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Episode 8x01 - The Odyssey

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  • Episode 8x01 - The Odyssey

    Tonight, tonight, tonight, hot damn, tonight!

    Sooooo, Smallville returns tonight with the 8th season's what TitanTV has as the episode description:

    In the eighth-season opener, the Justice League searches for Clark, but is stymied by the new CEO of Luthorcorp, Tess Mercer (Cassidy Freeman); and Chloe is held prisoner by a group who have discovered her powers, while Clark has been stripped of his by Jor-El.
    Cast & Credits: Tom Welling, Kristin Kreuk, Michael Rosenbaum, Annette O'Toole, Allison Mack


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    Well I just loved this episode. I was already open to the idea that introducing new characters and leaving others behind would allow the show to have a rejuvenated and more natural feel. It was nice not to have forced requisite scenes of major characters when the plot didn't require it. When and if Lex or Lana return I look forward to their being an episode to have purpose. But for tonight, there was plenty enough familiar characters to have the show feel natural yet new.

    I thought Tess was an interesting enough character, though it was great to see Lois still outsmarted her. Speaking of Lois, I love the new hair which is more elegant and refined. I'm glad to see her taking herself more seriously. Though I will always love rough and tumble Lois. It was awesome seeing her break into the compound and then have to protect human Clark.

    And well, Oliver, can I say anything coherent here? His rescue of Clark was totally suave even if he did start a brawl. It was nice for an episode to see Ollie actually have the upper hand on Clark. I think the two have great chemistry together. Who am I kidding, Justin Hartley would have great chemistry with cardboard (or Lana, same difference really).

    Well hopefully someone paid attention to plot or something and can write a better review, because I was mostly through the entire episode.

    Lydia made the punch!


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      YAY, new season! As usual, I'll be as serious and organized and coherent as possible. There will be no silliness and/or bad jokes from me. I promise. as usual. Two points I want to make before you all realize I'm on crack:

      1. HDU MAKE FUN OF ARCHERY. BOOO, YOU FAILURE! Yeah, Mr. Luthercorp had some really funny lines, in a omg-I-can't-believe-you-actually-said-that kind of way..."You're lying through your gills!" COME ON!

      2. I love Lois's new 'do. She looks so awesome, and professional. But...well, Chloe's my intrepid reporter. I died a little when Tess called Lois that. BUT STILL, LOVE LOIS And I loved her first scene with Tess. She's a tough chica. I'm glad to see that she's still very much the Lois I love. Even though I always make fun of her in Sneeze (OMG, crap flying at me today? I THINK I'LL BE A REPORTER!), she still has the badass chick thing going on that made me love her in the first place. though...French maid? Really. all just gets really crazy from here. If you read this, I'm sorry. I am so sorry.

      Chloe's a genius. As IF I couldn't have told you that ANYWAY, she didn't give them Oliver's number (willingly)! Because she's awesome like that. And because I'll take what I can get, just so I could ship them almost as fiercely as...

      CHLARK! With the hugs and the hugs and the "I GOTS TO SAVE MY GIRL CHLOE EVEN IF I DON'T GOTS NO POWERS!" Yes. I still jump out of my seat and do a happydance anytime they give me some Clark/Chloe stuff. It's been seven years, man. I ain't ever gonna stop.

      But oh no. Oliver shoots Clark, and Chloe can't save him. *le gasp* It's one thing to have Chloe crying. It breaks my heart every time, but you know...I can expect it. But to see her AND Oliver distraught? Oh noooo. Yes, I threw a fit of rage at the way they controlled Ollie and Chloe. I WANT NONE OF THAT...unless I can control Ollie for my own perverted reasons.

      LOL, and of COURSE it's the yellow sun that brings Clark back. Maybe if he wasn't stuck working in the rain for a month...maybe get stranded in a desert, instead? Maybe would have been all fine and all superpowered in the first place. I wasn't too attached to Martian that cruel? That's probably cruel. It's not like he's dead (right? right?), he just doesn't have powers...

      Where was I? Oh, yes. LOVED THE CLARK RESCUE SCENE! It made me giggle like the 12-year-old I am. It's boyfights! Where's baby Buster. (it's not a bad joke! I promised no bad jokes. It's a bad reference.) It was just fun to see them fighting and whatnot. And then walking away all okay and stuff. Yippeeee.

      And Chloe and Jimmy engaged...well, at least I was prepared. *le siiiiigggghhhh* I might as well address that other "couple" ...Lois/Clark. I always enjoy their scenes together. The quips and bantering and insults are always fun. And I like the way they work together. I loved the annoying squeaky chair, because it reminds me of Jim and Karen from The Office. If only we could have got one of them to belt out Lovefool., yeah. I know they're "destined" and whatnot, but whatEVER. Not to me. IDK, I like the way they work together, but I...just can't fully support them as a couple. At least not on Smallville.

      Oh yes, there were other characters, weren't there? Um, well, there's Oliver in his half-naked glory in the credits... Aah, fine. I really like how Tess has this permanent bitchface thing going on. You'd think people would be more scared of her, eh? It did not seem that they were so. Also, well. Aquaman and Black Canary were...there I guess. (BTW, thank you again SV, for gratuitous nekkidness. That's why you're my favorite show. Not really.'s never made me dislike the show ) I love the way they (Aqua/BD/GA) were all working together in the beginning. Neat. Dinah's brunette wig, though...It's not exactly my favorite thing in the world. (If course, I'm eternally grateful she's not walking around China in a blond one.) I'm not shallow. I swear.

      Okay. Serious time now. I miss Lex. I'm glad we know he's out there somewhere. Well, obviously we knew he'd just HAVE to survive, but I'm glad he's out there...That's not to say I think all is doomed without him. I like the mystery of Lex's fate. And I'm STILL super-excited to see how everything plays out in his absence. If he comes back, I'll be glad that it's something HUGE and not, like, "Oh. *pout* Lex is being mean and untrustworthy and ruining my life." And even Lana. She can't just come back and be the same. (Well, she already stole Clark and Lex's balls. Who else is left for her?)


      So, all that in five words:

      awesome, love!, AAAH!, *gasp*, heeeehee!
      would you do anything for me

      buy a new diamond ring for me


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        awwww, I was so excited, new season!

        Soooo, loved the eppy. Wasn't over the top writing wonderfulness, but it got the job done and opened up the season to some new story directions while closing out last season nicely.

        Favorite scene....the squeaky-chair scene at the end. OMG, Clark's smile was so damn adorable in that chair, I totally needed a bucket to catch the drool But I loved the L/C chemistry in that scene. It's going to be an awesome time watching them spar.

        The opening credits were deliciously great! And I saw a glimpse of glasses & suit-Clark! :h2f: Oh so cute and can't wait for it!

        So, what is up with Chloe? I don't understand what caused her powers to change? What was she talking about that she woke up smarter? When did this happen? I don't remember that from the seasonal finale.

        Liked Ollie, but don't care for the canary or fish. They're pretty lame and the guy playing Aquaman can't act to save his life, sorry.

        But I adored the Ollie/Clark fight in the rain! O.M.G. Seriously hot.

        Ok, so pretty much eye-candy bonanza in this eppy. Can not wait for the next!


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          Originally posted by little albatross View Post
          So, all that in five words:

          awesome, love!, AAAH!, *gasp*, heeeehee!
          Yes, that sums it up nicely

          I literally JUST finished watching. Already before the credits I was jumping up and down with excitement! Ollie, AC, Dinah all working together to find Clark YAY!

          And the credits just gave me complete goosebumps IDEK why but they did. Maybe because no Lana and Lex?

          I must admit the fact that Clark had lost his powers again made me roll my eyes. COME UP WITH SOMETHING NEW PLZ! But then again, I kinda liked it because it left him all vulnerable-like (and sweaty ) and I just loooooved how he insisted on going after Chloe even without his powers! It's SUCH a Clark thing to do. At least this episode, they didn't render him completely useless without his powers. I mean, come on we never believed that he was such a weakling just cos he was powerless. What's all that bulk under his shirt? Stuffing?

          Aaaaanyway. Lois I love Lois/Clark in a slightly shippy way. Their bantering is just "you come back with a sense of humor?" (and he did. And it didn't sound forced. What happened Mr Welling? You took some acting classes during the break? ILU!)

          I just loved how everyone was working to find Clark and Chloe. IT'S A SIGN!

          Now to the sad part Poor Ollie when he found out he'd shot Clark and that he was dying Seeing Chloe and him sitting there, seeing Clark so helpless and not being able to do anything to save him, it just broke my heart. Chloe crying made me cry
          Martian guy sacrificing his own powers to save Clark was super though, I never really understood what his character was there for but I am glad he was I'm also very happy that they didn't drag out the fact that Clark was powerless. It could get old quickly

          All of them (Clark, Ollie, Black Canary and AC) meeting up in the end was awesome I DO hope Clark takes Dinah's advise and starts to wear something tighter! Preferably leather

          I also completely loved the Clark and Lois scene in the end, at the Daily Planet! Squeaky chair And Clark's smile still makes me melt completely It's always good to be re-assured

          To sum it up: I loved this episode. It didn't let me down one bit
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          >> and we want s p e c t a c u l a r v i e w s if we're to stay for the w e e k e n d <<


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            Originally posted by LRae12 View Post
            So, what is up with Chloe? I don't understand what caused her powers to change? What was she talking about that she woke up smarter? When did this happen? I don't remember that from the seasonal finale.
            I am assuming it was when Braniac tried to brain-drain her, but her powers were countering it and he stepped back in fear and shuttered "What the hell are you...?" I'm guessing when she was keeping herself alive she may have drained a bit of his powers and now has the Braniac side effect, but no longer her own healing power (maybe saving herself got rid of the powers?"

            As for the premeir... Meh. Sorry I found it a bit jumpy... And one of the much weaker premiers in a LONG time. I guess with so many characters leaving at the end of season seven, they kinda needed to slow things down to kinda regroup and try to gets themselves together. I can understand.

            Aww Justin is in the credits! (though I wish he had a 'And' rather then just be lasting...) AND OMG!!!!! I JUST FEELS SO RIGHT HAVING CHLOE SECOND!!! Allison Mack must be so giddy! I was like "Tom Welling..." and then Allison came and I was just "YES!!!" She has worked her way up from like almost last to second!!! MUAHAHA!!!

            The first fight thing was pretty cool. Seeing Ollie kick ass and Black Canary! (gosh I love her! the mask looked even cooler!) And AC just appearing from the ground was so cool. We are getting some really neat superhero things that makes me so excited for season 8!

            The whole chase for Clark was cool. I really did love Ollie and I am so glad he will be around alot this season. He brings so much to the table, when he shot Clark I almost cried cause Ollie just looked so in pain. He really does care. I personally CAN NOT WAIT for Ollie and Lois to bump into each other. YUMMY SPARKS!

            Talking about Lois. Damn. Love the new hair. She is so Lois now its not even funny. It has been a great transformation and my heart is just melting for her. I am glad she will be in more then 13 episodes, cause she was such a find for Smallville I really think she helped add personality while Lana sucked it out.

            Hmm Martian ManHunter... uhh what ever. He was cool in the comic cause he was green, but the Smallville version was just weak. Sorry. At total waste of character... Though odd he lost his powers since he plays a VERY important part in the future of the Justice League... Hrmm... But I won't mind if we don't see him, I never enjoyed him.

            I agree about the final scene Line! EPIC!!! I think Dinah's wig is starting to look okay cause it is getting stylized and not just thrown on but I don't understand why she was wearing it when it was just her and AC! Can she NOT be Dinah with out it?

            Oh and just because I cannot gives words for her in this episode Chloe =

            also... i am a but upset that there was no mention to kara... uhh... dude you cousin, she saved your life... and she is just gone! so rather then hunt for her like Ollie hunted for you, you just... Kara-who? WEAK


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              I really liked the new tone the show has, and I really hope it continues. It's interesting that Lex, Lana, Kara, and Lionel are all gone. As much as I miss them, I like this somewhat fresh start. Anyway, I hope that it doesn't slip back into old Smallville, with the horrible fillers...

              I really liked Tess and I can't wait to see more of her. She's got the potential to be a very interesting character. Though, I really want to know more about her past. And if needed, bring John Glover back for Tess flashbacks if they can't get Michael Rosenbaum back. Lionel would be an interesting and easy way to show that she didn't just come from nowhere.

              I've got a theory about Chloe's new power. Okay, I was reading on Wikipedia about how Oracle (Barbara Gordon) was once possessed by Brainiac. She over powers him, but some kind of advanced "Brainiac virus" remains in her body, giving her cyberpathic abilities, which allows her to interact with computers. What if something similar is happening to Chloe. In the S7 finale she managed to fight him off, but the virus remained. So, now she's got enhanced intelligence.

              As for her healing ability, I'm not convinced that it's gone. Maybe she just couldn't heal Clark because he's kryptonion? Which could be some interesting foreshadowing for later in the season. If something were to happen to Clark, we'd know Chloe can't heal him...

              It was good seeing Ollie again. I really liked seeing Oliver, Clark, and Chloe working together. I cannot wait to see more of that this season!


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                Incoherent post ahead!

                My initial reaction besides the obligatory squeeing over the new credits (holy cow one of my favourite DC-characters is a regular!) was "OMG this is going to be GREAT" and it was.

                It was a great idea to let the JLA play a big role in the premiere I always love seeing them. I wonder if they're gonna let Black Canary grow her hair out and stop wearing the wig now that her identity is out... then again probably not.

                Another thing I really like is that they're introducing new characters and letting Lex and Lana go. Tess seems like she'll be a perfect ruthless villain and I thought the scene with Lois in the mansion was fantastic, more tough chicks on TV? OH yeah!

                I've always loved Chloe (in fact she's the one who made me endure all those seasons of Smallville ) and now she's super-Chloe? BRILLIANT, absolutely brilliant. I had goosebumps when she realized she was tracking the JLA-members and then beat the crap out of her jailor. I'll cut my fangirling short but it made me so happy to see her as this strong, intelligent, beautiful woman right at the start and I am excited to see what will happen to her this season.

                Am I the only one who thought there should be more Lois? I thought it was great that she was the one protecting Clark and not the other way around and also YAY for them being deskmates. I see great things come from this, great things. Their bantering is always entertaining and I might be a bit shippery but I just find them incredibly cute together.

                Lastly I must say hurrah for all the Ollie-ness, the fight-scene in Russia was fabulous and his playboy vs. masked hero act generally make me happy. It's the comics, on TV! The Ollie/Clark-scenes are great because... hello hotties!

                I'm hoping we'll get a lot of reporter-action with Lois and Clark this season and that Chloe really gets to shine. Also I really hope they'll deal with Kara missing
                Yeah that's us, creepy old men with fabulous shoes!


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                  Holy crap, I loved it! Oliver was great, I still hate Black Dinah and AC, they are so annoying. Tess was a nice addition, and I can't wait to see more of her. I like her new face

                  Lois was great in this episode, as well. The end with her and Clark, and she just goes, "You've got to be kidding me." Haha, that was perfect. Can't wait to see how Clark'll do in the Daily Planet. Plus; how did he start so high up? Like Lois said, shouldn't he be in the basement?

                  CHLOE! I knew she was smart, but woah. What's up with 1) he powers are gone and 2) she is now super super smart. She's like Chuck Bartowski with all those pictures! Is she the INTERSECT?! :eek: Great plot twist, I must say /end ramble I loved that she refused to give the strange LutherCorp dude Oliver's phone number!

                  Speaking of Oliver, I thought the whole rescuing Clark storyline at the beginning a bit dull. Don't know why, just did. I was confused as to why Clark didn't have his powers, and only finally understood it by the end. I really started liking it when they went to Montana and saved Chloe and met up with Lois and Oliver shot Clark! AH! That was soooo good.

                  ONE complaint: KARAAAA! Love her, but no one remembers her. She better at least be mentioned next episode. You've been neglected, Kara

                  Overall, great premiere. I wouldn't say better than "Zod" or "Bizarro", but better than "Pilot", "Arrival", and the Season 2 one, I'd say. It's kind of tied with "Exile" and "Crusade", IMO. Exile and Crusade would probably rank higher for me, but it was still a nice premiere. Good job, guys!


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                    This was me:

                    OK, as all above I'm gushing over the main titles! OLIVER *SQUUEEEEEEEEE*
                    And I'm so happy they have the "Russian shot" of Tom (further explanation later...). Though I'm not so sure I like the new "Lex" and that she's in the new main cast (though Lois has been in the main cast for a while now I feel like I never see her!). I really hope for more Lois action this season. And more JLA!

                    Oliver I just love him. He's gorgy, fun and wears tights. What more can you ask for? I seriously loved his rescue of Clark! "Just go with it" Hahahaha!!! It was fun to see them on equal terms as well One of the many reasons as to why I love Smallville is because I love superheroes. I don't actually read DC comics (because I don't like the way they're written/drawn) but DC are good at making characters that have so many layers to them. Which is why I love films and shows with DC characters Therefore, I really love Ollie because he's a hero now - in the classical tights+secret identity way. While Clark the Sissy Boy is still in denial.

                    Though I think that Clark will grow up in this season. I mean, it's about time and if the coffee joke and the DP job are any indications he's already on his way! Seriously loved Clark in Russia. Only because of the rainy/sweaty shot! Which is why I love that they have it in the main credits! Now I get to drool at one of the hottest shots ever every episode!

                    JLA galore! I don't get why everyone picks on AC! I love him. He's like mini-Ollie. Not as fun, not as hot but still a nice element to the show. As J.j. was kind enough to remark on - Smallville does have a tendency to give us those nice shower shots Though I don't like BC. She's annoying and icky. I usually like the femmes fatale, but she just come off as fake to me. We just don't click

                    Oh, and I seem to be the only one who goes *sigh* at the "Oh, I have no super-powers but I'll be damned if I'm not going to rush into a surveiled building in search of my friend compleatly without a plan!". Typical Clark behaviour. I'm surprised Ollie didn't at least suggest they scout the place a bit more on forehand. Ah well, they're boys... Though I love that Lois got to protect Clark! Hahahahahahahaha...

                    On the subject of Clois I just have to say:
                    The squeaky chair and the coffee joke followed by "you come back with a sense of humor?". Perfection. I'm such a shipper - have been from the start. I was jumping up and down when Lana said goodbye and you could see Lois entering behind (oo-er!). Finally, I didn't miss Lana (duh!) or Lex. Annoying characters... And I hadn't even thought of Kara until I read her name in this thread! So that shows how much I missed her No really, in this epi I got to see all my favourites: Ollie, Lois, Clark and Chloe - with just a hit of JLA!