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  • Criminal Minds - Season 4

    Well tonight was the season premier. And wow, lets just say it wasn't a let down. After the finale last season we all wondered who was going to live. And well we were lucky and everyone lived (well the main cast anyways, and isn't that what is most important?)

    The episode was pretty tight and they really knew how to keep the pace going. The acting was just so above par that it was crazy. Props go to Kirsten Vangsness (Garcia) she really knows how to carry the character and I am surprised she hasn't been nominated for an Emmy. Tonight's episode I think she will get SOME sorta credit for sure, cause when she thought Morgan was dead... And when she was chasing down her team, my heart just broke with her.

    Hotch was also pretty heart breaking. Watching him trying SO hard to get Kate to the hospital. Her death will most defenitly effect his character ALOT, I fear for his saftey and I think he may go a bit nuts like Greenaway did.

    It was a bit obvious that the ambulance would have the bomb... But I will forgive that since they gave us ALOT of character development so the kinda obvious plot twist is perfectly fine.

    Also wanna give a shoutout to JJ. As always love is there. Does anyone know if AJ Cook will be taking a few episodes off while she gives birth in reallife? I'm guessing they will just write JJ going on a small leave and such.

    Looks like we are gunna get another good season!