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    Anyone watching this? I think this is the best series so far, the talent is incredible, I love all of Cheryl's group, the girls are fantastic but my fave has to be Laura she gave me goosebumps with her performance on Saturday and I love Austin, Scott and JLS too. I felt so sorry for Scott on Saturday night because I know he can do so much better. Any ideas on who will sing what for Michael Jackson week?

    I reckon Eoghan will sing 'Ben', Austin could possibly do a ballad. I think Scott could do a really good performance of 'Bad' or 'Beat It'.

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    I never really watched the previous series of X Factor except for the auditions but I've watched this series every week now. I have to agree with you it's been one of the best so far. My favourites were Austin and Laura I can't believe they both went one after the other. I really don't see why Eoghan is still in the competition. Especially when much better singers have been sent home.

    Any ideas what the theme is next week?

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      I'm not sure what the theme is next week I hope it is something good, I found Mariah week boring. Austin and Laura going was so stupid when Daniel is still in the show he is so boring.
      My fave now is Ruth I think shes great.