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  • Prison Break - Season 4

    There will be SPOILERS.

    SPOILERS! Except for the latest one, 4.12, which will be in spoiler tags.

    So far, this season has been entertaining, but these last few episodes really picked up the pace and made it amazing. I'll go through it eppy by eppy....

    4.01 "Scylla" - sets up the season really nicely! loved Sarah coming back and lots of things about this episode....minus T-Bag....3.5/5

    4.02 "Breaking and Entering" -
    another really good episode! the mission was really interesting, and I just loved this episode! Definitely better than almost anything in Season 3 4/10

    4.03 "Shut Down" -
    eh, not my favorite. I mean, it was semi-entertaining, but I wanted to see the Prison Break gang get to work, not destroyed by Donald Self. Oh well, I guess I should've expected this after the fantastic opening. Also, did we need a whole episode devoted to Wyatt torturing people? Seriously? 1.5/5

    4.04 "Eagles and Angels" -
    I liked seeing Lisa, seeing as she will return in mid-season (her latest episodes are amazing!), and the whole police thing was interesting. But....T-Bad *sigh* They really should kill him. Anyways, the story was good, but not really good. It was just mildly entertaining. 2.75/5

    4.05 "Safe and Sound" -
    really liked this episode. The idea of them breaking into a safe for the company was really interesting, IMO, and they pulled it off very nicely. A very good episode. 3.5/5

    4.06 "Blow Out" -
    definitely not my favorite. This one was certainly better than 4.03, but still not very good. Didn't like Mahone getting arrested, and Self really annoyed me in this episode. Just a disappointing episode 2.25/5

    4.07 "Five The Hard Way" - a good episode, and T-Bag/Gretchen were actually interesting in this episode Liked it, and the Las Vegas stuff. A lot of it was on the boring side, but a lot of it was extremely cool. So, I'll be nice 3.5/5

    4.08 "The Price" -
    this is more like it! Roland's betrayl, Lincoln's plan, Michael and Gretchen, SARA AND GRETCHEN!!!!!! I loved a whole lot of it, and the murder at the end was predictable, but thank god it happened, cause Roland was getting on my last nerve 4.5/5

    4.09 "Greatness Achieved" - and the greatness keeps on rolling! This episode is defintiely one of the best in the series (not surpased by 4.12, though...what an episode!) Mahone finally got his hands on Wyatt, and I loved Mahone killing Wyatt! Well worth the wait (and that's two of the three deaths we were promised). The tunnel thing with going into Company's headquarters really reminded me of Season 1, and I loved it. Gretchen with the frakking creepy!? Anyways, I hate Bellick. And I really loved that he died, which was unexpected, and how it was heroic. Loved his last stand A fantastic eppy 5/5

    4.10 "The Legend" - still great, but certainly a step down from the past 2 episodes. I loved that they brought Michael's nose bleeds front and center, and all the hospital stuff was really interesting. Also, the fact that the gang grieved about Bellick moved me. I really loved that they just didn't brush it off. Also, moving forward on the tunnel is always good. A real average good with some great drama 3.25/5

    4.11 "Quiet Riot" -
    another fantastic episode! November sweeps is doing wonders for Prison Break! The fact that Michael risked his life to go help Lincoln and Sucre in the tunnel was fantastic. The whole break-in sequence was fantastic, and Gretchen was also great in this eppy!!!! Starting to love Trisshane, now that she's working with Self. Honestly, I did not see that one coming at all. Good twist, guys!!!! Also, that ending :eek: A really, really awesome eppy 4.5/5

    And the latest episode.....

    May perhaps be the best eppy of the series!

    4.12 "Selfless" - just amazing. They just reinvented the series. Again. Really epic. I'll go through it step by step.


    Thank god these three finally met! And the confrontation did not disappoint! The dialouge was spot on, and for once, the General seemed scared. Like...seriously. At the end, he looked so defeated and lost. That was some amazing stuff. Really cool. Fantastic!


    YAY!!!!! I loved Sara being so badass and almost killing Lisa. I loved General's, "I know Sara. She couldn't kill Lisa." And Michael just responds, "Sara's changed." AH! That was just some fantastic stuff. And yay for Sara getting away! I was scared the Company people would find Sara and then in turn use Sara for levrege. Good thing that didn't happen


    Finally! There story comes full circle, and man, it was frakking epic. Loved Feng capturing Self and Trisshane, and then Trisshane just shooting Feng! That was badass, and Gretchen and T-Bag pulling out the huge machine guns That was amazing. I loved Gretchen just randomly shooting at the wall. Great stuff there. Also, Gretchen threatened to kill T-Bag!!! YES! And T-Bag was finally caught. I've been waiting for that. But, with Self, I fear T-Bag might get away again I'm beginning to like Gretchen as a villain, honestly. She is just so cool with a machine gun in her hands

    The End/That Frakking Twist:

    And the new story is set up. I was wondering what was going to happen now that they essentially took down the Company. I really hope the Company gets back on it's feet, to be honest. They're a great villain. And I did not see that Self thing coming. Trisshane is dead, shot to death by Self. Or, at least, that's the impression I got. Self, evil, has got T-Bag, evil. Self, don't be an idiot and let T-Bag go. Just don't. Also, love how Michael slowly figured out what Self was doing. That was one great end that I never saw coming!!!! Great job, Prison Break!

    Prison Break pulled out all the stops to make "Selfless" one of their top 5 episodes ever!

    How is everyone else liking Prison Break?

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    Yeah, this season is very entertaining. I no longer feel like watching it is a chore. And it's just sort of a fun, none-too-serious show that I like to follow.

    The big twists are often cliched and obvious but it doesn't take the fun out of it.

    And I have to say, Bellick grew on me a lot this year so I was sad to see him go. Sure, overall he was dick and selfish and mean but this camaraderie, this mission seemed to change him. BUt he was just a sort of wasted character and never had much to do so I also wasn't angry to see him go.

    And Mahone is cool. I like watching William Fitchner play him.

    And the T-Bag story finally picked up in the past few eps. Thanks god 'cause that was boring the hell out of me!

    As for 4x12? Totally saw that coming. But it was still cool. It certainly screws over the guys once again! They just can't catch a break!!!
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