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    Painkiller Jane has been a glimmering little surprise for SciFi channel this Spring & early Summer. I'm eagerly awaiting a holiday marathon to catch up three or so middle eps I missed. There's a lot that's familiar in the show, but there's enough twist & grit in the writing, and Kristianna Loken is giving a freshness to the smart-sexy-tough type. Her colleagues on the team that hunts neuros are more stereotypical, but if she picks up another season, that may change.

    If you haven't managed to catch it, look for it [...] -- it isn't the stunning specialness of Buffy, not ground-breaking, but is carrying on the style & keeping the faith --
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    I also enjoy this show. Before PKJ the only show that I watched on the Sci-Fi was The Dresden Files and after the season was over I was a little bummed. Then came along PKJ and made it all better, haha. I admit, at first, I wasn't too sure about the show because the idea was kind of just like X-Men and Heroes, but it started to show a uniqueness of it's own. I hope it does well.
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