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  • 3.7 Eris Quod Sum

    Well,m this episode just aired in Australia last night but I noticed nobody made a thread about it, so I thought I could do the honours if that's okay.

    Anyway I thought this episode was great, I had expected a little longer between Tracy, Nathan and Surresh but guess not (Did Meredith free those guys from the webbing btw? Or were they already dead?).

    The whole illusion thing with Parkman and Daphen had me fooled, I had actually thought they were dead (But Heroes isn't completely like Lost yet, killing off all characters). But I wonder if Daphen really cares about Parkman and just tricking Arthur who didn't know that his guards thought they killed them.

    It's interesting how everyone is now gathering at Pinehurst, Surresh, Tracy, Nthan, Peter, Sylar, Maya, Claire, Elle.
    Which speaking of which, did Claire and Peter even regonize Tracy as Nikki? Aleast Peter anyway (Really, when is Claire gonna actually interact with Tracy, back when Nikki was alive I thought evatually Nikki and Claire would pair up for some reason).

    And once speaking of Tracy lol, does anyone wonder if it was really Tracy in Angela's vision, what I mean is that when I saw her in Angela's vision (Okay seriously is her name Angela? I keep forgetting, you know Peter's mum) I thought it meant she was evil but so far Tracy felt guilty about killing that guy and going on a good guy rountine. What if it was Barbara! The one Mr. Zimmerman mistook her for, it would be interesting to see a showdown between Tracy/Barbara), either that or Nathan changed that.

    I hope Peter does get the powers back somehow. Maybe he still has his original power and absorbed Claire's ability somehow? Or Sylar perhaps really did it, but I am not sure if I am ready to buy his good guy act, we will have to see how it ends.

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    I didn't think this episode was as good as some of the others because I don't like this whole Pinehurst thing, I hope Arthur doesn't suck out too many peoples powers because that would get really dull. I think (or would like to think ) that Sylar did save Peter when he pushed him out of the window, also I don't believe he would have any powers left plus if he had absorbed Claire's power again, he would have healed and he didn't.

    I don't know what's going on with Daphne and Matt, I really want to see these two hit it off - especially if it means that Matt gets more airtime - I think they would be really cute together. I also want to see Daphne as one of the good guys. I was also convinced Matt and Daphne were dead to begin with, I think that would have been bad for the show to lose these two so I'm glad that it was all an illusion.

    Great to see Elle back but I don't like the idea of her losing her powers, I also preferred her when she was gutsy and I'm worried she is going to become too girly if she loses her powers altogether. I also want to see her interract with Claire more, I think they would make a good team.