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  • Greek

    Okay, I know I'm like one of like three people here who watches it; which surprises me since this show is so awesome.

    I fall in love with this show more and more with each week. It's got some of the best quotes, like Casey's "Hot Frannie mess!" There's not really one bad character, except maybe for Evan. Everyone else, I pretty much love. ESPECIALLY Ashleigh and Beaver.

    So, are there any closeted "Greek" fans out there? And if you stumbled into this thread and DON'T watch it, go do so now. It's brilliant!

  • #2
    I saw the pilot and thought it had potential. Honestly though... it never really got better. A lot of the actors are great and some characters are really well done. Some actors, mostly actressses, are just hard to watch. Casey, Rebecca, and Frannie are bleh and make the sorority parts hard to stand.

    Also the show can feel cliche. A lot of plot lines are hardly original.

    I've only seen s1 and I will probably continue to watch it because some characters/some of the acting are worth seeing.