telling the truth? We are reminded that Claire is only seventeen, but remember Hayden will be twenty this year. The truth comes out and her mum is dissapointed, but probably not as dissapointed as Alex that he is not having sex with Claire.

    Sylar and Luke are still driving along. 'You sound dissapointed' says Sylar. Is he talking to Luke, or has his super hearing picked up on the conversation Claire and her mum were having? Sylar does not want to leave a trail of dead bodies, which shows how much he is growing. They stop at an abandoned burger place, and Sylar starts ripping the boards off the front of it. Something to do, I suppose.

    Claire is sorry she lied to her mum. Not half as sorry as Alex. Claires Mum knows that they are being watched because the van with 'Pool cleaners' on it has been there for four hours. 'Nobody's pool is that dirty!'. Michael Barrymore? Parkman and Peter manage to mind trick their way through the building, even telling the guard to go and finish his lunch in the hall, but forgetting to tell him to go across the street, and get them some orange sherbert.

    Sylar has a Lost style flashback to the diner, of when he was there with his Dad. Rather like Bennet's memory, it is in black and white, and it's 1980, and a little toy car brings it all back. Weird. The diner seems to be the place when Sylars Dad abandonded him and paid another family off, all accompanied by the theme to BBC Forumla One. He then killed Sylars mum, by, of course, slicing the top of her head.

    Claire and Alex talk about marriage and divorce. Blimey, he was only hiding in the closet a few hours wasn't he? Alex hides as the agents come. They say that Alex is just Claire's type, but he can't fly, so I am not so sure. They make a run for it, and they both stumble, with Alex falling on top of Claire. How unfortunate. They then hide underwater, and he kisses Claire so she can breathe. How unfortunate.

    Rebel shows Matt and Peter the operation from when all the Heroes were being put on planes, unless they are just watching Heroes 3.15 on the iplayer. They are going to show everyone the information in exchange for Daphne, but it doesn't go so well when Parkman gets caught. Angela tells Nathan she is not Rebel. Peter rings Nathan and they set up a meeting to exchange. I hope Peter doesn't fall for that brotherly hug thing again. Peter organises the meeting next to the Nightly News studio, and Nathan says without a hint that he must be joking, 'Peter is no dummy'. Noah goes to the meeting, but telepathically tells Peter it's a trap. Which bloody side is Noah on? Peter ends up getting shot, but flies...or is safety. Yes, Nathan saved him. This time it is Nathan that falls for the hug, as Peter steals his power. Nice one.

    Sylar is off now to kill his father, not just meet him. That will be a nice surprise won't it? He lets his assistant Luke go, instead of killing him, which is a bit of a shame.

    The Hunter straps Parkman with a bomb, just like the paintings said. You would have thought Matt would be a little more concerned about that image than he has been.

    Cute ending with Claire and her mum. Until that freak from last year appeared saying he needed help. The last time someone showed up at Claires house needing help, it was Elle, and that was much better.

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    That was a terrific episode -- far and away the best of Vol. 4 yet. I'm a little disappointed in the cliché they've turned Hunter into, though. After last week's showdown with Peter, I thought they'd play his ruthlessness more subtlely.

    That said, I don't think Parkman's been lacking concern about the image. He seems kind of fixated on it, in a way. Rather, I think it's going to prove to be a decision point past which he can't see -- and, quite possibly, around which the rest of the Volume revolves (a la Kirby Plaza, but in the middle this time). Parkman's just not a firey guy, even when he oughta be.

    The big reveal at the end was a genuine surprise. And opens up some other possibilities, too.
    Micah and the real Ali Larter, for instance.

    I didn't jump. I took a tiny step, and there conclusions were.
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      Great episode! And yes i feel like micah has to be the "rebel". I couldnt think of a better person for the job.. but he can't be working alone... can't be.. someone is using him and his ability.. but who?

      Wow is claires wig looking a little better or am i getting used to that awful wig?

      I was totally digging claire/mrs. bennet action in this episode, it's about time mrs. bennet showed us what she is made of and it's also about time she wasn't just claire's dog obsessed mom.

      So parkman with dynamite strapped to him.. i honestly thought that that would be a ruse to get daphane back! I thought that that would be his plan at trying to convince them to let her go.

      Sylar's dad has powers,.. and is a bad guy,didn't see that coming... go figure!

      Honestly im sick of this self righteous kick nathan petrelli is on, your a bad guy your hunting and imprissoning innocent people.. stop trying to act like that's not what your doing...

      Are we going to see hiro and ando again?Or how about tracy? Is she still being tortured in a version of hell? They seem to be the missing characters of the week these guys..

      BTW why can't i remember where mohinder is? I can't for the life of me remember why he ins't with peter and matt anymore?
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        Originally posted by Theresa Marie86
        BTW why can't i remember where mohinder is? I can't for the life of me remember why he ins't with peter and matt anymore?
        He was captured, alongside Matt. Peter managed to rescue Matt (the first time; now, he was recaptured), but not Mohinder.


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          AWWW!I remember now! thanks! I was just sitting here going back over the last few episodes thinking "where could mohinder be?".. lol.. but now that you say that i remember!