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    Hello everybody. I just wanted to discuss one of my favourite newbie's Tess Mercer! The topic is pretty simple, so feel free to discuss anything about her (how she changes through the episodes/relationships/evil side etc.)

    I was also wondering if you guys think that she was a good move for the show with Rosenbaum leaving us. In my opinion: Hell Yes!!! She is a strong willed and excellent character for the series. I love especially where they are taking her involvement with Lex too. And her scenes with some of the other characters (especially the lana ones) are fantastic. I actually think she's filling Lex's shoes pretty well.

    However, I think that it would have worked better if we had at least heard about her or seen her in a few clips of Season Seven with the whole Veritas problem so they didn't just drop her on our doorstep for S8. But that's just my viewpoint.

    Also. How long do you think she will be around on the show? If there is a season nine do you think she will stick around, or will they boot her off like Kara?(gulp)

    Love to hear everyone's thoughts about Smallville's newest face! Have fun!