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Dr. Who or Torchwood?

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  • Dr. Who or Torchwood?

    I am thinking of watching Dr. Who but I am intrigued by Captian Jack on Torchwood. My friend said I should start with Dr. Who first. Do you agree? Will I be lost if I start with Torchwood?
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    Definitely agree with your friend. While Torchwood was intended to be able to stand on its own, I'd say that watching Doctor Who first enhances Torchwood more than vice versa. Also, I'd say that the first series of Torchwood is of very iffy quality despite some good episodes, it only really picks up in the second season. I'm pretty sure its Doctor Who connection is what kept it afloat during s1...(No other explanation for the mess of 'They Keep Killing...'*shudder*) If you start with Doctor Who, you'll get your Captain Jack fix around mid-s1 so there isn't much wait. Plus, Doctor Who is a much better show overall.

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      Just think of it as watching Angel before Buffy. Yes you will undestand the concept pretty quickly and you don't have to see Buffy to get Angel, but it will enhance your viewing if you've seen Buffy first.

      The only difference is if you watch the first season of Torchwood before Dr Who, you'll probably give up on both shows because Torchwood wasn't at all good at first.

      Watch Dr Who's first (new) season then Torchwood's first season - I bet you any amount of money you'll prefer Dr Who by a long shot!

      Also Dr Who is Saturday afternoon family viewing, whereas Torchwood was originally supposed to be an adult version with a lot of sex pushed into the story, and they went WAY to far with it in the first season. The second season of Torchwood is better for having toned down the sex part. Dr Who is pure fun, and the story is told better.

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        Alright, a lot of people already know what I'm gonna say here. However...

        Definitely, definitely watch Doctor Who before (and/or) instead of Torchwood. Torchwood has some good points but they are too few and far between for me. the first series is particularly bad; the second bearable with some very good moments here and there. Who on the other hand has relatively few eps which don't stand up in quality (although there are a couple) and in it's high spots is just pure brilliance.

        Regarding Catain Jack. the character of Jack is different in the two shows. In Who he is given a much lighter treatment, which I think really suits the character, whereas in TW he sort of turns into a bit of a broody Angel clone. John Barrowman doesn't really do broody all that well (not in my opinion anyway).

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          Okay I love Torchwood and second series was definitely better, but yes, watch Doctor Who first. It'll make a little more sense


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            I agree, I think you need to watch Who before Torchwood, but they make nice tandem viewing, there are some crossover episodes, like with Angel and Buffy.
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