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Torchwood & BtVS/Angel Similarities

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  • Torchwood & BtVS/Angel Similarities

    Heh, this was on a forum I belong to and I thought it rather appropriate for here.

    TW: Greeks Bearing Gifts vs. BtVS: Earshot

    "Buffy overhears a plan to kill people, so does Tosh
    The scooby gang are involved / aware of Buffy's ability though from the start
    Buffy finds out that Giles and her mum had sex, Tosh finds out that Owen and Gwen are 'doing it'
    Buffy can't read Angel and Tosh can't read Jack
    Being unable to block out everyones thoughts is unbearable to both Tosh and Buffy
    Overall both episodes deal with the positive side of being able to stop something bad occurring but that the negative side of being inside other peoples heads is not worth the pain that it causes to the person able to hear and the people that can't stop their thoughts."

    TW: Exit Wounds vs. Angel

    Captain Jack Harkness has a brother, Gray, who was kidnapped by aliens.
    Jack looks everywhere for Gray, all his life but is unable to find him.
    Captain John Hart "finds" Gray. He is older and wants revenge on Jack.
    Jack fails at reason.
    Gray wants to seek revenge on Jack for it's "his fault" (and wants to take over his life) and burys him in the ground for what he thinks is forever.

    "Angel has a son, Connor, who is kidnapped.
    Angel tries to get Connor back, but is unable.
    Connor returns, older, and is mentally unstable and hates Angel.
    Angel tries to make amends, but fails.
    Connor, believing that Angel is responsible for everything bad that's happened to him, seeks revenge by locking Angel in a coffin and burying him in the sea to suffer for all eternity."

    And I'm sure there must be more...