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  • Sanctuary

    I know it's a longshot, but is there anybody out there that saw the Sanctuary premier tonight on SciFi? I'd very much like to talk about it.
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    Talk away! I just finished watching this on ITV in the UK. I'd love to hear another viewer's thoughts on it.

    I thought it was distinctly average. All I knew coming in was that it was a sci-fi show starring Amanda Tapping, so I had no idea of the premise beforehand. I thought that the episode was very light on actual content. We didn't get much in the way of details on the show's mythology, nor did we get in-depth insight into any of the characters. I've seen plenty of shows that tried to squeeze far too much exposition into the pilot episode, but I believe this is the first I've ever felt the need to criticise for not having enough. I didn't feel like I got a good handle on the premise at all.

    That being said, what little information was given to us was certainly intriguing. I definitely think the show has potential. I liked the main character being a profiler rather than a standard cop, and the comparison Dr. Magnus between criminals and the creatures in the Sanctuary. I liked that both the main characters seem to have quite passive roles. While there is a supporting action-oriented/fighter character about, it seems as though the show's focus is going to be less of a standard hunt-and-kill the Monster of the Week (or in this show's case, hunt-and-capture), but rather about what happens after the capture. If that's the case, I'm interested. That's a different approach than most sci-fi shows take.

    The writing was very uninspired. Not terrible, but it was all very standard. No standout snappy dialogue to be seen. The only line that I thought was bad was the website references. A 'Google' reference (while overused) is okay, they can get away with that, but then referencing a couple of lines later was a bit silly, and had me rolling my eyes a little.

    On a shallow note, Amanda Tapping's hat was bothersome. I don't know why. Actually, her whole outfit for the first half of the episode was pretty awful. AT is a very attractive woman, why did they decide to dress her in such a school marm-ish manner? It looked like the costume belonged to a character twice AT's age. Her outfit once they got into the tunnel was much better.

    Also, Dualla! (BSG fan spaz). Does anyone know if she's going to be a regular/recurrer, or was it just a guest spot?

    So yeah, essentially, it wasn't anything spectacular, but I think it has potential and I'm interested enough to watch the next couple of episodes at least.