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2x10 Bonfire of the Vanity

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  • 2x10 Bonfire of the Vanity

    For the first time in a long time, I like Dan.

    As usual, I only really paid any attention to Chuck's story... Dan was interesting for once. Liked the "secret meeting" he had with the two dudes (do not ask me to remember any names...). Loved it when the old dude said "you just grew a pair, don't loose them again" (or something along those lines)

    Bart Bass is, much like his son, a very interesting and complex character. I love characters who rarely reveal any sign of emotion. Mostly because I find that they are often the ones carrying the biggest load of them, and the most complex. So far, Bart has not let me down. Yes, he's an ass. Yes, he's done some questionable things. What makes me like him is the why, and the finding out of the why. The one character that I think actually knows him is Lily. I also think that's why she loves him and married him instead of going off with Rufus (a decision I more and more come to respect and like). I think there's a reason Bart Bass is a cold hearted bastard - and I can't wait to see more

    That's the part where I actually liked Dan for once. See, my dream scenario for this episode (before I'd seen it that is) was that Dan's Chuck piece would be printed Nate would read it, realise why Chuck hates Dan's guts and then they (Chuck and Nate) could kiss and make up (I have this really weird secret ship - no idea why or where it came from!). The way it played out was OK though. I knew from the start that Dan wouldn't go through with the Bart article. The show would never blacken the "morally correct" Dan that much. However, I must admit, at first I thought it was the new story he sent to Bart, not the old... I think it's really good that Dan has come to realise that even evil bastards has hearts

    It's really late here now, so I'll comment on the Jenny (annoying! Though for once Agnes took the 1st prize) and Blair () parts sometime later And Serena...

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    I was really disappontied with this one. It has been three really good episodes in a row now. And this was just.. boring! I saw it in thuesday and I have problem remembering what happen.
    I do remember I lovings Blair's "Grace Kelly, Grace Kelly, Grace kelly"