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  • Jericho

    This show is AMAZING! It got canceled, but the fans rallied together and CBS is bringing it back. Reruns of the first season begin July 6 at 9/8c. Please everyone watch it. We need all the ratings we can get. The 2nd season begins this Fall. I can't wait! =o)
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    It's not bad. I've seen a good half of the episodes and some are really great and others are so-so. It hasn't hooked me completely but it has its good points.

    It's very cool the fans rallied hard enough to get seven more episodes (more if it does well). Not a lot of shows can say the same, that's for sure!
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      I think this is a decent show. Given the theme (I absolutely love post-apocalyptic stories), it had a lot of potential, to which it didn't live up, in my opinion. Still, I like the show well started out slow and too soapish, but it picked up in the second part of the season, and I was very disappointed when they cancelled it and the finale left everything hanging with a bloody cliffhanger! So I was really glad when I heard that the fans campain had actually worked (did this ever happen before? I don't remember)...I signed the petition, but I didn't have the chance to send nuts to CBS, living outside America...which was what made the CBS people change their well done, Jericho fans!
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