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Spooks season 7 (SPOILERS!)

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  • Spooks season 7 (SPOILERS!)

    Wow. I just watched the first ep of the new season (thank you, TV on demand). What a great opening. I love all those spooks (though I'm still sad about the ones that have gone....Ruth...even as far back as Tom...and I like that they don't forget about them either).

    I'm going to spoiler this bit just in case someone glances in the thread not heeding the spoiler warning.

    Adam's death was so unexpected. I mean, I know Spooks kills people off all the time, but I thought... I don't know, somehow I thought he was safe. It was heartbreaking, but at the same time, I'm really keen to see Vengence!Ros, and to see how the new guy fits he really spying for the Russians...and how will he catch up on 8 years of spying? I'm sure there were a few things that he couldn't have the mention of "have you seen her?" which I assume he means Ruth...but didn't that only happen recently? Confusing.

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