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4.09 'The Con Man in the Meth Lab' discussion

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  • 4.09 'The Con Man in the Meth Lab' discussion

    There are already clips;

    clip 1

    clip 2

    clip 3

    So they are recycling interns, because after Daisy also Clark found his way back to the lab. Well, I like Clark ... but I doubt that he will stick around.


    Booth has a broter who looks like a bigger alpha male than Booth, I'm not really liking him.

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    Thanks for the clips, Nina!

    Oh Booth, tell Bones already that you like her more than as a partner, then you wouldn't need to worry about your little brother taking her out on a date!

    I liked Brendan Fehr on Roswell so I'm curious how he will fit into the show. Maybe some friction caused between Booth and Bones because of Jared will exactly be what those two need to finally admit their feelings for each other. Well a girl can dream!


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      Best episode of the season!

      So, do we keep Clark? I'm not really against it, he isn't very likable but he does his work and he isn't a weirdo. I can see him grow in the team. And how much I love the squints and their unprofessional behavior, Clark has the right to roll with his eyes sometimes. And if Clark stays, they stop with the tiresome 'intern of the week' story.

      Oh old school Booth, I missed you so much. Please, can you stay? It's nice to hear more about his family; his father being an alcoholist and bad father fits fine in Booth's story about trying to be a really good father. And Jared is on his way to become his father, not a very nice guy. He is Booth lite, a fake Booth!

      I lost the murder mystery somewhere down the road, but I don't really care. Jared, Booth and Brennan were more important.

      And yay for Brennan pushing Jared. On the other side, after all those years being with Booth, she thinks that Booth is a loser because his little brother says so? Oh, and she looked pretty when she went on the date with Jared.
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        Yeah, Clark doesn't annoy me nearly as much as he used to. In fact, his insistence on not being apart of all their drama is pretty fun. And when he rolls his eyes it does make me giggle.

        Yes, when she pushed Jared it was awesome! The whole confrontation was great. I was watching it with my fiance and he doesn't watch the show all the time. Though he did say lst night "you're right, this is a good show. It's not about the crimes, it's about the interactions." And was like "yes! He finally gets it it!" I told him I didn't like the show at first but it grows on you pretty fast. Anyway, back to my point...we were both very surprised by Brennan yelling at Jared. That's unlike her. She doesn't get angry and worked up very often, especially if it isn't because of a case. If there was ever a doubt about her feeling for Booth, there you go! And when she came back and pushed him we both laughed real loud!

        Yeah, good ep. And Brendan Fehr was pretty good and great casting call...he and Booth can totally pass as brothers, imo.
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          Oh, wow! I loved this episode! The case was definitely not my favorite. I actually didn't understand the last half of the episode with the case, but as Nina says, does it really matter? No.

          Jared was great, and I loved how Bones was jealous that Jared was taking Cam, and Booth was jealous that Bones was jealous about Jared taking Cam That was just hilarious. And I loved all the personal scenes, and BOOTH! He was great in this episode. Him standing up for his brother, and then Bones' speech! And then them eating cake at the very end. awww! I really loved this episode, and I can't wait for next week! It looks hilarious!


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            I loved this episode. It's been a long time since I've had a moment where I learned something about Booth that made me care so deeply about him. It was heartwrenching to see how he shoved his own desires down and humiliated himself in order to hold up his family. I was extremely disappointed that he got his brother off on the DUI charge. At his brother's age, it was hard to believe it was his first time or it would be his last. But I loved Booth for loving his brother that much.

            It was sad to see how Bones fell for Jared and his world perspective so quickly. That she would believe him over Booth? I was glad when she finally realized what a jerk she had been and then took her frustrations out on Jared in public and then knocked him out of his seat.

            The murder story was fairly unengaging, but I did love the final show down when they confronted the bad cop on the front porch and he tried to escape.

            Lydia made the punch!


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              Great episode for character interaction bad episode for the murder case, I didn't really get the case at all I found it all a little confusing and uninteresting, but liked the ending with the capturing of the sheriff.

              I quite like Clark as an intern, he is normal I think they got a little carried away with trying to find the craziest intern and it got boring. I like that he isn't that involved with him he reminds me of Zach the most. I could see him becoming good friends with them all but making sure he works hard too and doesn't get too involved with them all.

              Really liked Brendan Fehr on Roswell and was surprised to see him on Bones, I liked seeing him play the "bad guy" here, I really felt sorry for Booth in this episode. I was really annoyed with Booth for letting Jared get away with the DUI too but I agree with Ehlwyen that it shows Booth's loving side and so I felt sorry for him in the end. I loved Bones' speech at the end it was so sweet and I loved it when they were sitting outside eating cake together. I really wanna see them together but at the same time I don't because I worry that it will ruin the show.


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                Sorry, but I still find Clark to be the most annoying intern of all--I'd pick Chatty Kathy over him any day of the week! I still can't believe he's back, I thought we had gotten rid of him for sure.... And sorry, but Zack was completely involved with the gang, especially with Hodgins--and he'd say funny and awesome stuff like, "But she does know we're going to destroy her [in court], right?" etc--stuff I can never see Clark saying.....that was the biggest disappointment of the epp for me, him coming back to torture us with his boringness....

                And yeah the case really is confusing, do we even know who the hell the killer was in the end? Though the realization/confrontation scene was exciting....and as everyone has been saying, it doesn't matter because the other stuff was more important anyway! I've always been more interested in the character storylines....and this week's was particularly good! The new development of Booth's character, learning about his family, and the B/B tension and moments it caused was all awesome, classic stuff--the kind of moments I watch the show for--not the fakey forced lame moments that appear so often these days (well less so this season thankfully). I loved Brennan's reaction when she realized the truth, the look on her face, her yelling at him, and then pushing him out of his chair (serves the bastard right!)! And her wonderful speech at Booth's party, and her intervention, and then coming out to give him cake they could share....awwwww! (So coupley!) And Booth opening up to all a great epp! Not quite a 5 for me because of the weak case story (it's nice when they're both good!) and Clark/Jared being annoying, but up there!


                Oh and I also loved how Brennan knew all that stuff about Booth that Sweets didn't--that she was that much his regular confidante, even about top secret govt stuff--it still pisses me off/breaks my heart that Booth didn't get his credit/promotion/shark trip to Hawaii because of his stupid jerk brother!

                My running commentary:

                I love how Booth has shared so much personal and private/top secret stuff even with Brennan! Definitely shippy?

                Ew CLARK is back?! > I thought we had gotten rid of him for good, ugh! I'd rather have chatty!Kathy than HIM!

                "There's more than one Booth?" ROFL!

                Ah, so Angela has already broken up with her new lesbian girlfriend? I guess I should have known that wouldn't last long, given it's FOX, but even that seems a little fast?not that I'm complaining, I thought it was a pretty lame ploy on the writer's part?

                "Yeah, don't give up your day job kid?Bones what do you say we go solve a murder, huh?" ITA!

                Okay my guess right now is that Lily did it?

                "What am I, your pimp?" ROFL!

                Aw man the VERY quiet and toneless way Booth says "No, of course I don't mind, why would I" shows how much he totally DOES mind!

                Whoops! That's got to be a first, misidentifying the victim?..

                Ugh no, don't kiss her! (But wow, things are making a lot more sense now, Booth is staying in his comfort zone and not taking risks with Brennan relationship-wise?) It's like when he was Angel, "waiting in the wings" for Cordy, poor guy?. But oh man is this great dramarama B/B-wise!

                Aw, Booth is all worried about Bones, wondering where she is!

                Heh, look at Cam roll her eyes-she knows that Booth likes Bones!

                Aw, yeah for Booth refusing to cover up crap, even if it means no advancement in his career!

                "It'd be like a sneaking way of having sex with a Booth without having sex with the real Booth."
                "Kudos Angela, I would not have had the guts to say that outloud?" OMG intense stuff here!

                "Jared is Booth Lite. Booth is the real Booth" RoFL, this is getting complicated! Will the real Booth please stand up?

                Oh man, I wonder what trouble Jared is in?! And just what was Brennan doing all night, and how can she not be tired?

                Aw man, you're saying Booth got no credit for his Riko case work and no promotion in exchange for covering up his younger brother's DUI? That's rough man, I hope stupid Jared is grateful! > Hm, maybe the real reason Booth never advances in work is because of HIM!

                So Booth is from Philadelphia then?

                Aw, it's Booth's birthday soon?!

                Hee, ?Agent Sweets'!

                Ouch, that wasn't cool Bones?.I hope she finds out what the real deal was by the end!

                Aw, Brennan's reaction here is PRICELESS! The look on her face, her returning to push him out of the chair?.go Brennan! I'm so glad she now knows the truth and sees stupid Jared for who he really is! Ugh?.

                Whoa, excitement! I didn't see that twist coming either?

                Aw, it's Booth's bday party?..and AWWW, Booth is "the real alpha male"-great speech Bones! And ugh, Jared is there, hiding as he well should! Sic burn loser!

                Ugh, I hate his brother even more now! >

                Aw, Brennan coming out to be with him, and them sharing a piece of cake! *heart* And him opening up to her about his father?

                Oh and so is Angela then done with the whole lesbian thing? That was fast! Not that I'm complaining, it seemed like a lame writer's ploy of desperation anyway....

                And next week's epp looks AMAZING! I can't wait!
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                  Didn't Booth say that the girl was Angela's ex-ex-girlfriend. Which means that she is not longer her ex-girlfriend but her actual girlfriend?
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                    Originally posted by Nina View Post
                    Didn't Booth saying that the girl was Angela's ex-ex-girlfriend. Which means that she is not longer her ex-girlfriend but her actual girlfriend?
                    Ah yes, I guess it would mean that.... I was thinking the two ex-s meant she was now twice her ex-girlfriend, because she had already broken up with her, TWICE now--I guess maybe wishful thinking was affecting my mental process! Thanks for clearing that up....
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                      Originally posted by Nina View Post
                      Didn't Booth saying that the girl was Angela's ex-ex-girlfriend. Which means that she is not longer her ex-girlfriend but her actual girlfriend?
                      Yeah. But why didn't we see them together? It's annoying. I can't really guess at how Angela's feeling about the thing if we don't get to see her interacting with the girlfriend.

                      Very much enjoyed the Bones-Boothlite shove. Excellent. Also, all the Booth/Bones interaction. I think they're playing the will they won't they nicely.

                      I preferred kathy to this guy, I think her annoyiness is fun. The "this isn't professional" thing is getting dull, so I hope they add new strings to his bow.

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                        Originally posted by Wolfie Gilmore View Post
                        I preferred kathy to this guy, I think her annoyiness is fun. The "this isn't professional" thing is getting dull, so I hope they add new strings to his bow.
                        EXACTLY! We get the point already Clark, let's move on....if he absolutely *must* stay perhaps they can do something with his inventive streak....though that strikes me as just copying Zack, like with his Christmas!robot in season 1! (Sorry, the thought of that epp and Zack back then makes me a little teary!)
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