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  • Allow me to introduce myself

    Chuck Bass.

    He's the one and only reason why I watch the show. Why do I love him and not the other characters? For me, it's a combination of many small things. First and foremost, Chuck is the most interesting character in the sense that much of his history and reasons for acting in certain ways are still mysteries. Furthermore, the way he sees the world he lives in. Cynical and in many ways realistic he always trust in people's dark sides. I also love that he's not much of a "tip-toer", with which I mean that he gets to the point and acts on what he wants instead of tip toeing around it for months (like Dan...).

    Another reason why I absolutely adore Chuck is his humour. It's dark, sarcastic and absolutely lovely. He has a way of making almost every scene with him worth watching because all the other characters become better, funnier or more realistic, around him. I love Chuck's relationship to other characters. Because he knows that even though they don't necessarily like him or think that he's a selfish, upper class bastard, they can also trust him. He's not the type to let down someone he considers a friend. He's helped Nate many times, Serena when Georgina payed a surprise visit and Blair as well. He has his strange ways of showing he has a heart.

    PS. The title refers to the Stones song "Sympathy for the Devil" - in case someone wondered^^ DS.
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    Well, that was certainly impassioned and I think you have expressed yourself so well. I can't really argue with any of it. I don't really have a fave character. although if I has to pick I think I would say Blair.) But you're right. And the pilot episode cast in a such dark and stereotypical light that he was easily my least fave character from the start. But he has been shown to have many layers, in addition to a softer side. So, I'm right there with you. I only-half watch the show. I watch it while I am doing other things at the computer; it's not one of the many shows I watch where I focus full attention. But I do tend to glance over more when there is some Chuck interaction going on.
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      I seriously hate the pilot. Because it's the only out-of-character episode for Chuck! The way he harasses both Jenny and Serena - that never happens in any other episode, because Chuck never feels that he has to harass a girl! I mean, he's got a new girl every week (until Blair came along), he doesn't need to use violence to get a girl (he can use his charm and er... money). So I agree with you that in the pilot he's just so stereotypical and icky. There's like one good scene (in my opinion) and that's when Nate (per usual) drones on about how their parents have planed their whole life and Chuck goes "that's a seriously depressing thought" (or something like that^^ I suck at quotes!). Oh, and "are you stalking us?" to Dan is also fab. Other than that the pilot is just so non-Chuck Chuck!

      I remember watching the pilot for the first time and when he said "Things were starting to get a little dull around here." I thought "oh no - there's a character that's gonna have all the good lines but say them in all the wrong ways" because I seriously hated the way he said that first line. I think it's fair to say that I changed my mind!