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  • Mad Men

    A thread for this series because we all love Pete Campbell.

    There wasn't a thread for the winner of 'best drama series' and there should be one. Because I want to talk about this show.

    Last episode was 2x09 and I thought that it was amazing.

    Poor Freddy, somehow I don't think that he is going to live long ... the guy is going to kill himself. Freddy, I loved your Mozart zipper.

    Betty is really nasty, destroying other relationships because she is bitter. The woman is nuts. I loved to see her in shapeless dresses, it made her more human.

    Roger ... you are an idiot.

    Pete was right in what he did, but that smirk ... I loved how Peggy stood up to him ...

    And Pete is still in love with her ... isn't he?

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    I really need to see this show. Something about the 50s era look is irresistable... plus from what I've heard the characters seem interesting.


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      Everyone and their mother says I must watch this show. And I know that phrase is used often, but literally, I know lots of mothers who recommend it.

      Is there anywhere I can watch it online? For the wonderous price of, oh, say...$0.00?
      You've got to get behind the mule in the morning and plow.


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        You both should watch Mad Men ... it takes a while before you get into the series (it took me almost a season), but I really love it.

        The acting is amazing, the same for the writing, sets and the clothes are beautiful.


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          Nina was right. This show is one of the best I've ever watched. Easily on par with HBO & Showtime (though, currently, much more creative than those networks' new stuff).

          The pacing and how they did the show... I can't compare it to anything else but it's REALLY good. I recommend it to anyone who likes period dramas or tv in general.