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Ghost Whisperer - season finale

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  • Ghost Whisperer - season finale

    I know that there was a thread before about GW, so I?m sorry for repeating it, but I want your help in this. Yesterday, I saw the S3 finale and was baffled by the last scene. Are they saying someone?s dead? And why did they leave that out open? Because I can?t stop thinking about it.

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    That hasn't been totally resolved so far in the new season. It's been menitoned, but IMHO, it will be the end of *this* season before we have a definite meaning. I was thinking about it all summer, too!

    It's hard to know how much to say without getting into spoilers!


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      Aside the final scene where I was a little confused, I thought the episode was great. So, Tom is not her father and actually, a sociopath. I never trusted him anyway. Do you think that he and Gabriel were luring Melinda up to the dark side?
      The relationship between Mel and Jim is just... sweet. And JLH is a good crier, she gets me very emotional.
      What do you think of the episode?


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        Another question that has me a little confused too:

        In the first episode, Melinda looks at her x-rays and she has some kind of bars around her. Can anyone tell me what the hell was that?