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  • The Eleventh Doctor Identikit

    So... We've had a thread about who should play the next Who but I thought that given the circumstance it might be time for a more holistic approach. What should the Eleventh Doctor be like. How old should he be? How should he dress? How should he act? Should he be grumpy? Idealistic? Scary? Pompous?
    Scheming? Cowardly? What in other words would your ideal Eleven be like?

    To kick things off.

    Apparent age:
    mid forties to early fifties (A little bit older in other words)
    Dress/Style: Cut off blue Jeans, hawaiin shirt and a battered hat. Stubble as well, lots of stubble.
    More laid back than Ten, more self controlled, with just a little bit of really, really scary thrown in.

    So what would you like from the next Doctor?

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    I agree with you the personality, but not so much on the clothing. I don't think I could handel HawaiianDoctor. I really like Ten's suits and Nine's leather trenchcoat so I think I'd want them to stay in that style and not laid back.

    And since Ten was such a wild child I defenitly hope they take the new doctor back a little bit but still keep the humour, something I enjoyed alot more in series 2+ then in series 1.


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      The jump from Nine to Ten was perfectly balanced, imo. (Nine is gruff in appearance but fairly warm inside. Ten's exterior was youthful and pleasant but inside was more chilling.) So Ten to Eleven may be more of a progression than opposition. Considering the show is probably going to want to bring Alex Kingston's character back to tie the seasons together, I'm going to take into consideration her version of The Doctor.

      I am not familiar with Doctor Who lore, but I have to wonder if the circumstances of onset of regeneration have anything to with who the Doctor regenerates into. With Nine to Ten, there was the violence and hate of a mortal enemy. It was sudden as well as friends were in danger. We see how withdrawn Ten is about making new friends, he acts as if he was burned.

      With Ten to Eleven, we've already seen him forestall the regeneration. I wonder if there will be another event or if the regeneration will happen naturally. If so, Ten will have had time to come to terms with giving up this incarnation and may be able to move more peacefully into being Eleven.

      I think the Doctor is going to be young, in his 20s. I also think that he's going to be calmer and more of stop and smell the roses explorer. With such a long break between seasons, I wonder if this will be a simpler season where the unknown danger looms in the background slowly being revealed rather than threaded into the season as encounters with old enemies.

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        Now you've got me thinking about Doctors past and how their regenerations came about, Lyn!

        Taking all his various incarnations into account, he has tended to get progressively younger as he ages. Not always younger, mind - the Fifth was his youngest new incarnation, I believe, until Ten came along. But when you look back over his various regenerations, the tendency has been for them to become younger and younger. He started out as a crochety old man, after all!

        This tendency, of course, has nothing whatsoever to do with the increasing trend for young and pretty lead actors...

        As I recall, there have been some pretty hairy situations giving rise to new regenerations - Four fell off a tower, for example, and Five was poisoned. And following those regenerations, Five was pretty wobbly for a while, and Six was, shalll we say, somewhat unhinged! Mark will probably do better than me at drawing correlations between the cause of regeneration and impact on the new personality. And, of course, we must remember that the re-styling of the show and modern modes of storytelling make a difference.

        It's interesting to speculate. But what'll be really fascinating is when we finally get a concrete announcement of who the actor will be!


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          Ooh lets see. One I think regenerated voluntarily, Two was forced to regenerate by the timelords, Three went to his death in order to save the world and that triggered his regen, Four and Five you've covered, Six i'm not sure about, Seven regenerated after being shot, Eight we don't know the specifics of and we know the rest.

          Most of the time the Doctor seems to regenerate after risking his life to save the world/galaxy/universe in somw way, I'm not really sure that the circumstances of his 'death' really impact his new incarnation but I do think that the experiences the previous incarnation went through as a whole could certainly be a factor, especially in the new series. A lot of the time the next Doctor does tend to be almost a polar opposite to the Doctor that came before but that's probably more an out of show choice. Saying that, the Doctor is always the Doctor, there are certain traits that to a greater or lesser degree so run pretty constantly through the different Regenerations.

          Ehlwyn's Doctor actually sound alittle bit like Davison. Funnily enough I've just watched Tom Baker turn into Peter Davison.

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            Originally posted by tangent View Post
            What in other words would your ideal Eleven be like?
            I'll start with ideal then go to slightly-more-plausible-but-still-fulfilling-some-of-my-fancies.

            Apparent age:[/B] About 40, though rather ageless in a magestic, aqualine sort of a way.
            Dress/Style: Your mad aunt slash university don meets hells angel - I'm thinking leather and tweed. Tweed suit, leather boots with buckles

            Vaguer than Ten, less excitable, but occasionally capable of a coldness that would make the inhabitants of pluto feel a bit of a nip in the air. More alien than ten, though sometimes the vague intellectual air and liability to lose keys to the TARDIS covers that distance. Somewhere between Tom Baker's Doctor and a Death from Sandman.

            Other features: female. And played by Tamsin Greig.

            I'll come back with a more doable one soon though. Given that I think a female one is not going to happen in the near future (hoping that I'll jinx it into happening there).

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              I've heard...

              Paterson Joseph may be the New Dr. Who

              Anyone else hear that too? If it's true - I think it would really cool!
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                PJ is certainly the hot favourite and a co-star in Survivors did seem to make a slip up in an interview that, if tue, would confirm him as 11.

                I'm in two minds about him,. He can certainly do wierd as eveidenced by his potrayal of th Marquis du Carabas in Neverwhere but i'm not sure he has th emotional depth to match Ecclestone and Tennant. Still if he does get the gig then I'll approach it with an open mind and be prepared to be pleasantly surprised.

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