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2.10 - "Strange Things Happen at the One Two Point"

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  • 2.10 - "Strange Things Happen at the One Two Point"

    I have FINALLY caught up on Terminator, I missed the two episodes before this, so I am happy to be caught up and tonight... Wow, I am glad too see it!

    First off, I am most excited about Jesse. I love that her cards are finally out there and she is just trying to stop John from getting to close to Cameron. I never thought it would be a negative for the two to get close, but thinking of it yeah - it could really mess up the future if Cameron gets ahold of John's mind and starts taking control and just using him as a puppet

    The story for Sarah and Cameron was cool (I LOVE Sarah's new hairdue, she looks fantastic) I also loved Sarah commenting that she use to go dancing, as we all remember from the first Terminator with the "big hair". The twist of the story actually had me surprised (which has become rare for Terminator) I was actually really happy! The whole father/son thing was different and very well written, I beleive Heather commented that the story is finally coming through and it is obviously clear with this story. I can't wait too see how the write the rest of the stories (and if Friday doesn't **** us over, how season 3 will play out)

    The Weaver stuff, as usual, was also really intense. I am enjoying this side story with Weaver an Ellison they work so well together and I really like how this entire computer thing is forming and OMG. The last scene with Cromartie!!! I was wondering how they would bring him back and WOW!!! I really dunno what to think, I can't wait for next week too see how this entire thing players out.

    Riley is really starting to annoy me... I understand what they want too do with her. An outside looker who is being thrown in, kind of like a younger Sarah Connor. It was a neat idea, but I think it was misscasted and the story is just weaker compared to the other ones. I hope they either pull her in closer to John and she starts training, or they just kill her off and make John a stronger person (maybe Cameron kills her? Who knows).

    Hrmm, I think that was everything. Another solid episode, and good news for everyone who is bummed that Smallville and such has ended for the break, we do get at least 2 more episodes of TSCC (2.11, 2.12) before Christmas, which is good and will keep everyone a bit happy for awhile.

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    Another intriguing episode, which I enjoyed a lot! Apart from a few low quality episodes at the beginning of the season, season 2 has been a really satisfying ride so far.

    I have to say it breaks my heart that Riley also turned out to be someone sent back from the future. Here is John thinking that he finally met somebody not involved in the war against the machines, a regular girl with whom he can allow himself to be just regular teenage John, not John Connor, the leader in the fight against Skynet. And then it turns out Riley is far from being a regular girl, she is working for Jesse in her mission to limit Cameron's influence on John. Of course John doesn't know that yet but when he finds out, it will break his heart. I also think that Derek will be in for a rude awakening when he finds out that Jesse has been hiding the fact that Riley is working for her, especially after he demanded in this week's episode that they tell each other the truth about everything. I don't know, there is something about Jesse that I really don't trust. I get why Derek does trust her, even after what he found out in this episode. Of course Jesse's mission ties in nicely with Derek's mistrust and suspicion of Cameron so that makes sense. I wonder whether Jesse is telling the truth about Cameron's influence on John in the future. Will John really become some kind of puppet to Cameron in the future? That's a rather scary thought!

    Personally I still like Riley and I'm curious how her character arc will develop during the rest of the season. I was feeling a bit conflicted about her when it was revealed that she was working for Jesse but I did like her freak-out later on with her foster family. She raised some good points IMO. How do you not go crazy when you come from a future where the apocalypse has happened and see the mundane struggles and trivial problems people are having now when there is such a huge threat out there that people are completely unaware of? No wonder she freaked out.

    Ellison becomes a grey area character more and more and finds himself more and more mixed up in murky dealings. The whole Babylon AI thing was very creepy when it responded to Ellison's questions with pictures but when it got a voice thanks to Cromartie, it was beyond creepy. I hope that Ellison now realises that he has gone too far, that everything Weaver is working for cannot possibly be a good thing for mankind but somehow I doubt it. The reveal with Cromartie at the end was a nice cliffhanger but I'm glad that we will still get a few more episodes before the Christmas break.


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      Originally posted by Cori View Post
      I have to say it breaks my heart that Riley also turned out to be someone sent back from the future.

      I don't know, there is something about Jesse that I really don't trust.
      I like Riley too. And it does hurt that she is involved in the whole mess. Though I was expecting some sort of reveal like about her character. BUt I do like that she feels conflicted. Because I want John to have someone have genuine feelings for him and not just using him for some sort of end game.

      I don't trust Jesse either. I think were not supposed to. Plus, the actress who portrays her adds this vibe to her to make her feel untrusting. The way she was stroking Riley's hair reminded me of a kidnapper or something doing the same to their victim. I feel like maybe Riley was forced or blackmailed into this mission.
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        I definitely enjoyed the last episode a lot!

        It was pretty sad to see the twist in Riley's role and see that yet another person in John's life has a focus on the future John.

        It's a weird kind of position that we're in- the audience is kind of led to trust Cameron, at the expense of trusting Jesse, a human resistance fighter- Jesse is fast losing points for me. But I'm still not 100% about Cameron's agenda, I just know I want to trust her.


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          I was just really starting to accept Riley as a cool character. Finding out she has been lying to John and is working for Jesse really disappointed me. The shock factor wasn't needed and I don't think the show should become about lies, manipulative factions, deceit, and the question of "who can I trust". I mean a little is good. But making almost everyone possible enemies creates a level of detachment from the show since you become afraid to like anyone since they could be the enemy.

          But it has happened so I do like that the only person John can truly count on (like always) is his mom. Unfortunately John doesn't quite see this so I expect plenty of trouble to come.

          I never liked Jesse, she's too much mind games and secret seduction. Like Jenni Lou mentioned, for that reason I don't think the show meant for us to trust her. She was ultra creepy in her scene with Riley.

          Originally posted by Veverka
          But I'm still not 100% about Cameron's agenda, I just know I want to trust her.
          Me too. I want to trust the machine. It's odd, and dangerous, but I like to think John has unquestionable loyalty from someone (besides just his mom). With all the players in this game, it would be too easy for John to be completely jaded and lose faith in what defines humanity. Which would probably result in despair and his failing to be the leader, hope, and salvation the human race will need. But budding humanity from a machine has to create hope that amongst all our flaws, humankind has hope of becoming better.

          I do like this turn that the car blast has made Cameron less than a perfect machine. In her breakdown she has gained a more human quality. It may be more like a psychosis, but still it's an interesting turn and I wonder Cameron recognizes her own fallibility.

          Lydia made the punch!


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            A quick FYI: I was listening to SkyNext, a fan podcast and they said the episode order was switched. Next week's ep was originally intended to air in this one's place but they were switched...for what purpose, I am not sure. Perhaps the next ep makes for a better fall finale. Just thought I would mention it because in the other thread I spoiler tagged an ep description and it was obviously not the ep that aired. But I am still excited 'cause it sounds good.

            Yes, I also have disappointment in the Riley reveal. I was enjoying letting John have an aspect of his life that was not ruled by his future "destiny" and it hurts that he no longer has that, even if he is not yet aware of it. Still, that Riley feels conflicted about her role is of some comfort. Because I like her and I like the side she brings out in John. It's soft and vulnerable. But I think I basically said that above. /tautology
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