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Heroes 3.06 "Dying of the Light" Spoiler Discussion Thread

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  • Heroes 3.06 "Dying of the Light" Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Wow, what a great episode!

    First of all, very glad to see Hiro and Ando being funny again. The "save" on Ando was not cheap, really, not if you like Hiro's powers. And the sequence of him getting bonked twice by Mystery Sock 2.0 was one of the funniest things ever. "I'm done!" "Seriously?" "Seriously!" That is fantastic stuff.

    Parkman and his turtle. Best line tonight was "high five, turtle!" I'm actually already finding him and Daphne very sweet together. She's a great new character, I love how she reacts to thinks. She's so cynical but she so wants to be convinced not to be. She's mostly just disgusted with Mohinder -- not heroic enough to rescue Tracy and Nathan, which she probably could have, but jaded enough with any pretense of being on the side of right with Pinehearst that she just "whatevers" him and bails.

    Mohinder is quickly becoming the most evil character they've got. I look forward to the showdown with him, Tracy, and Nathan -- I think between the two of them, flying and freezing, they can take him. Hell, Nathan can just do the Peter-flying-tackle and drag him up over the spire over the Chrysler building and ask him to rethink his position.

    To the major plot developments -- Arthur is a great villain already. I haven't tried to spoil or anything, so I don't know for sure, but I am figuring that his power is basically the same as Peter's native power, but far more advanced. Or maybe it's a combination of Peter's EM and Sylar's IA. But whatever it is, Arthur is basically by definition the most dangerous one out there. I really was impressed with the way he killed Adam. Anders played it wonderfully. Yes, Adam is a cool villain, but what a great way to sell Arthur being so bad, to have him just... erase a dude that's 460 years old or so?

    Now, Peter and Sylar working together seemed cool. I'm not ready to buy Sylar as a good guy, but I do believe that "being heroic" is his new ego trip, so he's trustworthy to a point. It was incredible to see just how much more dangerous Peter really is (was?) than Sylar, though. Just absolutely pummeled him, combining Nathan's, Elle's, and Niki's powers.

    And then it went away I'm so, so tired of this huge obsession over Peter being too strong. It seems completely invalid -- just because he's the most powerful doesn't mean he's always *around*, so it doesn't take the drama out of anybody's story that they don't put him in. Peter being strong and sane and remembering who he is wouldn't have changed the tension of Claire's story this week. So that pissed me off that Arthur took his powers. But that aside, I can deal with it -- unless Arthur also managed to turn off Peter's EM. Now, maybe Arthur can do what the Haitian can do as well, so he can keep Peter from absorbing from him or those around him (or else he'd have all his powers back, all of Arthur's powers back, etc, right after the episode cut off). But, Peter-now-has-no-powers-at-all-for-most-of-the-season is just BS for me. Hitting a reset button on him is not unreasonable -- it clears out the Ted power, the Claude power, the Niki power and anyone else that's not around. But let's make sure he can still acquire new powers, please?

    The other major plot was Claire, Meredith, and Sandra. How great were they? I like that we get Meredith and Sandra having a moment of understanding. I love Claire's plan. The actor who plays Doyle was reaaaaaaally great. And Claire's bitterness toward her dad is very impressive -- Hayden does it with just a little half smile. The acting was very sharp by everyone tonight.

    Other than that, we still need Kristen Bell to be a full time cast member. Elle is just too well-drawn not to use as much as Kristen's schedule and Kring's budget allow.
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    I'm extremely impressed. A great episode after two not-as-good episodes.

    I loved Parkman and Daphne, honestly. Daphne has become a favorite of mine. At first, she seemed really dumb, but now she's just awesome! My favorite part was, probably, the Claire storyline. How weird is that? The Puppeteer is a great villain, and I hope he comes back sometime. Sark died.....that's really sad, loved that character. But, it was worth it to have Arthur up and running as an awesomer (not a word!) villain. I hope Maya dies soon, and Mohinder with her. He's really annoying now, but I loved Tracy and Nathan kicking his ass. Hopefully, next episode, they kill him. Ando/Hiro were also good!

    Only complaint: unlike KoC, I thought Hiro "plan" to fake kill Ando was really dumb and cheap. Plus, when he did that fake stab thing, there would be no blood on the blade or coming out of Ando. No hole. Are the villains really that dumb?

    KoC, I'm fairly certain Kristen Bell returns next week (WOO!).


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      Agree that this was a surprisingly good episode after a string of terrible ones. Hiro and Ando had some of their most hilarious moments in the series here; Daphne is turning into an unexpectedly sympathetic character; conflicted!Sylar is still one of the major things this season has going for it; Peter finally lost his powers, which had recently turned into an annoying plot convenience; Matt's storyline is heading into a more interesting direction than his marriage drama of old; those were some entertaining 40-odd minutes. Mohinder's, Claire's and Nathan's storylines still kinda suck, and I don't like Nikki v2.0 any more than I liked Nikki v1.0, but overall, this season is finally showing some promise.

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        I'm glad Hiro didn't kill Ando. Had no problem with his method of deception. My only problem was that they didn't let Daphne in on it. Now she's out there thinking Hiro is a murderer...that will totally get in the way of them making out.

        I love Daphne more and more. She's definitely my favorite female character now (though with Claire getting interesting again she's in for a fight). African Issac (whose name is Ustusu or something like that, I think) is great as well. After failing hardcore last season with new characters Heroes has been knocking them outta the park this season (Daphne, Ustusu, Vortex Guy, Arthur, Puppetmaster).

        Claire's storyline was great, and Sandra stepped out of her cliche for the first time in a long while. Good for Her. The Puppetmaster is horrifying in an entirely different way than Arthur, a guy who can hold his own against anyone and who doesn't seem like he'd ever be anyone's lackey. Even the baddest supervillain needs some people who aren't subservient or scared of him. I hope to see him again, and interacting with Arthur. The Russian Roulette Scene was intense, and the Claire/Noah relationship is getting interesting again. Who else would love the idea of Noah/Meredith and Claire/Sandra forming up to track down the remaining Level 5-ers? Kinda an apprenticeship for Claire.

        Speaking of Arthur...R.I.P Adam Monroe. My biggest beef with this episode. 1. I'm not giving up on him coming back, and badder than ever. If Peter can survive a nuclear blast or two then Adam can re-form himself from dust. 2. Last season Adam was (rightly) touted as the biggest bad of them all, yeah? Someone who all the other Golden Agers feared. I'm not sure that I like this retcon that Arthur Petrelli was really the guy that all the other Golden Agers feared. The ancient immortal who couldn't die being the one to inspire such fear made such great sense.

        Daphne/Matt were great together, but I just can't get out of my desire to see Hiro/Daphne together. They're just so good! I wouldn't be against Daphne/Matt, and, like I said, the writers are doing it pretty well, but...well, at least Daphne seemed really shaken by Hiro's actions this episode. If the way a dude acts can shake her to her core, then she's pretty interested, methinks. ::alright, will stop shipperfanaticism::

        Nathan/Mohinder/Tracy = my least favorite storyline. Good for Tracy for engineering an escape, and good for Mohinder for going super evil. And good for Nathan for continuing to be my least favorite character in the entire show.

        Best line of the episode:
        "Does he look familiar?"
        "They all look the same to me."
        "That's racist."

        I cracked up. Hiro/Ando/Ustusu was teh win. I hope African Issac is going to be the Super Hero that stands in contrast to Arthur. He's that good of a character at this point. Also, who were the Villains in his painting? The only one I recognized was Arthur. The others I'm not sure if they've even been introduced yet. Actually, going back, it might just be Arthur, Knox, Blue Flame guy, and a fourth figure who could be Sylar or Peter. I hope it's not as simple as that, because the idea of three more villains at Arthur's level or nearly at Arthur's level excited the hell outta me.

        Sylar/Peter fight was awesome. Not the full out brawl that I've always wished for, but pretty damn good. And Peter was only able to take Sylar because Sylar's powers had been reset. With both of them at full power Sylar would smack Peter down. Now that Peter's been reset the playing field is even once again, and they can both get busy restocking. Thank God Peter doesn't have Sylar's power anymore. That really really bothered me.
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          I think the episodes keep getting better, and in line with that I think tonight's episode was the best so far. As always I could use more Nathan, as a pure actor Adrian Pasdar is top 3 as far the main cast, quite possibly the best, but his material this season, like season 2, is kinda left wanting. But, his time to shine generally does come more at the end of an arc anyway. Hoping he takes down Mohinder next week, at least temporarily.

          The Peter/Sylar showdown was great. It didn't last long but in that short span already displayed more use of power than their first fight in season 1. Now all we need is to have Peter be that badass while in complete control of his faculties. As for his powers I don't mind much that he lost them, he'll get them back eventually some way. As for the idea of him being too powerful, I don't think its so much that other than the writers gave him certain powers and then put him in situations where that very power would avoid and entire encounter but they ignore it for the plot. That's the kinda stuff they shouldn't do and need to write smarter.

          Adam's death was pretty badass, and while I was spoiled on this, I figure some fans were none too pleasantly surprised. But the unforunate fact is that season 2 is obviously being left behind them, as far as possible, and Adam being a product of that season just doesn't fit into their plans anymore, like pretty much everyone else introduced last year (jury's still out on Elle but considering Kristen Bell seems like a busy lady I wouldn't count on her being around all that much longer...hope I"m wrong though).

          As for Arthur I'm going to be curious to find out what his deal is, and if he was always this way. I never got the impression from the discussions about him in seasons 1 and 2 that he was regarded as a big bad, or at the very least, feared person. If this is a relatively new direction for the guy's persona and something jaded him, or if he's always been like this just kept his true intentions in the shadows till now is something I"ll be interested in learning.

          I too was a fan of the Hiro/Ando stuff this week. Had me laughing at loud for the first time this season. I still want the duo to get more serious scenes too though, they can definitely be utilized as more than comedy.

          They're doing a good job on picking up guest stars this year. Last week the vortex guy, and this week Doyle. I'm so glad he wasn't killed off right away, he'll be a really fun villain to use again down the road. Loved the Russian roulette scene. I like how they show Sandra having tons of resolve and the ability to handle these tough situations by pulling the trigger continuously till the right chamber came around to shoot Claire. Sure she knew she'd be okay but obviously hated having to do it anyway, but she did it.


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            Originally posted by Sacred Knight View Post
            As for Arthur I'm going to be curious to find out what his deal is, and if he was always this way. I never got the impression from the discussions about him in seasons 1 and 2 that he was regarded as a big bad, or at the very least, feared person. If this is a relatively new direction for the guy's persona and something jaded him, or if he's always been like this just kept his true intentions in the shadows till now is something I"ll be interested in learning.
            See, that's my problem with Arthur. It's not a huge problem, and I still like SuperVillain!Arthur, but nothing they've ever said about him has hinted at him being such an evil bad ass. So it would be safe to assume that it's a new development, yeah? But Angela, Maury, and Adam all react in terror at his very presence, as if he's always been a huge evil bad ass. Also, in season 1, unless I'm mistaken, Arthur's death was supposed to be pretty recent wasn't it? Recent enough so that Peter and Nathan were well into adulthood, so the idea of them not noticing that their father was a sociopathic supervillain seems odd. It doesn't really hold up, but...he's so cool that it doesn't really matter.
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              Originally posted by XavierZane View Post
              Best line of the episode:
              "Does he look familiar?"
              "They all look the same to me."
              "That's racist."
              very funny; funny because it's true! caucasians think all asians look alike (we have alot of asians in our uni course), while my parents think all caucasians (on tv) look alike.

              Daphne is a cool character, but apparently she needs the money real bad, because she needs it so much, she's not willing to quit Pinehearst despite not liking what they do.
              ...Matt was actually likable in this episode.
              glad Ando isn't dead...
              can't believe Adam Monroe is dead that was the biggest shock for me.

              Tracy/Nathan vs Mohinder...seems like a crappy showdown. Nathan can fly but has no superstrength. Tracy can only attack close range and her power is still in its early stages and takes a while to occur. Mohinder has super strength and speed/agility, etc, but isn't very smart, well at least i don't think so.

              Peter/Sylar showdown...was surprised at first, because i'd forgotten how many powers Peter has accumulated over the series...he'd easily beat Sylar.

              so Arthur has the ability to absorb someone's powers by helps he has Maury on his side to change the environment around their victims, plus Knox who can feed off the fear. i hated the fact that Peter fell for his trick though...sometimes he is just a little boy and doesn't think for himself, because now he's back to square one...and might not have any powers at all. on the other hand, Tracy and Maya might be willing to give up their powers to Arthur for free.

              i say this, because Adam's regeneration power is his own, which he was born with...if Arthur was able to take it from him, thus his body deteriorated from the ageing process, wouldn't it make sense that Arthur took Peter's original power as well? which would suck big time, because that would make Peter absolutely useless to the show, so hopefully they can give him some powers again (wouldn't be the same if it was injected into him though). also, some really cool powers, he may never get back, invisibility...Peter's an idiot to not use the powers to sneak into the big bosses room, which was where everyone was anyway.

              Sylar seems like the only one on the good guys team who can do anything at the moment...unless Matt Parkman suddenly matures his powers to the level of his father...but i doubt it.

              i would've liked to see Peter make a copy of his powers by letting Sylar take a look inside his brain. now Peter's left with nothing!!! and Sylar and Angela are both in comas.

              i didn't even like Peter's character with his acting, the way he talks, and just because he's not very smart...and the only reason i was interested in following his character storyline was because of all the cool powers he Arthur is this unstoppable force with all these powers and i have no idea how you can bring down Arthur & Maury.
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                Xaiver- Perhaps Arthur pretended to be nice to his sons and Angela pretended that he wa a good man and kept telling everyone that, it seems mostly likely really.

                For people of Australia, hope you didn't turn off your TV right after Bones because Hereos came on! Looks like they placed Bones at 9:30 and Heroes at 10:30 (Oh no! That's going to kill it just like Smallville and Charmed!).
                Ontopc: I hope Tracy/Nathan manages to get out of that one, Nathan will probably just grab Tracy and fly out (Unless Tracy somehows has a part of Nikki's power which could be a showdown).

                One question about her ice powers: Most likely it's going to improve with age right? And for these who remeber Five years later Peter had the fire power (Probably from Meredith) and Sylar had the ice one, what if that's Tracy's power? I always wondered where he got it from so it could be very possible that it was hers, of course that future isn't coming true so I don't foresee him stealing it.

                And talking about Sylar, still not sure what to say about thos good guy act of his,. Hope Peter gets his powers back too.

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                  Sylar obtained that power from someone we never met; he had it from before we met him. It was on display in the second episode, when we see his handiwork in Molly Walker's home -- he had frozen her father before cutting his head open. He also demonstrates this power for his mother. So while it's the same power, it isn't Tracy's power.
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                    Oh that's right, I forgot that they were frozen, actually I don't think I knew that part lol, well then it can't be Tracy.

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                      Loved this episode, only just seen it and each week I seem to get blown away even more, Kring has such an imagination and I love all the cliffhangers we have been getting. So now Peter has no powers??? I don't know what to think about this, I have to admit Peter is not one of my favourite characters this season, he's just not warming to me. I really don't like Arthur but he is going to make the show very interesting, definately the most dangerous villain, it will be interesting to see whos powers he takes next.

                      I really wanna see Matt and Daphne get together they would be so cute together. Matt and the turtle - very cute and I like that we have seen a different side to Daphne now, a slightly more caring side. I think her and Elle could be great together, they would really get on each others nerves I think.

                      Claire, Meredith, Sandra and Eric Doyle - the best part of this episode, it was really creepy and Claire was very smart here too. It was very disturbing and I like the way Claire is listening to herself and not to Noah now, she's a clever girl who doesn't need her daddy anymore. Great stuff.

                      Mohinder - really gross, he has to be the most disliked character. Way to go Tracy for getting around him, I think she could be a really great character.