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4.07 "The He in the She" discussion

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  • 4.07 "The He in the She" discussion

    I loved this episode so much, it felt like old school Bones.

    The intern:
    I really enjoyed Vincent and I loved his reason to leave. The guy would maybe be annoying if he stayed too long but I really liked him for one episode. My favourite one until now.

    Good case with a real investigation and everybody played a role to find the killer. It wasn't very complicated or gross but I really liked it.

    Booth & Brennan:
    No forced shippiness or cheesy moments. I loved Booth's comment that he would be smoking hot as a woman. Actually, I really liked Booth the whole episode. Especially when he was talking to the boy.

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    I liked it too. And I agree that Booth was great in this ep. Talking to the son...great scene. I liked how he gently encouraged him to go back to the preaching (for lack of a better word.) It really shows that Booth can read people very well and he knew that the boy missed it and that he was good at it. And I like that Booth respects faith and has some of his own.

    I also enjoyed the "hot woman" talk in the car. Funny. But it was Brennan's line about her being jealous of him if he were a woman because she would be afraid he would be prettier than her. That's something I would think Brennan wouldn't be concerned with so it was interesting to see her admit to it so freely with Booth.

    Oh and the "too much car" line by Hodgins followed by Angela's "vroom vroom, kid." Good stuff!

    I actually didn't like the intern too much. He was okay but far from my fave so far.
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      I really liked this episode - it reminds me of the earlier seasons episodes. It actually made me tear up and care about the victim, which the show hasn't done in a while.

      Like JenniLou I loved the Booth/Preacher's Son conversation. It was the highlight of the episode for me along with the son's talk at the end.

      I liked this weeks intern - I'm a sucker for British people in US shows, and I thought he did pretty well, even in Brennan's eyes. When he asked Hodgins what happened to Zach, I enjoyed his reaction and affirmation that that wouldn't happen to him! Hodgins played it just right - almost as if it were a joke, but with the seriousness in his eyes. I totally believed him and felt his heartache about having to say it.

      The only thing I didn't like in this episode is the Booth/Brennan bickering about religion - AGAIN! It's getting to be too much. I appreciate that it's science versus religion and that Booth and Brennan stand on very much opposite opinions on the matter, but it seems that they are bringing it up in every episode lately.

      Sidenote: I loved all the talk about redemption and atoning! It's like DB can't get away from it!!!

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        Also loved this episode, I liked the intern too but I may be biased here lol being British and all. I found him to be quite funny.

        I loved Brennan in this episode, I love how straight talking she is when she was talking about how the congregation shared the same superstition . I also liked her conversation with Booth in the car.

        Interesting case too, I was getting really confused thinking "well was she a man before or wasn't she" I got lost with the conversations. I felt sorry for her but I loved her son at the end how forgiving he was, it was really sweet.