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    For some reason Torchwood has incredibly annoying women. Toshiko has almost no character except for being a push-over and liking Owen. Gwen is married to a perfectly nice guy who, apparetly because he's not mysterious, she couldn't care less about. Besides Martha Jones (who is always refreshing) I wish they all died or something.

    I didn't love all the guys in s1 but I definetly did in s2.

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    I'm with you on Gwen who I find completely annoying almost all of the time. Tosh though is one of the reasons I stuck with TW. I Think that in season 2 she grew as a character brilliantly (plus tasty goodness).

    For me the two most annoying characters are Gwen and Owen, followed byt TW Jack (Who is just such a diferent character from Who Jack) and the most interesting characters are Tosh and the show saving Ianto.

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      I'm not too bothered about Gwen, she's not that interesting, but I think she improved greatly in season 2.

      But I completely disagree about Tosh, I loved her character and was upset when she did die, after her Ianto's the only other interesting character.

      I couldn't care less about Owen or Gwen and Jack is annoying, so yeah.

      I also disagree with the thing about Martha, if anything she's one of the worst (and worst acted) characters in the whole show, I'd take Rose and Donna anyday over her and I don't even like Rose that much.


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        I liked Rose with Christopher Eccleston. When he changed into the next doctor their relationship was completely killed.


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          ... Toshiko Sato is love She is my total girl crush if I had one at all.


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            I just don't like that Toshiko seems to be into nothing except Owen.


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              Originally posted by assydingo View Post
              I just don't like that Toshiko seems to be into nothing except Owen.
              Though the Owen/Tosh relationship was somewhat underlying and always there, Toshiko DID show interests in other people. Like Mary (from Greeks Bearing Gifts) and Tommy (To the Last Man). And to a point she loved Adam. Even though that was a twisted, and bizzare sort of love, she still loved him. It's not like she's not capable of loving other people. She did change a lot more in season 2.

              About Gwen... I used to dislike her, but I've changed my mind. For Gwen I think it was because she was new... and she really did love Rhys.The thing and Owen was more lustful and dangerous and with Jack... Jack wouldn't be able to commit anyway. I think it was a lot of her getting out of her daily routine like she used to have I mean, I know if I hunted aliens down I'd see new things in perspective, and growing up. She was growing in season one to "find" her place, if you know what I mean.

              I love all of the Torchwood characters. Jack IS different from DW Jack, but it's a whole different setting as well. He's a leader there and the main character, unlike in DW so I think he should be more serious.


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                You might be right... hmmmmm

                Either way I really want to see the next season. One arch over 5 episodes sounds oddly cool.


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                  I loved the girl companions.. They had their moments when i could have shot them but s2 Rose and the doctor was loooooove

                  As to Tosh... I do agree there wasn't much character till later on in s2 in torchwood, even thou it wasn't that much. I never really thought of here till later on.

                  Gwen.. She just reminds me of.. I don't know how else to say it apart from tease? Thats all i think about when i see her.. Annoys me completly just with the way she doen't care at all about her husband.

                  I think the only reason i liked Martha so much in Torchwood was down to the fact she was from DW first!!