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  • Highlander

    Anyone here watch Highlander?

    My fav characters were Joe, Methos, and Amanda. I liked Richie at first, but I didn't really like him once he became immortal. He just didn't seem his old self.

    I liked Tessa and Duncan togather, but I also love Amanda/Duncan. This may sound odd, but I think Amanda and Methos would make an awsome couple
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    Yeah, big Highlander fan actually. It was the first television series that I really got into.

    Methos was probably my favourite character. Very cool guy for somebody who happens to be 5000 years old. Not sure whether he would have been able to put up with a relationship with Amanda though. He was nowhere near as laid back as Duncan so I reckon that is one relationship that may have ended up with a beheading, hehe.

    I'm looking forward to the new movie, The Source. I wish they would hurry up and decide on a release date. Seems to be taking them forever.
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      I know! Can't wait. Wasn't supposed to be in May? then they changed it to September or something?
      "Go deadness for the demons!"