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Thomas Dekker spoiler-ific interview

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  • Thomas Dekker spoiler-ific interview

    Dekker dishes on Sarah Connor Chronicles mid-season premiere. In addition to a couple of major spoilers, there's also this observation (with accompanying humourous commentary from the writer):
    He also said the show will become more serialized and more "science fiction" for the rest of the season (Woo Hoo!). Surely that means we'll get nine awesome new episodes then Fox will immediately cancel it and replace it with something that has the word "Dancing" in the title.

    I didn't jump. I took a tiny step, and there conclusions were.
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    Not sure how they're going to pull that off. That big spoiler I mean. Without it being... contrived.
    But hurrah!!! I have faith in the show though, so I just hope Fox does too.


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      Thanks for the article! I look forward to reading it a little deeper when I get home.

      I just want to giggle that:
      The Kyle Reese return is actually a spoiler. Following the midseason finale, there was a preview for the spring half which showed Kyle telling Sarah to come with him if she wants to live and then some doctor saying "...John's father".

      So yeah, it feels like a little late to the game for anyone who watches the show as it airs on tv.

      I really like how TSCC is set up so that alternate timeline's exist separate from the current timeline. It allows the "No fate but what we make" sentiment to truly exist and no one from the future to be truly dead. So very cool.

      I loved this past season since Episode 5 on. I don't know if that they are going more serialized and scifi than that, but I'm definitely intrigued.

      I'm really hoping that Terminator Salvation will be such a big hit at the movies this summer that at worst TSCC will get a late pick up.

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        I didn't read the spoilers as I don't like to be spoiled but I am excited to see just how exactly they bring Kyle back. I'm also looking forward to "Salvation," since we'll get to see Kyle and John working together. I wonder if they will include Derek in the movie, or at least mention him.
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