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  • 3.15 Trust and Blood

    Boy, do I hate being right all the time!

    Rather a lot happened in this one, yet but almost nothing changed. Except that we have yet another character to keep track of -- and he's apprenticed himself to Sylar, no less.

    Oh, and Daphne is presumably dead, which would double the number of hot blonde characters we actually enjoy watching who have died this season (and now there's a need for a new character to supply much needed exposition no-one on the show has any way of actually knowing). Matt was altogether a little too bloodless about it, though, which is pretty distressing. She deserved to be more than a prod for the plot.

    Tracy, OTOH, is just going into a deep hole. Her (or another sister played by Ali) we'll no doubt have to deal with some more.

    The less said about Nathan's final descent into hapless two-facedness or Peter trying to sound likea guerilla leader the better.

    So Sylar steals the episode -- as he tends to do when he's embracing his evilness. But this time it's almost by default.

    BTW, the word "civilian" was misspelled in headline of the newspaper clipping Angela was reading.
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    I kind of liked the episode... It started off great, then of course Peter ruined it with his speech (I found it the worst speech ever on a television show! Why does he have to the "charismatic" leader?).
    Daphne's death was... Sad. She was the greatest character introduced in season 3, and kiling her was sad. I would've liked a little bit more mourning. It was too fast (BANG BANG dead Daphne, BANG BANG Matt kills soldiers, BANG BANG psycho soldier shoots Claire)... Even I didn't cry and I cry for everything. I even cried for Caleb in the Oc.
    Another good part of the episode was Tracy: for all the episode I couldn't figure out whether she was playing Peter or Nathan. In the end, they were both playing her. I appreciated her character for the first time (actually, maybe the first time was when she called Hiro "Pikachu".)
    Sylar was as always the best thing of the episode, and that's weird, 'cause I don't even care about his search for Daddy. But he's always so badass that I can't resist him.
    Sylar Jr was a nice addiction in this episode, but I have the impression he'll turn out to be rather annoying in the future.
    I don't even wanna talk about the Petrelli brothers. Peter has gone guerrilla psycho, and he's always been a megalomaniac since season 1 episode 1, and Nathan is, as always, confused and stupid. Is there something wrong with theri genes? Arthur and Angela actually looked like smart people.
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      Heroes 3.15
      Trust And Blood

      Previously on Heroes, and all that stupid plane stuff happened. And then we go 43 hours into the future. I wish I could go 43 hours into the future, as it would be Friday evening. It was a bit of a cheat way to get out of the cliffhanger, but it actually worked, and I loved the way they did the title chapter for the episode, just appearing on screen with Nathan voiceover on the phone saying that some of the prisoners escaped. It felt like a real drama.

      As if skipping forward 43 hours isn't enough to draw comparions to the current episodes of Lost, then we see a crashed plane. You just know if it was Lost it would have been 42 hours. Hiro is saved by Parkman and Suresh, and they use the Frodo Baggins techique of hiding in some roots. Hiro saw the others running. 'Peter Petrelli, the cheerleader'. Wish we could have seen the cheerleader run, like back in the first season. Mohinder wants to run for cover into the trees, possibly into Fanghorn Forest. But all Matt wants to do is paint, probably.

      We do see the cheerleader run! Sadly in orange jumpsuit, not cheerleader clothes. I need to have a word with wardrobe. Noah tries to stop them running. 'This is insane' says Claire. It's always been insane, love. Peter doesn't think that Noah will shoot him, not in front of Claire, possibly forgetting Assassin Claire from the future. I will never forget her. And then if there aren't enough crashes or explosions already, an airstrike destroys the plane. Hey, that never happened on Lost. Roll the titles.

      Good gag with Hiro and the redneck T-shirt, but I don't get this stuff with Parkman and the spirit guide, all a bit too silly. I suppose it's something of a novelty in how many heroes we actually have in the same place/incident, although it is nice to catch up with the people that aren't there, and of course Ando is trying to save the day, with the help of Daphne. Suresh wants to know how Hiro lost his ability. 'It's complicated' he says. Well, he could have just said 'Arthur stole them'. Not so complicated. Suresh wants Hiro to turn himself in. 'Save Yourself, while you still can'. It's no 'Save the cheeleader...' is it? Even though the Parkman painting stuff is stupid, I do like the future events part of the show. Daphne didn't look in a good way.

      New characters! Mary and Luke Campbell! (How biblical). Looks like they have found the aftermath of Sylar's appearance last week, well, I think so anyway, I can't really remember. It all paled into significance last week compared to that amazing scene of Sylar taking on the commandos. Luke appears to talk without opening his mouth, which might be his power. Not sure. They get inside, and there is a man in their house. 'Call the police' says Mary. They won't have to call very loud, we just saw they are right outside. Some brilliant Evil Sylar footage follows. I like him when he's angry.

      Ando and Daphne arrive at the crash scene. Ando thanks her. 'Don't thank me yet' she says. He had better really, as the future paintings show, she might be dead soon. Or bleeding, at least. 'Is that the cheerleader?' he asks. I know, it would be so much easier if she was in her cheerleading outfit. Come on wardrobe!

      Peter is going to go after Nathan. 'He is probably sweating bullets'. That's an unfortunate new power. Claire is not happy with what is going on. 'So I just dance away to college, and pretend everything is hunky dory?'. I'd watch the College Claire spin off. A lot. She says to Nathan and Noah, 'I don't know who you are anymore - either one of you'. Bloody amnesia. Daphne comes in and steals Claire, forcing a brilliant Jack Bauer style 'Dammit' from Nathan. Top marks. Also top marks for the remarkable scene that followed, with Nathan relating events on the phone, and the scene with Daphne and Claire getting shot, excellently plotted and directed.

      Another superb scene follows, with Sylar trying to seek the truth, and discovering Luke has a power. Quinto is acting his socks off (not a power). Luke has microwave power. Sylar says it's impressive, but not that impressive, cos my microwave has it too. Luke then kills the bloke who might have saved the day, (although didn't fancy his chances against Sylar anyway), and Sylar is very happy about this. Surely he is not going to find himself a little murder assistant? But it works really well, mostly thanks to how good the acting is, I think.

      Nathan mocks Peters theory that he will save the world. It's all about world saving, isn't it? Really not sure how the Nathan and Tracey scene was going to work out, whether she would believe Nathan and betray Peter or not. It really could have gone either way. More actual decent drama. What has happened to this show? Another good scene with the lads deciding to fight. I wonder if Daphne really is dead. She is only a guest star, but of course you never know with Heroes. Actually, you usually do know, they aren't dead. I wish Elle wasn't. *sniff*

      Back in California, and Claire is sitting on her bed. Yes, Claire bed action is where it's at. She is thinking of getting a part time job. As a cheerleader hopefully. Whoever was texting Claire has the power of super fast text writing.

      So we find out that Nathan was on the phone to Angela all this time. 40 minutes! Think of the phone bill! And he has Tracey captured. Nathan is making a surprisngly good villain.

      And that, boys and girls, was without a doubt the best episode of the season so far.


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        I didn't see the episode before or the end of Volume 3 so I was a little confused by all this hostage stuff. I don't know what I think of it though, I don't like the idea of Nathan being a villain, I don't actually think he is very good at it.

        First off what upset me the most is Daphne being shot, I don't know if she is dead or not but I'm not happy about it, I love her character and I love her and Matt together.

        For me, Sylar stole the show in this episode, I like him good and I like him evil. He was brilliant in this episode and very disturbing, I was quite nervous watching him with the family. Luke is also quite disturbing, when Sylar told him he was lying when he asked Sylar not to hurt his mum, very strange boy.

        I will keep an open mind about this volume but at the moment I don't know if I'm going to like it because it doesn't seem to have been planned well with Nathan being the villain.