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  • 8.11 "Legion"

    It is finally Here!!!!!!!!!!

    I think it's pretty obvious what the topic is. I still have to wait another hour here, but depending on where you are you may have already been lucky enough to see it!

    What are your Thoughts?!!!!!

    (and BTW, we finally got new cast images for Season Eight. Head over to to see them!!!)

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    a) YES! New cast photos! About freaking time... They all look good, and damn Erica Durance looks good with the darker hair. Thanks goodness the Season 8 boxset will have some new stuff. I mean season 7 had Season 4 Chloe images.

    b) The Episode!

    Ah well not as fangasmic as "Bride", but it was very good. I really liked how they portrayed the The Legion was fantastic. All three actors were just on top of the game. Alexz Johnson as Imra was fantastic. I really loved how she held herself and how she interacted with the rest of the characters. She is very cool and I wish she would be in more episodes - but I doubt that will ever happen.

    The episode was just a bit slow at parts. Lana was actually good. I gotta say season 8 Lana is VERY impressive and her staying around for 5 episodes maybe ain't that bad. I can't wait too see what her destiny is, cause Imra made it sound very impressive. I also liked how she was so stable and she wanted to fight and she stood up for herself! For 7 years she just did as Clark said, but this time she told him she was not going to hide away and she told Imra that she isn't going to trick Clark into murdering Chloe! She was strong and impressive.

    Oh did I mention Chloe? Cause...


    Allison Mack you sly dog you! We have never gotten evil Chloe. We've gotten evil Lois, evil Lana and evil Clark, but this Braniachloe is just... Wow. Allison Mack is really talented, like uber talented. She was so dark and twisted and just epic. Her movement, her voice just I can't even get into how amazed I was. I would have loved one more episode! It felt like it got resolved just a tad too fast since there was this epic lead up in "Bride". But I guess they could only have Braniachloe for so long going around stealing information.

    Clark was impressive as well doing ANYTHING to not have to kill Chloe. It was just great how heroic he is becoming. I am so happy he is becoming the hero and he knows that his destiny is way beyond Kansas and WAY beyond the world. It is why I am happy that the Legion did pop up, cause they will make him realize he will never be just Clark.

    So in total this episode was good, not the best in the season, but the Legion was a nice addition to the series and the Smallville mythology. I can't wait for the Lana/Tess smack down! I am glad they didn't toss it into this episode, cause it woulda been too much.

    Also super happy to see Kara in the previously on!


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      This episode was superb! Easily went to the second episode of my favorite S8 episodes. And I'm so glad that it's on iTunes, so I picked it up to rewatch it for the awesome factor over and over again.

      I loved how heroic Clark was in this episode compared to Justice. Back then (in Justice), he just seemed to be around and helped out with the Justice League's mission. In Legion, he was very very proactive and he was willing to do anything to save his friend and the rest of the world. Even though the Legion didn't believe in him, Clark STILL pushed to prove his point and it worked in the end. Despite the time when Clark tried to weigh the other options (killing Chloe and stuff), he still realized that he couldn't give up hope. That was the kind of Clark Kent that I wanted to see in episodes like Descent or Oracle...

      Lana was also awesome and she was my second favorite character this episode. Not forgetting to mention that she looked really really hot when she was at the farm at the end of the episode. I love that she realized that she could be happy WITHOUT Clark Kent and their relationship together. Or at least she started making steps to being more confident. And when Imra told her that she was known for so much more than her past relationship with Clark, I was jumping for so much joy. I can really tell that Lana grew (and Kristin Kreuk did an awesome job showing that as well) over the 7 months that she disappeared. I wonder what Imra was hinting at when she read her mind in the Isis Foundation, though. (and score points for Rokk for admitting that LANA LANG founded the Isis Foundation )

      Chloe Sullivan was was like basically incredible. If I say what I have to say about Chloe, I'll basically just be repeating what DigitalLeonardo said, so I'll just quote and reply to the part which fits what I have to say the most.

      Originally posted by DigitalLeonardo View Post
      Wow. Allison Mack is really talented, like uber talented. She was so dark and twisted and just epic. Her movement, her voice just I can't even get into how amazed I was. I would have loved one more episode!
      I agree, Allison Mack did an amazing job with that. She seemed so ruthless when she was talking to Clark and her facial expressions were just spot-on.

      I also love how Chloe reacted at the end when Clark tried to talk about his secret and she said that she'd never forget about it. I realized that Chloe was wearing the same jacket that she wore in Plastique, though.

      The Legion of Superheroes were epically awesome. I love the actors that were cast to play them and they were written exactly like their comic book counterparts too. I really enjoyed how level-headed Cosmic Boy was throughout the whole thing and his speech about Clark at the end was great. If Lana wasn't so great recently, then I would've found Saturn Girl's praising of Lana a little awkward, but it seemed to fit really well. I also liked how determined Saturn Girl was when she was fighting Chloeiac. Lightning Lad was just incredible because he was such a Superman fanboy and he seemed to just brighten up the situations sometimes.

      Davis was ehh... He's such a great character, but I'm glad that he wasn't overused in this episode (or else it would've taken away from the great Chloe/Brainiac time). I kinda missed Lois in this episode (since it would've been nice for them to throw a few anvils about Clark/Lois and then have Saturn Girl mindwipe them), but the episode made a lot of sense without her too.


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        Agree in every way. I've been loaded with exams and had to watch it last night, but that way I got a double serving of Smallville!!!!

        First) OMG I Love Chloe. Especially when she's evil. She's so....ahhh she's just so incredible!!! But then again I love nice Chloe, and her ultimately doomed fate....

        Second) The legion. Loved everyone of them. Smallville nailed them down to the last little straw. It was amazing, and I'm really regretting that they didn't keep Kara around now. It would have been perfect for her to leave with them and end the episode.

        Third) Everyone else. For once I am actually really starting to like Lana. I mean, I was always a fan but now she's like BAM! and so interesting. What's going on with Doomy though? I wasn't sure if when his ice crysalis thing broke it meant he his all Doomsday now or was that just cuz Chloe got out of her Brainac trance? But yeah. After Bride, this is now my second fav. episode of Season Eight!