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What about Dr. Who reruns?

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  • What about Dr. Who reruns?

    I've completely missed watching this new rendition of Dr. Who. By the time I knew of its existence, it was pretty far along, and still going without much abatement. Not wanting to invest in the rather costly DVD's, is there any word on when this show will be rerun from the beginning in the States? I don't know how likely since it seems to be going strong into additional seasons.

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    Actually I ran into that problem as well. But luckily the Sci-fi Channel and BBCA cycle through them pretty quickly, and they do restart from Season 1! I am not sure exactly when they will restart the cycle, but I do know that the BBCA is now playing season maybe a little over a month or so?

    I am not sure where in the seasons the Sci-Fi channel is at the moment


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      Yeah sometimes Sci-Fi will have a marathon like I caught the end episodes of Season One with Christopher Eccleston and like Wendy said BBCA is running season 4 right now I guess just keep a look out on Sci-Fi especially


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        I'll be looking for it on the Sci Fi Channel then, as I just lost my BBCA programming due to changing my cable package. Thats ok, because some BBC programs are shown on the local PBS channel anyway.

        An ideal situation would be to get the DVD's but they are priced at a premium because of Dr Who's current popularity. I take an infrequent peek at the show every so often to try to follow it, but each time theres new main characters and the storyline gets increasingly bizarre.

        I've had similar trouble with Farscape and Battlestar Galactica. Its seems I'm not the only one with this trouble as I noticed that the two latter shows inject a "catch-up" show to initiate late-comers into the proceedings thus far. I wonder if they ever did this for Dr. Who? Hmm. According to your statements, I'll just have to wait a little longer.


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          Sci Fi channel is defintely the better because like Kari said, they often do have marathons! I had forgotten they did that

          And if you are in the States, as far as purchasing goes, try online at They had the cheapest prices I found for season 1-3, which were about $20-$30 off places like Best Buy, which are extremely high. Also Fry's has some reasonable prices, I found for 'High Dollar' shows. As for season 4, I got it extremely cheap, like $38 at Best Buy because they put the wrong price on the lable. Their stupidity was my incredible gain!! But, thought I would mention that because I did find good deals on this show when I was looking