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Big Love - Season 3 *SPOILERS*

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  • Big Love - Season 3 *SPOILERS*

    So Season 3 has FINALLY started. After almost a year of waiting...

    Well I feel I must rewatch season 2 cause I was completely lost... When did Carl and Pam learn that the Henrickson's were polygamist? And has Heather confessed her feelings towards Sarah?

    Besides THAT I rather liked the episode. It has a great bang to restart the series with and I feel that if the series keeps up this pace then it will be another steller season.

    I really like the story lines for each wife. Barb is worried about her cancer returning and her not being able to be with her family much longer. Her regret with not being able to have another child and just the worry of the welfare of her family. Her confrontation with Ana was also great and I was rather surprised that she wanted to start dating Ana. It seemed weird, but as the episode went on it made sense.

    Nicki just shocked me! I can't believe she is working with her mother to try and her father out of jail by sneaking around. It was so odd to see her doing these things, but I guess it makes sense. She is a traditionalist to her faith and I was worried what might happen and that she may turn on Bill, but in the end when she proclaimed to the block who she was and that Bill and Barb and Margie had nothing to with it was a great moment and one of the only moments I actually liked the character. She is so harsh, and it will be interesting to see how she balances the lies with her family.

    Margene is my favorite. I am glad she has gotten to grow a lot more since season 1. Her and Ana are very sweet together and the determination to get her to be part of the family. She is such a sweet person, but cares so much about the family. I love how she stood up for Bill during that interview with the Native guy and his wife. She was able to be strong and support the family SUCH great development from season 1.

    The rest of the episode was good. The Alby stuff was shocking! I am glad his mother knows the truth about his flirtation with homosexuality. That scene where the guy tried to kill him was a TOTAL shock. I didn't see it coming... Who do you think sent the killer? Bill? Adaleen? Roman? GAH! I am so intrigued by all these questions being thrown out!

    What did everyone else think of the episode? Excited?

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    I took Albie slowing down and looking back at the truck as him realizing, correctly, that it was Adaleen that had put the hit on him -- she had known just when and how to get a shot at him, off the compound.

    I'm glad they went ahead and jumped ahead in time to after Margie had the baby, so we don't have pregnant Margie. I'm glad Sarah is planning on leaving -- she's better than all of this crap. And I really loved how she was basically honest in front of the other wives about her opinion of a fourth. It was the first time she made it pretty clear that she didn't agree with the principle to any of the women in the family aside from Barb.
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