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3.10 "The Eclipse, Part 1" Spoiler Discussion Thread

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  • 3.10 "The Eclipse, Part 1" Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Oh I am excited to start a Heroes thread, I don't think I ever have!! WOOT! So I guess I'll break it down by characters, cause yeah, that is how the show seems to work.

    Claire & HRG:
    The training was really sweet and I love how he is trying to shape Claire into not just someone who can withstand bullets, but actually someone who can put up a fight. I am excited to see (if Claire lives, which I am guessing she will) how this will work out for her and see what kind of true hero she will become. I am glad they have her story back on track and that she isn't boy crazy or all moody, she just simply wants to be the Hero she can be. (On thing I am annoyed by his her obviously fake wig... It just looks SOO FAKE! They should have hired the people from Alias to do it.)

    Watching HRG and Claire felt very season 1, and the way he watched over her is something that has been missing for awhile and I am glad it is back.

    Elle & Sylar:
    I cannot get enough of these two! They are the perfect badass couple and Elle is so protective it is so sweet (yet wickedly cool). When they confronted Claire and HRG I started to laugh when Elle is all "Hello Girls" and nothing happends. Then Sylar shows up, it was a great grudge match and I would have loved for a hand-to-hand fight with Elle and Claire, they sort of had one earlier in the season that was pretty cool.

    The most painful thing to watch was when HRG wacked Elle with that crowbar (or whatever it was) it LOOKED painful, I kept rewinding it and rewatching it, cause OUCH! I felt really bad for Elle, all she did was shoot Claire Biig deal, who hasn't? Even Claire's mom has shot her! EVERYONE DOES IT! I am afraid what HRG is going to do now... He seemed pretty pissed

    Matt & Daphne:
    Daphne is growing on me, I won't lie. She is actually becoming her own character and not just a Elle/Claire knock off. Though I dunno how I feel about her being crippled, I guess it is a twist (I thought she would be ageing or something) but I defenitly am interested to learn what has happend in Daphne's life and how she went from that to some common criminal. As for Matt, he did deserve a hug, it was really sweet how he has fallen for her, it doesn't even matter about the future vision he saw - just simply LOVE.

    Hiro & Ando:
    Ugh... All I can say is... SETH GREEN!!! And I am much more interested in Ando than Hiro... 10 Year-Old Hiro is just annoying, and some of the things he says just sound WAY to mature for a 10 yearold... It just seems like the writings are mixing the two characters and it just seems unbalanced...

    Peter, Nathan, Haitian:
    I'm not sure how I feel about this. I liked the brothers and how they are working things out, THEY HAVE ALOT TO TALK ABOUT! So I am glad they are getting some alone time to clear things out.

    Now I am excited too see how this eclipse thing turns out and who will survive and how things will return. It will be interesting too see how everyone deals without their powers. I am holding out for an Elle/Claire smackdown! You know you want it, it will be beyond awsome!!!

    Also does anyone know
    What is up with Kristen Bell/Elle? I heard she was only going to do 5 episodes, but so far she has been in 6, unless they count Eclipse as one episode. Do we know if Kristen Bell will be back for anymore season 3 episodes? Though I don't wanna know if she dies or not!!! I don't think I can handle it... The preview for next week clearly shows Elle alive and captured... But who knows!

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    I loved the Matt and Daphne and Hiro and Ando stuff. Those scenes were probably my favorites out of the whole episode. Matt is so awesome. Hiro is so awesome. I loved that Daphne and Ando were still bantering! If only Hiro could be an adult again so that Matt could worry about all the UST between Hiro and Daphne. Oddly enough, I also wondered if Daphne was going to age a lot now that her powers were gone. Then I thought maybe she was going to get super fat.

    Claire and Noah and Sylar and Elle. Second favorite part of the episode. Sylar and Elle alone were amazing, especially the scene with the car rental guy. So hilarious! The scenes between Claire and Noah were the best they've been since Season 1, and Noah was the most badass he's been...maybe ever. I mean, I thought he hit his peak for the episode when he smashed a teenage girl's face in with a plank of wood without hesitating, but then he pulls out his sniper rifle!

    Nathan and Peter were pretty much only made interesting by the presence of the Hatian. Although points must be given for the writers actually trying to tackle some character growth in their scenes.

    And, did anyone else notice a guy in the credets who was "<Insert Name> XVII", as in "the Seventeenth"? Is this guy royalty? The Pope?


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      Despite my mounting trepidation as to the direction the show's been going, I found this week's episode to be very good. They actually did something bold and interesting that didn't require strained rewriting of the show's entire history.

      I really like the season's notion that who the good guys and bad guys are is fluid and subject to change and/or the perspective of the person involved. I just don't much care for the retroactive change of, say, HRG's status or the too-quick-too-be-plausible shift in Sylar's. This week's Sylar was a much more believably morally ambiguous figure than he had been up to now.

      I didn't jump. I took a tiny step, and there conclusions were.
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        I really liked this episode, seeing how they all coped without there powers. I was shocked most by Daphne, I also thought it might be an ageing thing, I didn't expect her to be unable to walk without her powers. I am still loving her and Matt, I wished she hadn't run away from him because I think they should be together, they would be so sweet.

        I really don't know what to make of Sylar now because I thought he was faking his closeness with Arthur and now I'm not so sure. I would like to think he would go back to Angela. I also don't understand Elle, is she really into Sylar? I would like to think she is because I think they would be great together but she is a little shady.

        I agree that Ando is a lot more interesting than Hiro, I don't like this 10 years old storyline it is boring already. I loved the comic book store scene though with Seth Green and Breckin Meyer their 'woah' at realising that Hiro and Ando were identical to the characters on the cover

        I would prefer to know which side everyone is on but I did like this episode.