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Bones, end of season 3 and onwards...

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  • Bones, end of season 3 and onwards...

    Okay, well I first started watching show about a year or so ago after purchasing the first season on dvd. Since then I fell in love with the show... it really was a breathe of fresh air. The show was well written, they didn't try and dumb it down for the audience (hence the use of many scientific terms) and the chemistry between the whole cast was great too.

    So I continue watching the show, purchasing the second season immediately after watching the first and then I recieved season 3 as a gift for the xmas that just passed there. After finishing s3 i'm quite disappointed with how it ended.


    It turns out that Zack is infact Gormagon's apprentice and he killed the lobbyist. I find this to be total bs to be honest, Zack had dedicated his life to forensics and bringing people to justice so why would he turn to the "dark side" after all this time?

    The writers try to put it down to logic and how Gormagon has persuaded Zack that the "human experience" is of higher importance than a single life but whenever Zack is creating the distraction in the lab for Gormagon he puts himself in danger instead of Hodgins so obviously he wasn't as emotionally detatched as we'd been made to believe.

    Since then i've been reading up on season 4 of bones and other discussions in general and apparently in season 4 it is explained that Zack, infact didn't kill the lobbyist, he told the Gormagon's second apprentice where to find him. So when Zack said he killed the Lobbyist he was being figurative but I can't believe this because sure Zack's too logical for that? ... or at least that was the reasoning behind him helping the Gormagon in the first place. And besides the Gormagon only ever had one apprentice at a time.

    I haven't watched any of the bonus three episodes of season 4 yet but from what i've heard the show has been going downhill in general. I'd normally not take any notice but the majority of fans are saying how the show has been dumbed down and the episodes and plots are weak.

    I feel because of the writers strike last year they decided to change the script they intended to write and felt Zack would be the best option because of the shock value. In my opinion they really F'd up here, Zack was a fan favorite and other than his actions being out of character, the script of season 3 was flawed with many pot-holes.

    I love this show to bits but the future is looking bleak. I won't pass judgement until i've seen season 4 in its entirety for myself but the end of s3 has really left a sour taste. I miss Zack and feel the show won't have the same feel without him.

    If anyone would like to contribute to this thread, your input would be appreciated, thanks.

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    I gather that it was Eric Millegan's desire to be written out of the show more than sheer shock value that drove the plotting of that arc.

    But I agree the way they went about it is problematic. In fact, I think they sold the Zack Addy character out for some cheap Shocking Twist ratings points. There'd already been precedent established for Zach to be gone for long periods of time; he could easily have left to go back to Iraq. Instead, they tried to get us to buy that he's so hyperrational that the Gormogon's POV would compel him to assist in fighting secret societies -- even to the point of assisting in murder (and who knows what else).

    Well, I don't buy it. I hate to say it, but I think this sort of nonsense is born, at least in part, from Emily and DB becoming Producers and thereby getting to have more input into the plots and story arcs. I still enjoy the show, but there has been a downturn in its overall quality -- particularly its realism, which is kind of a key point in a forensics procedural -- since that happened.

    I didn't jump. I took a tiny step, and there conclusions were.
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      Amuk, it was not Millegan's decision at all. There has been a TVGuide interview with him that confirmed it was a purely creative decision

      The Zeppo, I hope you will be pleased to know that I haven't met any single "Bones" fan that thinks this decision is a good idea. I know it's cause there aren't many here, and I went on the forum after the finale aired and there was a thread "101 Reasons Why The Finale Sucked", and I found it hilarious. People were coming up with theories to say how the whole Zack thing wasn't real. Everyone hated it, including me. IMO, it's the stupidest thing that the show ever decided to do....ever. I'm hoping a lot of that bullshit in 3.15 will be undone in Season 4, as....

      4.05 mild spoilers...

      Some of the bullshit has already been undone slightly.

      So, here's hoping the crew will come to it's senses (although, season 4 is still really fantastic, it's just....missing a piece )


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        I'm glad you guys share the same views.

        As for "theories to say how the whole Zack thing wasn't real", how about if it was all a dream... yes I'd even be willing to accept that corny scenario if it meant getting Zack back.