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    Smallville notoriously makes beautiful use of the licensed music they include in the show. Some shows find a hot new band and throw music in. Smallville likes to make use of a single song to carry the last segment to the credits wrapping up all the different plotlines.

    Smallville is full of twists and parallels and oppositions in its last segment. For one song to be able to encapture such a wide range of emotions and events is an amazing feat. Often times, not only the tune of the music fits, but the lyrics are spot on with meaning. Numerous times my mom has confessed to me how she had to look up lyrics to a SV song and then, choked up by the emotion of how they fit the characters, read them to me.

    Truthfully, it was one of these end montages that stole my heart and actually made me start to watch the show with interest -- the Season 5 premiere with Depeche Mode's Precious as we see Lana and Clark slip apart, Lex and Lana draw closer, and the slow reveal of the insidious Brainiac. I literally rewound and rewatched that end segment 8 times, when before I'd only watched a few minutes of the show at at time.

    The point of this thread is I'd love for people to point out some of their favorite song montages. You don't have to post all the info: episode name, band, song. Just something so we can recognize the scene. I'd love to do a rewatch, but time is little, so I'd love to do a quick highlight of some of people's favorite scenes heightened emotionally by the music. And if anyone knows songs or bandnames that aren't listed, I'd appreciate the assist!

    I'll start:
    5.01 Precious, End Scene, Depeche Mode's Precious

    6.03 Wither, End Scene, I don't know the song name -I adore Ollie and Lois's alley banter and his willingness to gracefully let her take the lead in their relationship even when clearly capable. There's also the guilty joy of seeing Lex/Lana sink into their [should be] forbidden relationship. Followed up by the heartache of Clark all alone.

    4.07 Jinx, towards the end, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, when Clark is all alone in the locker room has to rise up and find his courage.

    There's another S4 football moment, I'm not sure if it is the same episode. But this time Clark with Lana as they are alone in the football field and the camera sweeps away. In that instant, I actually liked Lana so amazing feat indeed by music.

    Lydia made the punch!

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    Agree. Alot of shows, like 90210, just use the hot new song cause it is hot. Smallville makes the song work. Though a couple of times Smallville has done this... like using One Republic and the Remy Zero song "Save Me" during the season 1 finale.

    Any who. The two that come to mind right now that really work:

    Michelle Featherstone "Perfect" - was used during "Arctic" while Clark watches Lana's goodbye video. I didn't really pay attention to the song at first, but when I rewatched it on DVD I noticed it and thought it fit really well. It is such a sad song and fits the Clark/Lana relationship very well.

    Vast "Don't Take Your Love Away" - is the song playing at the end of "Bride". It is just perfect. It works so well with the scene and when Lois looks back at Clark and when Brainiac/Chloe opens her eyes it was just... again, perfect!


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      I agree, the producers (or whoever's in charge of that) do such an incredible job with the song selection for the scenes.

      Some that came to mind for me are:

      Marie Digby - Spell (from 7.07 Wrath) - The song seemed unnecessary in the initial airing of the episode, but it spoke volumes when I actually took the time out to look up the lyrics. I especially liked the bit where she (Marie Digby) sings, "Just a simple melody can change the way that you see me" and Lana says to Clark, "Don't do that. (Clark says, "Do what?") Take all the blame so that you don't taint the image of me that you've created." The fact that Lana said that at the exact same part during the song when Marie Digby says that was just perfectly done on SV's behalf. Not to mention that Kristin Kreuk did an amazing job delivering those lines IMO.

      Interpol - Pioneer to the Falls (from 7.10 Persona) - The lyrics fit really well with the scene, but I just loved how it was all done. I mean, they fit so much in those 3 minutes at the end and it just seemed to flow so smoothly (especially when Lana puts her hand on Clark's arm and then they're both restless in bed). The fact that this also seemed to be the only season that I shipped Clark/Lana (since they failed at delivering good Clark/Lois moments by Action, so I was like I'll put that at Ship Number 2 in S7) in made the song that much more powerful too...


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        The one's that got me are two in particular:

        Bizarro at the end of the episode playing Sober by Kelly Clarkson. Seeing Lana in China, Kara flying off, Lex in jail, and Clark looking out at the stars, and Lana the sun. The sho nailed it!

        Then, in Bride, Don't take your love from me by Vast. OMG it was epic!