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4.06 The one where Booth got his new chair.

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  • 4.06 The one where Booth got his new chair.

    I'm too lazy to look up the title of the episode and I don't think that this episode deserves to be called by name. The case was boring (and gross .. *ieuw*) and Booth and his chair didn't made it any better.

    I liked the intern and his conversations with Cam and Hodgins. And the case started out great with the elevator and the gross body parts everywhere. But sadly it didn't went anywhere great.

    And what about Booth and the chair? He wants the chair of a dead guy, whines the whole episode about the chair and in the end he gets the chair which is broken.

    I hope that next episode is better.
    and her haircut.
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    Don't you think you are being a little tough on this episode? Seriously? It wasn't as good as 4x05, but still a decent episode.

    Basically, the case was very good, IMO. I really liked the twists, and the "drones". The office cubicles, and I liked that everyone in the whole office was a suspect. Due to that, I didn't really guess the killer, which was great. I don't really know what more to say other than, I liked the case. Was not great, but really enjoyable, IMO.

    Character interactions (excluding Booth/Brennan) were GREAT! The new intern was hilarious, and I loved their interactions with him. Great stuff there. Also, I liked them showing Angela's view on the breakup. They did a Hodgins episode with Sweets, and this was the Angela side. I was waiting for more stuff between them, but what we got was good.

    And, the downer of the episode: Booth. What an ass hole He wants a dead man's chair so much, that he's happy that the guy died. Booth was extremely OOC in this episode, and I hated that. Luckily, there are only a few Booth scenes in this episode, which I enjoyed

    Overall? I'll give it a 6/10 - really average; good; not great; not bad


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      I typed that a couple of minutes after seeing the episode while I was still in the mood to hit Booth with something big.

      I guess that my dislike of Booth and his chair overshadowed the whole episode. If Booth had an actual good and emotional storyline I would probably like the case and love the episode.

      I'll give it a 5.5 ...


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        According to IMDB the ep name was "The Crank In The Shaft" - uh the crank? Why was she a crank?

        Anyway, not as great an episode as the last two but I wouldn't say it was all that awful.

        I agree with Nina in the respect that Booth going on about a chair all episode was a bit annoying, but it was paid off with Brennan getting it for him by her "bigging" him up.

        The murder investigation was OK I guess, I liked that it was set in an office and all the politics that go with it. Is it only in the US that they have those inhuman cubicles seperating the workers from each other? Cos I've never worked in an office like that!

        Anyway, I did also like the Hodgela stuff, I'm glad that it was addressed properly and that they've come to a sort of truce. Not enough Sweets for my liking, because I'm really beginning to enjoy his inclusion in the show.

        I guess we're going to get a new intern every week. This one was ok I guess not as good as the last two but a definate improvement on Clark and that annoying Chatty Cathy from Ep 3. Maybe we'll get Zack back at the end of the season - given what he told Sweets at the end of ep 5?

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          I really liked Booth in this episode, I like it when he is all OOC I think it is funny, it was probably my favourite part of this episode. I loved the new intern too, so funny and I loved how he wound up Cam.

          I agree with ciderdrinker there needed to be more Sweets, I love his character, he is so cute. I liked his conversation with Angela I actually realised that she is probably right when she explained her view on relationships.

          I also thought the case was quite good this week, I really didn't know who the killer was and I thought the whole stapler thing was quite amusing if not scary.