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2.06 New Haven Can Wait

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  • 2.06 New Haven Can Wait

    I think overall, this was a good episode. I really didn't like the Blair/Serena parts (way too icky for me). Though, of course, I enjoyed the Chuck parts - I mean why wouldn't I? I loved how he totally owned the secret society (typical Chuck ) and what he did to Dan. I mean, maybe not the nicest thing but so very in character it's insane! Seriously, he really is the most consistent character...

    The Dan/Nate thing was OK. I really liked Nate's desperate waving behind the girl's back! And Dan with his perfected confused "huh?!" look^^ (When does he not wear that face?). I also think it's fun that Jenny gets to work as a designer. Not that I care too much about her arch (seeing as she never has anything to do with Chuck except in the pilot...) but it would've been annoying if there'd been a major rift between her and Daddy dearest

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    I think the episode was kind of boring. I agree with you that the Blair/Serena parts was old, boring and silly. And the chuck part was bad to tonight, I really think his arc getting bad.
    The Dan/Nate thing was good, I liked the ending.

    But overall it was a boring episode.


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      I thought the episode was okay. I really do like how Jenny is finally getting what she wants because she's really good at what she does.

      Dan and Nate being friends is pretty awesome.

      I thought the episode before was more exciting haha.