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Bloopers and Continuity in Charmed

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  • Bloopers and Continuity in Charmed

    OK, so they all have it, every TV show has their bloopers and their continuity errors, and we like to pick them up. So, while watching Charmed, have you noticed anything that shouldn't be there, like wires showing or something? Or is there something wrong with the storyline that you have picked up? I'll start.


    So, in Pardon My Past, when Phoebe gets out the Family Tree, it says that Penny Halliwell was actually called Penelope Johnson and her husband...or one of them anyway, was called Jack Halliwell. Now, just before Piper marries Leo, Penny explains to Leo that the women in the family keep their names. Shouldn't this mean that Penny should have kept her maiden name, which should be Halliwell? And if she was orignially called Johnson, wouldn't she have kept Johnson if she felt so strongly about it, and the Halliwell sisters be called The Johnson sisters?

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    I never got why Chris wasn't as powerful as Wyatt. They were both Leo and Piper's sons, offsprings of a Charmed One and a Whitelighter. Why, then, did they have different levels of power? This always bothered me a lot.
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      They say wyatt had more powers than chris because he was the first born of any of the charmed ones but i dont see why chris didnt have as many powers
      it didnt seem fair to me


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        If you think about it, it makes sense why Wyatt had more powers than Chris. Prue had more powers than Piper and Phoebe at one point. Moving things with her eyes then her arms and then Astral Projection. Guess being oldest gives you more powers...

        Also Chris could of developed more if time wore on, say like Season 16 Piper and Leo go to the old folks home...just kidding!
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          Ok, another one. If the cleaners were sent to undo wrong things the sister's have done, why couldn't they undo what happened in All Hell Breaks Loose and save Prue?


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            in the series finale, when Piper and Leo go back in time to get Patty and Grams, Grams has to be introduced to Leo. but we know from the episode when Paige goes back to the sixties that Grams and Leo already knew each other.
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